Forthcoming content

A selection of the in-depth articles and real world case studies scheduled for publication in Volume 9 of Journal of Building Survey, Appraisal & Valuation - consisting of four 100-page issues in both print and online - includes:

  • The stabilisation and repair of heritage structures and listed buildings
    John Brooks, Cintec International
  • Methods to safely reduce the costs of managing asbestos
    Fergus McCloskey, Managing Director, Global Environmental
  • Dry rot and timber decay: Don’t panic and poison yourself
    Jagjit Singh, Managing Director, Environmental Building Solutions
  • Tenants’ alterations made to UK office property in the age of net zero carbon and of minimised waste: The end of the ‘single-use fit out’?
    Jon Rowling, Technical Partner, TFT
  • Preventing water penetration in traditional masonry using injection mortar and micro-grouting conservation techniques
    Kinlay Laidlaw, Director, Laidlaw Associates Building Surveying
  • Common modern construction related defects and their context in construction disputes
    Matt Fedigan, Co-Founder & Director, Domec Professional Services
  • Creating a safe and dry basement by overcoming the conflict between waterproofing and gas proofing
    Rebecca Coates, Head of Radon Projects, propertECO
  • Assessing and addressing moisture vapour problems in new and old concrete floors with and without a functioning vapour barrier
    Mike Carberry, Technical Advisor, Koster Aquatecnic
  • Smart energy pathology: Measuring a dwelling’s energy performance using smart meter and IOT data
    Richard Fitton, Reader in Energy Performance of Buildings, Applied Building and Energy Research Group, University of Salford
  • Flooding risk and resilience for older buildings
    James Innerdale, Architect and Historic Buildings Consultant
  • Maintaining the significance of historic concrete structures
    Chris Wood, former Head of Building Conservation & Research, Historic England
  • Landlords and tenants must work together to meet net zero carbon targets
    Anne Johnstone, Partner and Head of Environment, Energy and Sustainability and Clare Holyoake, Associate and Landlord and Tenant Matters Specialist, Hollis
  • Cracking under different types of restraint
    John Forth, Chair in Concrete Engineering and Structures, Director, Neville Centre of Excellence in Cement and Concrete Engineering, University of Leeds (et al)
  • Testing out a whole-house approach to retrofit
    Nigel Griffiths, Director, STBA
  • The evolution of damp control
    James Berry, Technical Manager, Property Care Association
  • Electronic communications apparatus and property: Surveyors beware
    Michael Watson, Partner, Knights