Adapting to the elusive loyalty of the mobile audience

Tamar Rimmon, Associate Director of Analytics and Audience Development and Dan Stubbs, Executive Director of Analytics, Condé Nast

Abstract: Almost two-thirds of mobile phone owners in the USA use their devices to go online, and phones now account for a quarter of all web usage worldwide. The shift to mobile poses a challenge to digital publishers, as mobile visitors tend to show lower levels of engagement and brand loyalty. This paper explores how changes in content consumption habits impact upon the relationship between publishers and their audiences. Methods for building engaging and monetisable content experiences for mobile visitors are proposed, based on the audience segmentation approach of global media company Condé Nast and the strategies it employs to address the unique needs and behaviours of each segment.


Keywords: mobile web, smartphones, brand loyalty, content strategy, audience segmentation, publishing


Tamar Rimmon is Associate Director of analytics and audience development at Condé Nast. Tamar serves as a link between the editorial, marketing and product teams, leveraging analytics in order to provide them with actionable insights and help shape their digital strategy. Tamar’s career spans the industries of television, publishing and digital media. She holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BA in cognitive science and journalism from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Dan Stubbs is Executive Director of analytics at Condé Nast, and has been building the company’s analytics practice since 2011. Dan works with the digital editorial and sales teams to attract, market and monetise high-value audiences. Dan helped pave the way for Condé Nast’s impressive growth in 2014 by overseeing the adoption of real-time content analytics tools, a digital advertising measurement platform and an investment forecasting process. Prior to joining Condé Nast, Dan spent several years at Starcom MediaVest.



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