Addressing today’s top brand challenges with sonic identity

Kevin Perlmutter, Senior Vice President, Chief Strategist, Man Made Music and Nora Bradshaw, Brand Strategist and Analytics Expert

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Abstract: The bar for brand experience has never been higher. Today, marketing and customer experience leaders are in pursuit of the best ways to connect with their desired audiences across an ever-increasing number of touch points. They are looking for distinctiveness, relevance, consistency and, most of all, effectiveness. While so much has changed, many are overlooking a powerful opportunity; and now is the time to consider new approaches to acquisition and loyalty. This paper examines the power of sonic identity — the strategic use of music and sound for brand experiences and audience connection. Not as a tactic, but as an essential aspect of a brand identity that can be scaled appropriately across communications, digital and live touch points.


Keywords: brand experience, identity, sonic, design, user experience, emotion, loyalty

Kevin Perlmutter is Senior Vice President, Chief Strategist at Man Made Music — a strategic music and sound studio that scores brand and entertainment experiences. He leads the expansion of services that enable clients to strengthen emotional connections with their desired audiences across the brand experience. He draws from his experience as Senior Director of Brand Strategy at Interbrand, where he guided clients across the full spectrum of brand-strengthening disciplines from brand identity and portfolio architecture, to customer experience and employee engagement.


Nora Bradshaw is Brand Strategist and analytics expert, focused on audience insights, creating and activating brand strategy. Nora served as Senior Strategist, Experience and Innovation at Man Made Music, leveraging research and strategy to build Sonic Identities. Previously she was a Brand Strategy and Analytics Consultant at Interbrand.

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