Forthcoming content

A selection of articles and case studies scheduled for the new volume of Journal of Digital Media Management, Volume 9 includes

  • Innovative ways in which LaLiga is protecting its digital assets against piracy
    Juan J. Rotger, Global Content Protection Manager, LaLiga
  • The case for company-wide enterprise DAM adoption
    Preston Anderson, Director, Global Marketing Solutions & Support and Jonathan Phillips, Manager, Enterprise Digital Asset Management and Marketing Support, Marriott International
  • Normalising migration: Reacting to the failure of a digital preservation platform
    Todd Digby, Chair, Library Technology Services and Fletcher Durant, Head of Conservation and Preservation, University of Florida
  • Preservation workflows for stills collections
    Dony West, Executive Director, Production Photography, Caitlin Denny, Senior Media Archivist and Rebecca Ruud, Media Archivist, Paramount Archive
  • Leveraging the flexibility of Islandora to create a dual use digital repository
    Alicia Esquivel, Digital Scholarship Librarian, Tim Fluhr, Systems and Institutional Repository Librarian and Adam Strohm, Director of University Archives and Special Collections, Paul V. Galvin Library, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Case study on the valuation on digital asset management at Dell Technologies
    Margie Foster, Digital Asset Management Librarian and Sarah Sundbeck, Digital Asset Manager, Dell Technologies
  • The complexities of building metadata standards and taxonomies for audio
    Mindy Carner, Taxonomy and Metadata Specialist, Metashop and John Passmore, Director of Streaming and On-Demand Audio Architecture, New York Public Radio
  • A workflow for workflows: Case management at the University of Notre Dame Hesburgh Libraries
    Mikala Narlock, Digital Collections Librarian and Peggy Griesinger, Metadata Technologies Librarian, University of Notre Dame Hesburgh Libraries
  • Amway’s focus on user experience to create a truly global DAM
    Tracy Olmstead, DAM Innovation Specialist, Amway
  • Ethics, sustainability and the challenge of digital curation for a real-time archive
    Katie Romabiles, Institutional Repository Specialist, Amanda Lanthorne, University Archivist, Lisa Lamont, Interim Associate Dean and Head of Digital Collections, San Diego State University Library and Arel Lucas, Faculty Metadata Librarian, University of Southern California Digital Library
  • Building open source audiovisual collections management systems on Samvera
    Karen Cariani, David O Ives Executive Director, WGBH Media Library and Archives & Project Director, American Archives of Public Broadcasting and Richard Green, Operations Adviser, Samvera
  • A Herculean task: Assessing digital content processes before a migration
    Hannah Stitzlein, Document Manager, World Trade Center Health Program, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Sidney Gao, Digital Imaging Coordinator and James Van Mil, Digital Projects and Preservation Librarian, University of Cincinnati Libraries
  • What companies are doing to enable software defined workflows
    Steve Morris, Director of Engineering, Skywalker Sound
  • Warning sign: Building a sensitive content filter for historical news photography
    Eric Weig, Digital Library Architect, Special Collections Research Center, Margaret I. King Library, University of Kentucky
  • How to build a strong, forward-thinking digital media supply chain
    Alan J. Porter, Director of Product Marketing, Nuxeo
  • Mapping metadata
    Margaret Mering, Metadata Quality Librarian, University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Harriet E. Wintermute, Head of Metadata Services, University Library, Iowa State University
  • How consumer packaged goods digital asset management capabilities can enable next-generation retail experiences
    Danny Baranowski, Senior Consultant, OnPrem
  • Digital asset management at Lands’ End: Past experiences, present challenges and future opportunities
    Richard B. Swaziek, Senior Director of Global Creative Operations, Lands’ End
  • Machine learning in the library: Developing an inter-departmental core solution to manage data
    Patrice-Andre Prud’homme, Director of Digital Curation, Kay K. Bjornen, Research Data Initiatives Librarian, Edmon Low Library and Phillip Doehle, Digital Services Librarian, Oklahoma State University
  • Aiming for that digital sweet spot: Using DAM to refactor a traditional library archives project
    Dione Surdez, Library and Information Scientist, Digital Asset Manager, Los Angeles County Library
  • Getting to a rights strategy for your content
    Margaret Majorack, National Geographic Partners
  • LEAN/Six Sigma in digital asset management
    Beth Goldstein, Senior Improvement Change Leader, Discover Financial Services
  • Often unforeseen privacy challenges that can arise with the creation and management of digital collections
    Kelley Rowan, Digital Archives Librarian, Rebecca Bakker, Digital Collections Librarian, Florida International University and Virginia Dressler, Digital Projects Librarian, Kent State University
  • How DAM vendors are expanding their tools to integrate with the broader MarTech ecosystem
    Mike Centioli, VP, Customer Experience Platform, OpenText
  • Lessons we learned during our recent DAMS migration
    Jessea Young, Digital Initiatives Librarian and Daniel Draper, Head of Systems and Digital Initiatives, Loyola Marymount University
  • Case study on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame digital preservation project
    Kyle Evans, Director of Sales, TapeArk