Call for articles - Special Issue: What is in Store for Marketing Analytics and How to Prepare for the Future

Applied Marketing Analytics

Special Issue: What is in Store for Marketing Analytics and How to Prepare for the Future

Submission deadline: May 3rd 2021

The last couple of years have presented marketers and analysts with unprecedented change and challenges. COVID-19 alone has changed the way we work and where we work, as well as how we communicate, consume content and make purchases, among other things. In addition, there have been many developments in the varying privacy policies around the globe, as well as evolving browser updates and cookie policies. Thinking ahead, imagine what new challenges could be faced over the next two years! Fortunately, the field has adapted quickly, and while this may not have always been done in perfect fashion, valuable insights have been gained along the way.

This special issue of Applied Marketing Analytics invites practitioners, academics, and industry researchers to reflect on the challenges faced, how they were overcome, and what solutions or methodologies can be proposed for meeting future challenges.

Topics that articles might address include:

  • Recent developments of privacy policies and browser updates and the impact on marketing analytics;
  • Techniques for identifying the latest skills as marketers or analysts and how to stay up-to-date;
  • Best practices for combining market and user research and analytics;
  • The importance of data visualisation and storytelling in an increasingly remote workplace;
  • Strategies for driving better adoption of analytics;
  • Trends in recruiting and team building for remote analytics jobs;
  • Recent search engine algorithm updates: what has been learned and how to prepare for new developments;
  • How analysts can learn from content marketers when distributing analysis;
  • Recent updates to website accessibility requirements and how to design compliant user experiences.

Submission Guidelines

The following types of articles will be considered for publication: 

Practice Articles: Thought pieces, best practice articles, case studies, new approaches, technologies and techniques, market and consumer research, legal and regulatory updates, and other contributions written by practitioners. All case studies must address the following questions: What has worked? Why has it worked? What lessons were learned? How could it be done elsewhere? Articles should be 3,000 to 5,000 words in length.

Research Papers: Contributions which explore new models, theories and applied research in marketing analytics and strategy. Research papers must have clear implications for professionals and business practice. Research papers should be around 6,000 words in length.

All submissions will be peer-reviewed to ensure that they are of direct, practical relevance to those working in the field.

The deadline for the submission of articles to the special issue is 3rd May 2021.

All article submissions should be sent to the Publisher, Julie Kerry at   Further, more specific guidance for authors on format and style can be found at: Questions about this issue may be directed to Dan Mooney at