Beyond sales and awareness: Using marketing analytics for improved health engagement and outcomes

David Fogarty, Global Head of Customer Value Management, Peter Harrison, Global Head of Marketing Insights, Lin Jing, Data Scientist and Samuel Yip, Data Scientist, Cigna


Abstract: Customer insights generated from marketing science show great promise in encouraging health engagement and improving health outcomes through intervention programmes. A health insurance case study introduces the effects of leveraging marketing analytics into preventative care, by building targeting segmentation to better understand the customers’ profi les as well as to design the optimal interaction and communication methods based on each segment’s preferences and characteristics. The findings indicate that marketing analytics is relevant to a signifi cantly greater improvement in health engagement and outcomes when compared with a control group with non-specific interactions. Specifically, this interaction resulted in an increase in wellness visits from 23.3 to 66.4 per cent and a signifi cantly positive impact on the health status of the test group. The results provide further supporting evidence of the benefi ts of leveraging marketing analytics in health engagement.


Keywords: marketing analytics, health engagement, health care, market segmentation, Big Data


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