Call for articles

Copy deadline: 14th December 2018

The Editor, Editorial Board and Publishers of Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions are seeking the submission of articles on the following subjects:

  • What challenges are presented by new regulation to banks' infrastructure, risk management, and profitability going forward? How can these challenges be best addressed?
  • Rising debt and shadow banking in China
  • CCPs: Too Important to fail?
  • Is the rise of fintech likely to help or hinder the riskiness of banks?
  • How can banks best manage the strategic risks associated with the combination of new regulation and challenges from fintech and non-regulated bank-like entities?
  • How should risk managers mitigate the impact of an end to the low interest rate regime or the waning of central bank policy influence on financial markets?
  • Is the euro area crisis over, or does the banking system still present risks for the currency area?
  • How should financial institutions manage political tail-risks, such as a complete break-up of the European Union or the breakout of hostilities in global hotspots (eg Russia tensions, South China Sea, North Korea, all-out trade war)?
  • Could a Chinese financial crisis trigger a replay of the 1997-98 Asian Crisis and how should financial institutions prepare for this?
  • Does the recent market concern about Argentina and Turkey mean an emerging market crisis is on the way?
  • Banks have more capital and liquidity, but how safe are they now?
  • Has the rise of algo trading and high frequency traders helped or hindered market liquidity risks?
  • How can financial institutions (banks and insurers) best prepare for the impact of climate change (natural disaster losses, migration, defaults)?
  • How much of a challenge do low interest pose for life insurers and pension funds and how should these risks be managed?
  • Are central counterparties sufficiently resilient given their increasing role in financial systems?
  • Has the rise of indexed or passive asset management increased market and liquidity risks and how can risk managers deal with these risks?
  • Standardized risk measurement
  • Risk governance from the Board and C-Suite

Submission guidelines

The following types of articles will be considered for publication:

  • Practice articles: Thought pieces, briefings, case studies and other contributions written by practitioners. Articles should be 2,000 to 5,000 words in length.
  • Research papers: Contributions which explore new models, theories and research in risk management. The principal management implications of the submission should be included. Articles should be up to 6,000 words in length.

All submissions will be peer-reviewed to ensure that they are of direct, practical relevance to those working in the field.

Our current copy deadline is 14th December 2018.

Manuscript submissions and enquiries should be submitted to the Publisher, Julie Kerry. Further, more specific guidance for authors on format and style can be found here.