Forthcoming content

A selection of the peer-reviewed articles and real world case studies scheduled for publication in Volume 3 - which consists of four quarterly 100-page issues - includes:

  • Making mobile an important part of your marketing plan: How to create a successful mobile paid search strategy and develop a mobile friendly site
    Diane Pease, Inbound Marketing Manager, Cisco
  • Lessons learned from the delivery and management of Coca Cola's global storytelling platform, Journey
    Kat Bryant Flaherty, Director, Consumer Engagement, 206 and Doug Busk, Group Director, Digital Communications & Social Media, The Coca Cola Company
  • Will content marketing replace PR?
    William Spiers, Global PR Director, GE Healthcare
  • Publish or perish: A CMO roadmap for managing, systematizing and optimizing the marketing content supply chain
    Bruce Rogers, Chief Insights Officer, Forbes Media
  • Case study: Tate’s approach to producing engaging digital marketing and effective multi-platform campaigns
    Maria Pavlou, Digital Communications Officer and Beatrice Burrows, Digital Marketing Officer, Tate
  • Pay per click: Revamping inherited campaigns to maximise effectiveness and improve PPC results 
    Darryn Almeida, Head of PPC, Travel Republic
  • Storytelling at scale: An Autodesk case study in organizational alignment and content best practices
    Daniel Zucker, Senior Manager, Social Media, Autodesk
  • Getting the most out of your purchasing funnel: Converting more customers
    Pedram Farsaii, Digital Marketing Manager, The Washington Post
  • Connecting with delayed passengers in real time using social media and app based research
    Keith Bailey, Senior Insight Advisor, Transport Focus and Andy Barker, Head of Qualitative Research, Populus
  • Measuring mass advertising campaigns with social data
    Heather Carlock, Social Media Intelligence & Analytics Strategist, NRG Energy
  • Digital marketing for a luxury brand in China: Case study of Moleskine
    Andrea Mantovani, Head of Digital & Ecommerce (China), Moleskine
  • Building and sustaining a smart algorithm-proof SEO strategy
    Carolyn Shelby, Director of SEO and SEM, Tribune Publishing
  • How brands can capture consumers' attention with a constant stream of newsfeeds  
    Matt Gentile, Global Director, Social Media, Century 21 Real Estate
  • Multi-channel attribution: Specific models and best practice
    Nick Necsulescu, Senior Manager, Customer Segmentation, TD Bank Group
  • How to resurrect dead/underperforming digital content
    Philip Woodward, Senior Copywriter, Liberty Marketing
  • Research on how negative user-generated content can improve conversions
    Anne-Marie Olsen, VP, EMEA, PowerReviews
  • How to approach fixing large undefined problems in digital marketing: Case study of Marriott’s Native Mobile apps
    Stephanie Slobodian, Mobile UX Director and Michael Mooney, UX Designer Mobile, Marriott International
  • Analysing product perception and brand sentiment with big data tools
    Ankur Gupta, Director, Big Data, Sears Holdings
  • Enriching your customer data for higher email ROI
    Parinda Joshi, Director, Datawarehousing & Analytics, AEG
  • Strategies for humanising your content and your brand via social media
    Patricia Nuñez, Global Digital Operations Lead, BUPA
  • Going viral on YouTube
    James M. Leonhardt, Assistant Professor of Marketing, New Mexico State University
  • Establishing best-in-class content strategies
    Katherine Manderfield, Content Strategist, New York Times
  • How to optimise paid search when a consumer goes online-to-offline
    John Busby, SVP, Consumer Insights & Marketing, Marchex
  • Determining the right social media networks for your business
    Victoria Edwards, Digital Content Strategist, Florida Blue
  • How organisations can become a social business: Embedding social media across the organisation
    Selena Gabat, Head of Social Media, Sky Deutschland
  • Tapping into user habits to create a strong digital presence
    Toby Chishick, Social Media Director, JWT London
  • How FedEx uses ‘human data’ to drive engagement
    Ernan Roman, President, Ernan Roman Direct Marketing and Mike Rude, Managing Director, Customer Experience, FedEx Corporate Services
  • Using analytics to make sense of your audience data
    Lukasz Zelezny, Head of Organic Acquisition, uSwitch
  • The competing merits of social media vs. email
    Thai Randolph, VP, Consumer Marketing, Sony DADC New Media Solutions
  • How to work on multiple digital products concurrently 
    Jan-Jan Tayson, Digital Creative Director, New York Post
  • Mixing it up to build youth engagement: How to best use online tools to drive offline action
    Hannah Mitchell, Head of Knowledge and Innovation, vInspired and Emma Muckersie, Marketing Manager and Hannah Perry, Senior Research Consultant, Freshminds
  • The death of TVCs: Utilising social videos to enhance reach and engagement
    Ayman Abdel Jaber, Brand & Marketing Communications Manager, Lacasa Architects
  • Emerging trends within paid search marketing
    Gemma Howley, Head of PPC, Manning Gottlieb OMD
  • How to align content, design and technology to create compelling and effective digital marketing 
    Chris Briseno, Creative Director & Head of Design, UX/UI, Mobile for Global Digital Marketing, Bloomberg



And a selection of the 41 peer-reviewed articles published in Volume 2 - still available and also consisting of four 100-page issues - include:

  • Personalisation along the customer journey
    Christopher Reynolds, VP, Data & Marketing Analytics, Condé Nast
  • Delivering successful B2B marketing: The fight between the left and right-hand side of the brain
    Dan Robb, B2B Marketing Communications Manager, Samsung Electronics
  • Content and distribution are the keys to brand building on the social web
    Jonathan Perelman, General Manager, Video and VP, Agency Strategy, BuzzFeed
  • Data driven advertising: Automation or emotion?
    Alan Schulman, VP, Global Digital Marketing & Brand Content, SapientNitro
  • Using definitive insights and data to deliver personalised customer experiences
    Shawn Burns, Global VP, Digital Marketing, SAP
  • Brand partnership case study: How Travel Alberta and Expedia developed the ‘Find Your Alberta’ web series
    Noah Tratt, Global Vice President of Media Solutions, Expedia
  • Thinking differently about Pinterest
    Bob Gilbreath, Co-founder and President, Ahalogy
  • Building a 'click and collect' strategy to maximise customer convenience and sales
    Will Lockie, Programme Head, Multichannel, Evans Cycles
  • Community-led marketing for mobile games: Rovio’s fans first strategy
    Saara Bergstrom, VP, Marketing Communications/Social Marketing Manager, Rovio