Volume 6 (2017-18)

Each volume of Journal of Building Survey, Appraisal & Valuation consists of four quarterly 100-page issues. The articles published so far in Volume 6 are as follows:

Volume 6 Number 4

  • Editorial: What is patina and when does it become a defect?
    Simon McLean, University of Salford and Editor, Journal of Building Survey Appraisal & Valuation
  • Recycling ‘down under’: The evolution of ways of working with one’s heritage
    Robert Morris-Nunn AM, Circa Morris-Nunn Architects
  • The changing nature of damp investigations and the implications of retrofit cavity and external wall insulation on standard forms of building
    Stephen Hodgson, Property Care Association
  • Cladding audits : The problem of combustible cladding and the wider problem of NCBPs and non-compliant building work
    Rodger Hills, Building Products Innovation Council
  • Why building surveyors need to be aware of environmental issues
    Anne Johnstone, Malcolm Hollis
  • Penalty clauses as they apply in dilapidations claims
    Edward Shaw, Savills Margaret Street
  • Award writing under the PWA section 10 procedure
    Anthony Kay, Anthony J Kay Ltd
  • The zero carbon and nearly zero energy standards in new buildings
    Stephen Barnshaw, jhai limited
  • Treading a fine line on bias: Impartiality and the Party Wall Surveyor
    Peter Worman, The Party Wall Academy
  • Overheating in residential properties — define, identify and prevent : An overview
    Tassos Kougionis, BSRIA Limited
  • The aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire and its relevance for construction project team members
    Paul Winstone, Watts Group Ltd

Volume 6 Number 3

  • Editorial: Building pathology 101, explosion damage
    Simon McLean, University of Salford and Editor, Journal of Building Survey Appraisal & Valuation
  • The Digital Economy Act: What surveyors need to know about changes to the law on telecommunications equipment
    Michael Watson, Shulmans
  • Assessing diminution in value of residential properties affected by Japanese Knotweed
    Philip Santo, Philip Santo & Co
  • New opportunities and valuation of energy assets
    Mark Newton, Fisher German
  • Collateral warranties and third party rights explained
    Kate Kirby, Pinsett Masons
  • The continuing evolution of energy efficiency requirements for buildings and their legal implementation impacting upon asset valuation
    Olivia Jamison, CMS Cameron McKenna
  • Minimum energy efficiency standard (MEES) opportunities and obligations
    David Gilbert and Ben Strange, Lambert Smith Hampton
  • MEES and HFCs: Burden or opportunity?
    Michel Cunningham, Malcolm Hollis 
  • Radon gas: Risks, regulations and remediation
    Martin Freeman and Rebecca Coates, PropertECO
  • Comment: From lowly caterpillar to elegant butterfly : The story of the recent emergence of US selfstorage as an institutional-grade asset class
    Steve Williams, Executive Managing Director, Real Capital Analytics
  • Book Review: 'The manual of below-grade waterproofing' by Justin Henshell, Henshell & Buccellato, Consulting Architects
    Reviewed by Peter Trotman, BRE Associate 

Volume 6 Number 2

  • A dose of Deansgate Disorder
    Simon McLean, University of Salford and Editor, Journal of Building Survey Appraisal & Valuation
  • Considering the ‘all too familiar’ : The Landlord and Tenant Act 1954: ‘Substantial work of construction’ and the role of the building surveyor
    John Furber, Wilberforce Chambers, Christopher Sullivan and Vivien King, Malcolm Hollis
  • Alternative dispute resolution of dilapidations disputes in the United Kingdom
    Jon Rowling,Tuffin Ferraby Taylor
  • The impact of architecture on sustainability
    Derek Walker, EDP Consulting
  • Right to light: Heaney update — injunction damages
    Ian McKenna, Malcolm Hollis
  • Does recent government guidance clarify the uncertainty around the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) Regulations?
    Jane Southworth and Catherine Manning, Eversheds
  • Break clause update
    Ian Laurie, Watts Group Limited
  • The effectiveness of implementing unmanned aerial vehicles to survey buildings
    Jordan Clarke, Vantage Building Consultancy
  • Liquidated damages and penalty clauses: Where are we now?
    Graham Sutton and Jan Rzedzian, Hay & Kilner
  • Design and defects: Responsibilities and liabilities
    Philip Harris, Wright Hassall Solicitors
  • Legal Update: Article NEC4
    Martin Collingwood, Andrew Jackson Solicitors
  • Legal Update: JCT 2016: What is New?
    Martin Collingwood, Andrew Jackson Solicitors

Volume 6 Number 1

  • Editorial: Producing standing building records
    Simon McLean, University of Salford and Editor, Journal of Building Survey Appraisal & Valuation
  • Comment: Ombudsman complaints: Roof coverings
    John Baguley, Ombudsman Services
  • Avoidance and diagnosis of problems associated with internal wall insulation
    Matthew Smith, Retrofit Manager at Natural Building Technologies
  • Online information, data workflows and the role of technology in residential valuation
    Richard Groom, Head of Core Data Products, RICS
  • Lift maintenance for building managers and surveyors
    Colm Rushe, Technical Director – Infinity Lifts Ltd
  • The evolution of plaza waterproofing in America
    Justin Henshell, Partner, Henshell & Buccellato, Consulting Architects
  • Does current legislation protect homeowners’ right to light with regard to solar panels?
    Tony Leishman, Rider Levett Bucknall
  • ‘Mind the gap’: The difference, in performance, between design and the building ‘in-use’
    Andy Lewry and Lorna Hamilton, BRE Global
  • Smart surveys: A review of available technologies
    Simon McLean and Richard Fitton, University of Salford
  • Selecting the correct method for cleaning historic facades
    Adrian Paye, PAYE Stonework
  • Legal Update: Letters of intent — A means to an end but sometimes not the one intended
    Martin Collingwood, Andrew Jackson Solicitors
  • Legal Update: Consequential loss — what does it mean?
    Martin Collingwood, Andrew Jackson Solicitors
  • Legal Update: Professional duties of care: Recent developments and considerations
    Martin Collingwood, Andrew Jackson Solicitors
  • Book Review: The Party Wall Act Explained: ‘The Green Book’
    Mikael Rust