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A selection of the peer-reviewed articles and real world case studies scheduled for publication in Volume 2 - which consists of four quarterly 100-page issues - includes:

  • Using definitive insights and data to deliver personalized customer experiences
    Shawn Burns, Global VP, Digital Marketing, SAP
  • The rise of the social analyst: Guiding us out of social data overload
    Tamar Rimmon, Senior Manager, Analytics and Audience Development, Condé Nast
  • Real time social media marketing and how Mondelez use that in their storytelling at scale approach
    Jerry Daykin, European Social Media Marketing Manager, Mondelez International
  • Brand partnership case study: How Travel Alberta and Expedia developed the ‘Find Your Alberta’ web series
    Noah Tratt, Global Vice President of Media Solutions, Expedia
  • Big data and us: What technologies are available for interpreting big data and how to use them
    Deepak Nair, VP, Head of Digital Intelligence, Targeting & Optimization Groups, US Bank
  • Data driven storytelling in the age of 'intelligent' creative
    Alan Schulman, VP, Global Digital Marketing & Brand Content, SapientNitro
  • Building a ‘click and collect’ strategy to maximize customer convenience and sales
    Will Lockie, Programme Head – Multichannel, Evans Cycles
  • B2B marketing and the fight between the right hand and left hand side of the brain
    Dan Robb, B2B Marketing Communications Manager, Samsung Electronics
  • Using social media to engage with customers: Getting the tone of the message right
    Anna Maguire, Head of Digital Marketing, EE
  • The changing psychology of the social shopper
    Phillip Briffett, Director of National Brands, LivingSocial
  • An assessment of the Pinterest platform for brands
    Bob Gilbreath, Co-Founder/President,
  • Driving personalization across your customer’s journey
    Christopher Reynolds, VP, Data & Marketing Analytics, Condé Nast
  • We’ve been hijacked: The benefits and perils of brands using an #Ask campaign to engage consumers
    Sean Maher, Project Manager, Santander
  • Marketing strategies to alleviate risk and build trust for emerging online brands: Case of an Asian cosmetic brand entering into the USA
    Sarah Southworth, University of Missouri and Minjeong Kim, Associate Dean, College of Business, Oregon State University
  • Increasing sales through engaging the customer at all points throughout the omni-channel
    Paul Loft, Managing Director, Homebase
  • Transforming environmental data into predictable customer insights
    Paul Walsh, Vice President, Weather Analytics, The Weather Channel
  • #ThinkAgain: How recent guidance from the FTC, SEC, FDA and other regulators impact your social media marketing
    Tom Chernaik and Sam Ford, Co-Chairs, Word of Mouth Marketing Association Ethics Committee
  • Programmatic marketing: The approach and experiences at MediaMath
    Rachel Meranus, Senior Vice President, Marketing, MediaMath
  • How the digital sales professional will change marketing’s customer intelligence
    Peter Robinson, Head of Measurement & Analytics and Elissa Guerra, VP, Client Solutions, Pursuit
  • The competing merits of social media vs. email
    Thai Randolph, VP, Consumer Marketing, Sony
  • Generating customer advocacy and maximizing its impact for your brand
    Brian Walmsley, Chief Marketing Officer, Treehouse Group
  • Organizational approaches to social media branding: Comparing brand Facebook pages and web sites
    Adam Peruta, Assistant Professor, Strategic Communication, Ithaca College et al
  • Case study: Using social media in the successful launch of a sportswear company
    Malcolm Bell, Founder & CEO, Zaggora
  • The next frontier of analytics - real time: A review of some of the predictive analytics software available
    Andrew Pearson, Managing Director, Qualex Asia
  • Case study: LA Fitness’s digital marketing program
    Michael Shabun, Marketing Manager, The Woo Agency
  • Lady Gaga and Martha Stewart turn virtual: Social communities’ response towards virtual personal branding campaigns
    Dilip S. Mutum, Lecturer, Department of Marketing and Advertising, Coventry University et al
  • The management of digital marketing
    Maarten L. Albarda, Founder, MLA Consulting and Former VP, Global Connections, Anheuser-Busch InBev
  • Online buzz and searches as telecoms brand performance indicators
    Jacques Bughin, Director, McKinsey & Company
  • Using video to drive customer engagement and improve e-commerce performance
    Kurt Lohse, Chief Marketing Officer, Poptent
  • Data mining for CRM: Towards an integrative approach
    Jacob Metro, Technical Leader, United States Department of Defense
  • Social media risk: Taming the social media tiger without stifling innovation
    James Leavesley, CEO, CrowdControlHQ
  • How to manage successful conversations between brands and consumer
    Paul Pangaro, Co-Founder, General Cybernetics and Dr Hagen Wenzek, Advisory Board Member, Unified Social
  • A more complex world: the impact of social and mobile on digital branding (previously listed as published in Vol. 1 No. 1)
    Jack Yan, CEO, Jack Yan & Associates



And a selection of the 40 peer-reviewed articles published in Volume 1 - still available and also consisting of four 100-page issues - include:

  • Community-led marketing for mobile games: Rovio’s fans first strategy
    Saara Bergstrom, VP, Marketing Communications/Social Marketing Manager, Rovio
  • Using social data to develop social intelligence: Case study of Cisco
    Leslie Lau, Social Media Manager, Cisco
  • How digital and social media helped 100-year-old brand Louisville Slugger stay relevant
    Matt Whitaker, SVP, MEplusYOU and Kyle Schlegel, VP, Marketing, Hillerich & Bradsby Co
  • To app or not to app — And how
    Suresh Ramaswamy, Head Digital & Social Planning and Katherine Liew, Social Media Planner, Leo Burnett
  • The omni-channel customer experience: Driving engagement through digitization
    Ravi Bhalla, VP, Strategic Transformation, Barclays
  • The battle for the future of search and social: Facebook Graph Search in a broader strategic context
    Marc Blinder, EMEA Director, Social Media Strategy, Adobe
  • Choosing the right social media platform and understanding the markets they reach
    Nigel Taylor, Social Media and Content Executive,
  • Deutsche Bank's ‘What if’ campaign: The value of high quality and interactive content in social media
    Carla Mouchbahani, Head of Digital Communication, Deutsche Bank
  • Using social media to engage customers via meaningful dialog
    Sonja Briffett, Digital Marketing Manager, Henkel Beauty Care
  • Cut through the fog: How to act on your website data
    Brian Alpert, Web Analytics & SEM Analyst, Smithsonian Institution
  • Tailoring websites for the user for increased conversion: The Wild Dunes Resort
    Andressa Chapman, Director of Marketing, Wild Dunes Resort
  • How to grow fans, create relevant content and increase engagement on Facebook: Case study of Just Eat
    Tess Tucker, Head of Digital Marketing, Just-Eat
  • Creating meaningful customer experiences and campaigns in social media: Case study of O2
    Kristian Lorenzon, Social Media Manager, O2