Journal of AI, Robotics & Workplace Automation

Journal of AI, Robotics & Workplace Automation is the major new professional and academic journal for all those involved in researching and applying artificial intelligence and related, often complementary, techniques or technologies for automating tasks and processes within organisations.

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The Journal is edited by leading automation and AI expert, Christopher M. Johannessen.

Guided by its Editor and distinguished Editorial Board, each quarterly 100-page issue – published both in print and online formats – provides an international forum for detailed, practical and thought-provoking articles, case studies, research papers and reviews written by leading experts in the fields of AI, robotics and workplace automation.

The journal’s target readership includes anyone with an interest in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics (hardware or software such as Robotic Process Automation), business process management/smart workflow and cognitive extensions of AI (e.g., chatbots, robo advisors), and functional applications of these capabilities (e.g., operations automation or marketing automation). The journal will be of acute interest to leaders and experts in areas such as operations, finance, IT, marketing and human resources, across all industry sectors, as well as academics and researchers in universities and business schools.

Articles address key topics including:

•    Current thinking on practical vs. theoretical uses of AI, robotics and automation in different organisational contexts
•    Necessary foundations (e.g., digitisation, data quality, data modeling) to set the stage for AI, robotics and automation
•    Enabling AI and automation through the use of Internet of Things (IoT), digital tag management systems, API hubs (“DataOps”) and other data collection methods
•    Novel approaches to decisioning data (from business logic to advanced statistical techniques) to power AI or automation
•    Where, when and why AI or automation can be applied to particular tasks and processes to optimise the customer, employee and partner (vendor/regulator) experience in organisations
•    Governance - from exploration to capability building - of AI, robotics and automation within organisations
•    The impact of AI, robotics and workplace automation on career paths and society at large
•    Privacy, risk and regulatory considerations when applying AI, robotics or automation
•    Ethical implications of AI algorithms and transparency in the age of GPDR and other regulatory regimes 

The Journal of AI, Robotics and Workplace Automation seeks to:

•    Expand and disseminate the body of practical knowledge in AI, robotics and automation strategy and practice to global organisations and companies, management consultancies and marketing agencies, new venture advisory firms, regulators, Government, universities and to the wider global community
•    Facilitate sharing good practice in AI, robotics and workplace automation across all private, public, Government and voluntary sectors
•    Publish new and original ideas on research, policy and management on AI, robotics and workplace automation 
•    Facilitate cooperation and exchange of ideas between practitioners and university academics across the globe

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