IT modernisation in the energy sector: Preventing cyberthreats to critical infrastructure

Pamela K. Isom, Deputy Chief Information Officer, United States Department of Energy


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Abstract: IT modernisation is essential for safeguarding information and nations are investing in cyber security advancements that strengthen protection of critical infrastructure, including power grids. Renewable energies are incorporated and distribution channels are optimised to adequately supply buildings, homes, vehicles and customer demands, and advancement in energy storage is progressing to accommodate a variety of sources. The Internet, the varying Internet of Things (IoT) and operational technologies (OT) leveraged to meet supply and demand are compelling to customers, yet such capability broadens the risk of vulnerabilities affecting customer confidence. The energy sector is embracing modernisation as a vehicle for mitigating risks through grid modernisation. Energy is an enterprise strategic asset and there remain opportunities for smarter management and modelling so that the state of utilities is known at any given time and energy is continuously available. With analogies to random incidents, scenarios and data as a strategic asset, this paper shares IT modernisation considerations for cyber risk mitigation in the energy sector.


KEYWORDS: cyber security; IT modernisation; energy; smarter data modelling; smarter data management; architecture; enterprise strategic asset; modern enterprise architecture (EA)



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