Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems

Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems publishes peer-reviewed articles and case studies analysing best practice, emerging issues and new thinking in how to develop a profitable, customer-focused payments strategy. It examines major issues facing the corporate, wholesale and retail payments industry from a business, risk and operational perspective.

Edited by respected payments expert Alec Nacamuli and guided by an eminent Editorial Board, each quarterly 100-page issue provides practical, detailed analysis of developments and trends in the payments business, regulation, new entrants and technologies and how to bring them all together to define your payments strategy, as well as actionable advice and ‘lessons learned’ from fellow professionals on how payment processing systems can be leveraged to maximise profitability, security and efficiency and minimise risk. It contains no advertising and no advertorial.

Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems is listed in Cabells' Directories of Publishing Opportunities.  

Each issue publishes provocative thought-leadership and detailed advice on key issues including:

  • developing a profitable enterprise payments strategy
  • payments product management
  • trends in payments methods, markets and products
  • regulatory initiatives
  • value-added services
  • new entrants and payments schemes
  • mobile and e-payments – hype vs reality
  • risk management and security
  • e-invoicing and financial supply chain management
  • improving the profit margin in payments
  • customer relationships/satisfaction
  • replacing paper/cheques in payment processing
  • payments operations and services

As such, each 100-page issue of Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems publishes:

Detailed, practical guidance on developing payments strategy – authoritative articles analysing best practice, emerging issues and new thinking in how to develop a profitable, customer-focused payments strategy, written by leading payments experts. Each offers the latest thinking in payments strategy and product development.

Case studies on managing business, risk and operational issues – ‘how-to’ actionable advice from payments experts at financial institutions detailing their practical experience and lessons learned in managing payment systems.

Central bank and regulator views – the latest thinking on security, efficiency and how payments systems can enhance financial sector stability, as well as how legal and regulatory changes create new business opportunities.

Market reviews – learn about emerging opportunities, trends, developments, new entrants and technologies in corporate, retail and wholesale markets for payments - as well as what is happening in other country's payments industries – and how to apply this to your payments strategy and payment processing.

Essential reference-quality material for Departmental Heads, Directors, Managing Directors, VPs, SVPs, EVPs and Senior Managers of:

  • Payments
  • Payments strategy
  • Product management/strategy
  • Transaction banking
  • Cash management
  • Payments operations and services
  • Payment systems
  • Treasury management
  • Correspondent banking; as well as
  • Presidents, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CTOs and CIOs
  • Central banks, federal reserves and financial regulators
  • Clearing houses
  • Payments associations and interbank co-operatives
  • Consultants
  • Third party processors, service providers and vendors


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