Forthcoming content

Each volume of Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions consists of four quarterly 100-page issues, published both in print and online. A selection of articles and case studies scheduled for Volume 17 include:

  • Leveraging financial personality for inclusive credit scoring amidst global uncertainty
    Diederick van Thiel, Researcher, John Goedee, Professor & Roger Leenders, Professor Tilburg School of Social and Behavioural Sciences
  • On the wicked problem of quantifying and managing non-financial risks and the role of digital technology in providing solutions
    Tom Butler, Professor, University College Cork
  • Lost in noise? Some thoughts on the use of machine learning in financial market risk measurement
    Peter Quell, Head of Portfolio Analytics for Market and Credit Risk, DZ BANK AG
  • The potential impacts of the digital revolution on the operational risk profiles of banks
    Michael Grimwade, Managing Director, Operational Risk at ICBC Standard Bank Plc
  • Trusted and open corporate data: Why adoption of the LEI/vLEI is key to enhancing risk management practices in the face of rapid digital transformation
    Stephan Wolf, CEO, GLEIF
  • On data and models: Is more always better?
    Tom Wilson, CEO, President and Country Manager, Allianz Ayudhya
  • Strategy, strategic risk, and strategic risk management
    Guoqiang Li, Adjunct Lecturer & Lu Zhou, Columbia University
  • An innovative approach for optimising CCP default management through agent-based modelling
    Dingqiu Zhu, Rates & CVA Quant, Richard Wise, Group Chief Risk Officer, Tao Chen, Managing Director, Hong Kong Exchange & Clearing
  • A generalised latent Poisson Factor Modelling Approach for default correlations in credit portfolios
    Mohamed Saidane, Associate Professor, Qassim University
  • European banks and ESG: The evolving landscape of sustainable banking
    Cristiano Zazzara, Adjunct Professor of Finance, NYU Stern School of Business
  • The relevance of the country and sector effect on global equity returns in developed and emerging markets during the Covid-19 pandemic
    Gabriele SUSINNO, Senior Client Portfolio Manager, Pictet Asset Management
  • The blind spot in residential mortgages: Increasing default option value in the face of declining house prices
    Bogie Ozdemir, Corporate Director, Chair of Risk Committee & Chair of Credit Review, Wealth One Bank of Canada
  • Governance and risk-appetite setting by the Board of Directors: The specific case of ESG and climate-related risks
    Naji Freiha, Freelance Senior Consultant, Konsilium
  • Innovation, financial resilience, and trust
    Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes, Chief Executive Officer, Softhread
  • The rise of sustainability oversight committees as part of a financial institutions board governance
    David Suetens, Chair of The Board of Directors, SOPIAD
  • Nested freedom: The surprising and complex intersection of risk, risk perceptions, and an organization's ability to create value (let alone survive)
    David Koenig, President and Chief Executive Officer, The DCRO Institute
  • Risk appetite: A critical consideration for effective Board Risk Oversight
    Christopher E. Mandel, President and Managing Consultant, Excellence in Risk Management, LLC and Soubhagya Parija, Columbia University
  • ‘Secret Sauce’- Why objective centric risk management is the key to competitive advantage
    Laura Fox, Managing Director, Canary Risk Ltd
  • Enterprise risk management in the insurance industry: Trends and future directions
    Sonjai Kumar, Consulting Partner Insurance BFSI CRO, Tata Consultancy Services
  • The mediating role of firm risk: The case of the insurance sector in Saudi Arabia
    Shanar Shafi Alsuyayfi, PhD Student, Roslan Ja’afar, Senior Lecturer & Rasidah Mohd Said, Associate Professor, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia