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A selection of the peer-reviewed articles and real world case studies published in Volume 1 - which consists of four quarterly 100-page issues - includes:

  • Community-led marketing for mobile games: Rovio’s fans first strategy
    Saara Bergstrom, VP, Marketing Communications/Social Marketing Manager, Rovio
  • How to grow fans, create relevant content and increase engagement on Facebook: Case study of Just Eat
    Tess Tucker, Head of Digital Marketing, Just-Eat
  • The battle for the future of search and social: Facebook Graph Search in a broader strategic context
    Marc Blinder, EMEA Director, Social Media Strategy, Adobe
  • Using social data to develop social intelligence: Case study of Cisco
    Leslie Lau, Social Media Manager, Cisco
  • Creating meaningful customer experiences and campaigns in social media: Case study of O2
    Kristian Lorenzon, Social Media Manager, O2
  • Choosing the right social media platform and understanding the markets they reach
    Nigel Taylor, Social Media and Content Executive,
  • Using social media to engage customers via meaningful dialog
    Sonja Briffett, Digital Marketing Manager, Henkel Beauty Care
  • Cut through the fog: How to act on your website data
    Brian Alpert, Web Analytics & SEM Analyst, Smithsonian Institution
  • Deutsche Bank's ‘What if’ campaign: The value of high quality and interactive content in social media
    Carla Mouchbahani, Head of Digital Communication, Deutsche Bank
  • How digital and social media helped 100-year-old brand Louisville Slugger stay relevant
    Matt Whitaker, SVP, MEplusYOU and Kyle Schlegel, VP, Marketing, Hillerich & Bradsby Co
  • To app or not to app — And how
    Suresh Ramaswamy, Head Digital & Social Planning and Katherine Liew, Social Media Planner, Leo Burnett
  • Tailoring websites for the user for increased conversion: The Wild Dunes Resort
    Andressa Chapman, Director of Marketing, Wild Dunes Resort
  • An introduction to digital engagement in China
    James Keady, Global Digital Marketing Manager, McLaren
  • Engaging stakeholders through social media to build long-lasting, high quality relationships
    Shelley W. Greene, Senior Director of Marketing, Randolph Community College
  • Beyond open rate: Why it is time for e-mail marketers to think reach, frequency, impact
    Dela Quist, CEO & Founder, Alchemyworx
  • Developing an online sales channel within a B2B environment
    Nicholas Weber, Head of E-commerce, BFS Group
  • The omni-channel customer experience: Driving engagement through digitisation
    Ravi Bhalla, VP, Strategic Transformation, Barclays
  • Empowered and engaged: Exploring social media best practices for not-for-profits
    Tessa Warner, Director of Research, University of Nebraska Foundation, Alexis Abel, Public Relations Counsel, Swanson Russell and Frauke Hachtmann, Associate Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Social media and collaboration: A board’s eye view
    Madlen Nicolaus, Senior Marketing & Community Manager, Salesforce and Michael Bayler, Director of Strategy, SapientNitro
  • The keys to customer engagement: Customer emotion and customer feedback and the effective channels marketers need to achieve ROI
    Mike McMaster, Head of Customer Experience, Rapide
  • RNIB’s Talking Books engagement campaign: A case study
    Paul McCartney, Managing Director, Gforce Communications and Karen Pierre, Development Manager, Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB)
  • Defining social media ‘marketing multipliers’
    Don E. Schultz, Professor of Integrated Marketing Communication and Martin P. Block, Professor of Integrated Marketing Communications, Northwestern University
  • Using digital and social media to execute a quit smoking contest: The QUITPLAN Services QuitCash Challenge
    Molly Hull, Brand Development Supervisor, Clarity Coverdale Fury, Michael Sheldon, Senior Communications Manager and Marietta Dreher, Director of Marketing and Communications, ClearWay Minnesota
  • The exponential value of long-term client/agency relationships in a digital world
    Irv Brechner, EVP and Founding Partner, Acquirgy
  • Email marketing isn’t dead - it’s just on the move: Planning for mobile email
    Kristin Luck, President, Decipher
  • The social enterprise: Building a digitally driven business to gain competitive advantage
    Larry Weber, Chairman, W2 Group
  • Special Olympics Australia: Not-for-profit digital and social media strategy, from zero to hero
    Peter Wilson, Head of Strategy, Cato Partners and Alex McNeilly, General Manager, Marketing, Partnerships & Communications, Special Olympics Australia
  • Integrating social media with mobile, online and other marketing channels
    Andrew Pearson, President, Qualex Asia
  • Corporate blogging and virtual communities
    Bradley Jobling, Social Media Manager, Columbia University Medical Center