Forthcoming content

Each volume of Journal of AI, Robotics & Workplace Automation consists of four quarterly 100-page issues. The articles scheduled for Volume 3 include:

  • How AI and automation is changing the regulatory landscape in central banking: A cross-cultural jurisdiction view on how AI is shaping the future of regulation
    Arunita Roy Data Efficiency and Innovation Reserve Bank of Australia et al
  • Enabling Generative AI through use cases in a big enterprise
    Enrique Mora C-level Advisor and Consultant, Digital, Content and Technology Nestlé Global and Luca Dell’Orletta, Global Head of Information Technology Innovation for the Nestlé Group
  • Building resilient SMEs: Harnessing large language models for cyber security in australia
    Ben Kereopa-Yorke, Senior Security Specialist at a multinational Telco
  • The potential of algorithmic pricing to increase company value
    Matthias Lederer. Full Professor of Information Systems, Technical University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden et al
  • Generative AI and the need to shift from human in the loop to AI in the loop
    Jim Sterne Board Chair Digital Analytics Association
  • Minimize model risk management oversight for cybersecurity solutions
    Liming Brotcke, Quantitative Manager, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
  • Analysis of ChatGPT and the future of artificial intelligence: Its impact on teaching and learning
    Gunja Sah Department Head of Finance Tribhuvan University, Nepal
  • Regulatory and policy considerations within Artificial Intelligence
    Anna Wennäkoski
  • Generative AI - new uses and developments
    Sudha Jamthe, Stanford Continuing Studies and at, et al
  • Business value of Generative AI use cases
    Fuad Henricks, Data & AI Europe Market, Accenture
  • Using Generative AI to enhance the customer service
    Jo Causon Rachel McFaul CEO Inst. of Customer Service
  • Applications and developments of GenAI in the real estate sector
    Michael Ewert Global Head of JLLT Advisory JLL/Technologies
  • Automation and AI in the workplace: The future of work is more complex than ever
    Chelsea Perino Managing Director, Global Marketing & Communications The Executive Centre
  • What is in the black box: The ethical implications of algorithms and transparency in the age of the GDPR
    Senna Mougdir, Supervision Office, Dutch Data Protection Authority, The Netherlands
  • Are businesses giving AI the support it needs to grow and scale
    Nathalie Zeghmouli Strategic Business Development Manager Intercloud
  • Towards hybrid self-learning ontologies
    Simon Preis, Full professor of Quantitative Business at the Amberg-Weiden Technical University of Applied Sciences