Forthcoming content

A selection of articles and case studies scheduled for the inaugural volume of Journal of AI, Robotics & Workplace Automation includes:

  • Making the case for a broad view of AI
    Thomas H. Davenport, Distinguished Professor, Babson College, Research Fellow, MIT Center for Digital Business and Senior Advisor, Deloitte Analytics
  • Towards a capability assessment model for the comprehension and adoption of AI in organizations
    Tom Butler PhD, Professor, Dept of Business Information Systems, University College Cork (UCC); Angelina Espinoza-Limón PhD, a MS-Curie Career FIT Research Fellow UCC and funded by Enterprise Ireland; and Selja Seppälä PhD, a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Career-FIT Fellow, the Dept of Business Information Systems, UCC
  • Step by step: A playbook for AI innovation within commercial real estate organizations
    Patrick McGrath, Chief Information Officer and Head of Client Technologies, Savills North America, et al.
  • The future of AI: Understanding generational tendencies related to critical and non-critical decision processing
    Christopher S. Kayser, Access Data Certified Digital Forensics Investigator and a member of Alpha Phi Sigma and Robert Cadigan PhD, Associate Professor Emeritus, Applied Social Sciences, Boston University
  • Artificial intelligence risk & governance
    Mary Purk, Executive Director, AI For Business, Wharton Customer Analytics, The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania
  • The path forward to autonomous driving
    Sudha Jamthe, Technology Futurist and IoT, AI and Autonomous Vehicles business course Teacher, Stanford Continuing Studies and, and Ananya Sen, Principal Software Developer, Threatmetrix, LexisNexis®
  • Applying AI in anti-money laundering operations
    Arin Ray, Senior Analyst with Celent's Securities & Investments practice, New York 
  • Creating the intelligent + immersive + experiential workplace 2030 – Part 1
    Peter Miscovich, Managing Director, Strategy + Innovation, JLL
  • How to kickstart an AI venture without proprietary data
    Kartik Hosanagar, John C. Hower Professor of Technology and Digital Business and a professor of marketing at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and Faculty Director, Wharton’s AI for Business Initiative
  • The path to AI procurement
    Philip E. Morgan III, J.D., Sr. Director, Head of Global Strategic Sourcing & Procurement Operations, Electronic Arts
  • Four frontiers of AI ethics
    Sarah Khatry, Managing Director of AI Ethic, DataRobot
  • Difficult decisions in uncertain times: AI and automation in commercial lending
    Sean Hunter, Chief Information Officer, OakNorth and Onur Guzey, Head of Artificial Intelligence, OakNorth
  • Legal issues arising from the use of artificial intelligence in government administration and decision making
    Elizabeth Bishop, Barrister at the New South Wales Bar, practising at Ground Floor Wentworth Chambers, Sydney, Australia
  • AI in Marketing
    Andrew Pearson, Founder and Managing Director, Intelligencia Limited
  • Responding to ethics being a data protection building block for AI
    Henry Chang, Adjunct Associate Professor, Law and Technology Centre, Department of Law at HKU, Hong Kong
  • Power of automation in the workplace: Robotic Process Automation and the value add for organizations
    Rajbir Samra, Senior Manager, Banking and Capital Markets Group, PwC, New York
  • From form to function and appeal: Increasing workplace adoption of AI through a functional framework and persona-based approach
    John W. Showalter, MD, MSIS, Chief Product Officer for Jvion, Inc, and Grace L. Showalter, MHIIM, BSN, RN, clinician thought leader and educator specializing in evidence-based and data-driven healthcare strategy
  • Point of no return: Turning data into value
    Jochen Werne, PROSEGUR Cash Services Germany GmbH, and Dr. Johannes Winter, National Academy of Science and Engineering
  • Dilemmas of digital labour 
    Anna Aurora Wennäkoski, doctoral student in law at the University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Processes and decision automation for financial markets surveillance: Challenges and recommendations
    Cristina Soviany, PhD, CEO, Features Analytics
  • Lessons learned from deploying and running an AI-backed solution in production at scale
    Kyle Hansen, Head of AI Engineering, Kingland
  • Book Review of ‘Intelligent Automation’
    Chris Johannessen, Director Digital Transformation, Axis Group
  • Book Review of ‘Competing In the Age of AI’
    Chris Johannessen, Director Digital Transformation, Axis Group