Call for Papers: Next steps for cross-border payments

A special issue of the Journal of Payments Strategy and Systems
Gerard Hartsink, Editor

Submission deadline: 16th May 2022


The delivery of goods and services is increasingly based on international supply chains. E-commerce developments have led consumers to buy goods from suppliers in other countries. Economic developments in labour markets have resulted in businesses hiring workers from other countries; and those workers send monetary support to their families in their home country. In capital markets investors buy assets issued by businesses and governments around the world. 

This growing cross-border activity in supply chains, labour markets and capital markets all result in a cross-border payment; and those payments nearly always require a foreign exchange transaction. 

In 2020 the G20 acknowledged that cross-border payments should be a priority given the benefits of “faster, cheaper, more transparent and more inclusive cross-border payment services” for citizens and economies worldwide. The Financial Stability Board (FSB) developed, in coordination with the Committee of Payments and Market Infrastructures, the “G20 Roadmap for enhancing cross-border payments” that was endorsed by the G20 leaders at their November 2020 Summit. On 13 October 2021 the FSB published its “G20 Roadmap for Enhancing Cross-border Payments”. This roadmap is divided into 19 building blocks across five focus areas, covering the challenges the payment industry faces for cross-border payments.

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has taken the initiative for the development of the Nexus to connect multiple national Instant Payment Systems that are available in 60 countries into a cross-border platform allowing people to send money to each other within seconds.

Several private sector organisations (banks, Mobile Network Operators [MNOs], payment and card schemes, operators and networks) are currently working to improve the cross-border payment services they provide, at a global or regional level, to their customers. 

Call for Papers

This special issue of the Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems (JPSS) plans to deliver provocative contributions and in-depth advice on cross-border payments, specifically for the payments industry.  The papers in this special issue are also intended to promote the exchange of ideas in the subject areas covered by JPSS, including:

Market developments and payment strategy

•    Trends in cross-border payments 

•    Global and regional cross border-payment initiatives

•    Development in industry standards for cross-border payments,  such as message standards (ISO 20022, ISO 8583) and identifier standards (IBAN. IIN, PAN, LEI, BIC)

Trends in payments methods, products and services

•    Use of mobile phones and/or cards for cross-border payments and cash withdrawals

Real Time Gross Settlement Systems

•    Settlement of foreign exchange transactions

•    The payment and settlement of the cross-border payments leg for securities transactions (i.e. shares and bonds etc.)

Corporate payments and treasury management

•    Cross-border payments for corporates (B2B)

•    Cross-border payment for web merchants (C2B)

•    Treasury management for corporate and web merchants 

Payment risk management

•    Compliance with sanctions in cross-border payments

•    Compliance with AML-CFT standards in cross-border payments

•    Counterparty risk management for cross-border payments

Social impact of payments

•    Workers' remittances 

•    Cross-border payments made by international NGOs 

Submission Guidelines:
The deadline for the submission of articles to this special issue is 16th May 2022.  

The following types of articles will be considered for publication:

• Practice articles: Thought leadership pieces, regulatory updates, briefings, and other contributions on cross-border payments written by practitioners. Articles should be 2,000 to 5,000 words in length.

• Research papers: Contributions which explore new models, theories and research on cross-border payments. The principal management implications of the submission should be included. Articles should be up to maximum 5,000 words in length.  

Author guidelines, sample articles and other relevant information about the journal can be found at: Instructions for authors

The intention is to have a comprehensive issue on cross-border payments covering many of the above-mentioned topics. Interested authors are advised to contact the Editor, Gerard Hartsink, at and Julie Kerry, the Publisher, at with paper proposals and any questions as soon as possible.