Cyber-Security Webinars

Produced in association with Cyber-Security: A Peer-Reviewed Journal, this brand new, educational webinar series has been designed to brief the information security community on the issues that matter. The key issues and themes to be examined in this series include: 

  • Protection Information Assets & Technology 
  • Information Security Policies & Processes
  • Information Security Standards & Controls 
  • Information Compliance 
  • Security Technologies
  • Information Risk Management 


The Key Role of Organisation Culture in Cyber-Security Effectiveness

Wednesday 11th March 2020

The benefits of digitization are varied. For example, successful incorporation of a digital strategy into business operations can result in cost savings, enhanced organisational agility through rapid and accurate response to operating conditions, as well as improvement in the storage and sharing of information. However, comprehensive and balanced understanding of the value of a digital transformation needs to recognise and act on what is needed for effective attention to the threat of cyber intrusions.

This webinar will address a “Technology and More” commitment as necessary ingredients for effective response to attempts of digital breaches. The fundamentals require an acceptance that cyber-attack is a permanent threat that requires cyber culture to become a part of the personality of organisations. Keys to effectively transitioning to such an end state will be identified and addressed as well as a three-phase implementation suggestion. Cyber culture needs to become as much of an organisation and work force imperative and commitment as features such as quality, safety, and environmental stewardship.

About the Speaker

Dr Kenneth Ferguson has operated his own consultancy, Ken Ferguson, LLC, providing new direction setting and implementation support to a variety of organisations for over twelve years. He has been Vice President of Global Nuclear Associates since June 2017, and has been developing new nuclear technology attending to details such as economics, cyber-security, construction management and effective regulatory reviews, etc.

Dr Ferguson’s work in cyber-security currently includes providing advice on planning for an integrated approach to intrusion management, program development, staffing, and related program management with an emphasis on technology, work management, and people.

With physics and engineering degrees from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) and Carnegie-Mellon University, Dr. Ferguson has worked for Westinghouse Electric and Price-Waterhouse Coopers. Having been involved in high profile initiatives for over 40 years, his responsibilities have included power generation, information technology and the petrochemical sector.

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