Forthcoming content

Each volume of Web Management & Marketing: The Peer-Reviewed Journal consists of four quarterly 100-page issues. A selection of the peer-reviewed articles and real world case studies scheduled for Volume 1 includes:

  • Protecting your brand in the era of fake news: Why brands need ad verification tools
    Ginny Marvin, Paid Media Reporter, Third Door Media and Seth Meisel, Digital Marketing Manager,
  • Why and how to apply a map advertising strategy
    Caleb Donegan, VP, Product & Digital Strategy, Balihoo
  • Early prevention of accessibility issues
    Aiden Tierney, Manager of Digital Accessibility, TD
  • The definitive guide to local search ranking factors
    Dan Leibson, VP of Local & Product and Andrew Shotland, CEO, Local SEO Guide
  • Why single-sign-on integrations are so expensive and what you can do to reduce costs
    Vlad Oprica, Senior .NET Web Developer, Jessica Moore, Interaction Designer & Content Strategist and Dave Gallerizzo, CEO, Fig Leaf Software
  • The power of feeds: How to build strong underlying data that drives successful digital marketing programmes
    Todd Bowman, Director, SEM and Feeds, Merkle
  • Have you moved to HTTP/2 yet? If not, why not?
    Michael Gooding, Enterprise Web Architect in EMEA, Akamai Technologies
  • Creating accessible online forms
    Jonathan Whiting, Director of Training and Evaluation, WebAIM, Center for Persons with Disabilities, Utah State University
  • How SEO and social can best cooperate on marketing campaigns
    Chris Pinkerton, VP, Enterprise Development, Media & Research, Mediative
  • Think outside the search bubble and beat your competitors
    Erin Robbins, President and CEO, Ginzametrics
  • How businesses and other organisations outside the EU but using EU citizens’ data perceive the impact of the GDPR
    Lori Heffelfinger Baker, Data Privacy/Security Consultant
  • How to build a brand-based content strategy through SEO research and data
    Joshua Dodson, Director of Digital Marketing, Bentley University
  • Improving scale and efficiency with the CSS of tomorrow 
    Brian Graves, UI Team Lead, DEG
  • Searching and finding: A lifelong quest
    Sabrina Duda, User Experience Researcher, Experian Data Quality UK and James Barley, User Experience Manager, Shop Direct
  • How to make accessibility an integral part of the design/development process, and the difference that can make to the innovation and quality of the end product
    Emma Pratt Richens, Senior Accessibility Specialist, BBC
  • Assessing Node.js security vulnerabilities and best practices
    Ilya Verbitskiy, Independent Consultant
  • Journey mapping for personalisation across multiple channels
    Noz Urbina, Urbina Consulting and Strategic Marketing Director and Events Chairperson,
  • How to build content that has an impact
    Ryan Dodge, Digital Engagement Coordinator, Royal Ontario Museum
  • Overcoming accessibility problems with CAPTCHAs
    Jennifer Gauvreau, Director, CGI Federal
  • Creating an integrated digital marketing strategy: Using cross-channel data to build intelligent strategies
    Hannah Thorpe, Director, and Jono Alderson, ‎Principal Consultant, Distilled
  • Practical data science for the web professional
    Michael Nescot, Director of Cloud and DevOps Solutions, JBS International
  • An accessibility research study: Humanizing the need for inclusive design
    Monica Reha, VP, Digital Accessibility Manager, Wells Fargo Marketing, Sarah Horton, UX Strategy Lead and David Sloan, User Experience Research Lead, The Paciello Group
  • Maintaining a WordPress site for long-term security
    Liz Coppinger, Business Analyst, Lucid Agency
  • A data-driven approach to government social media
    Bryan Bullock, Web Content Administrator and Social Media Team Leader, City of Boulder, Colorado
  • Identity-related motivations online: Falk's framework applied to museum websites nationwide
    Sarah Wambold, Director of Digital Media, Clyfford Still Museum and Marty Spellerberg, Spellerberg Associates
  • Online accessibility for learning management systems and inclusive user testing
    Marlene Zentz, Senior Instructional Designer/Accessibility Specialist, UMOnline/University of Montana
  • Guerilla marketing in social media: The age of marketing out of the box
    Nikos Schiniotakis, Technological Educational Institute of Crete and Katerina Divini, Human Resources Department Manager, Pancreta Cooperative Bank