Forthcoming content

A selection of the peer-reviewed articles and real-world case studies scheduled for Volume 10 - which consists of four 100-page issues - includes:

  • App-usage data and geo-tracking: How to address consumers at the right moment based on behaviour and geo-location
    Joerg Schudrowitz, Social Media Lead, Central Europe, BSH Home Appliances
  • How behavioural science can improve your influencer marketing campaigns
    Alan Gray, Senior Research Psychologist, Tailify
  • How Bang & Olufsen moved from the darkness to the light with influencer marketing
    Alexei Edwards, Senior Manager, Global Brand and Editorial Marketing, Bang & Olufsen
  • How to pivot to a first-party data marketing strategy
    Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, President, Lytics
  • Remix, reuse, repurpose: Maximising the life of your social content
    Michelle Dougenik, Content Strategy & Development Manager, Ocean Spray Cranberries
  • Beautiful failure: A case study on #equalityactjapan and a lesson in failing well on social media
    Amanda Alampi, Senior Campaigner and Ziva Luddy Juneja, Coordinator, Public Engagement & Campaigns, Human Rights Watch
  • The language of social media contests: A lexical analysis of contests across social platforms
    Curt Gilstrap, Associate Professor of Business Communication, The University of Southern Indiana and Sun-Young Park, Associate Professor of Advertising Communication, University of Massachusetts
  • Why COVID disruptions to shopping behaviours underscore the need for a coordinated, cross-functional conversion rate optimisation strategy
    Sarah Bond, Vice President, Marketing, Lucky Orange
  • The elusive omnichannel advantage: How to make the complex simple using scalable technology
    Christopher Cummings, Principal Product Manager, Precisely
  • The role brands play in online safety: Don't trust Google to sort it out for you
    Imran Ahmed, CEO, Marlene Obst, Research Officer and Rachel Rose, Digital Marketing Executive, Countering Digital Hate
  • Revealing consumer insights through visual analysis of social media images
    Alina Hura, Marketing Manager, YouScan
  • How customer lifetime value can help brands segment, find and retain high-value customers
    David Green, Founder & CEO,  Devslove Digital, and Aaron Smith, Head Of Digital, Blacksmith Local SEO
  • Why digital brand content is like waste (and what can we learn from it)
    José Manuel Simián, Associate Director of Content Strategy, Huge
  • Leveraging Expertise-Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness in your SEO efforts: Optimising content beyond the checklist
    Lisa Fellinger, SEO Team Lead, and Despina Fronimaki, Senior SEO Manager, The Boutique Agency 
  • How Guide Dogs Northern Ireland make social media accessible for visually impaired tech users – and why you should too
    Mark Quinn, Marcomms Manager NI, The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association and Torie Tennant, guide dog owner
  • How to develop better brand names for digital brands/products
    Francisco J. Conejo, Marketing Instructor and Researcher, University of Colorado - Denver
  • Unlocking true CX in your organisation with an actionable CX framework
    Frans Riemersma, Founder, MartechTribe
  • Adapting Hollywood acting techniques to engage audiences
    Kevin Doherty, Marketing Communications Manager, Vyond
  • Feel-good marketing: Understanding ASMR and its online audience
    Arianne Adams, Lecturer of Management, College of Business, Clayton State University
  • Time for marketing to embrace reinforcement learning
    Laura Murphy, Chief Executive Officer, Amplify Analytix, et al.
  • How to leverage executives as powerful brand advocates on social media
    Casey Hall, Owner and Principal Consultant, Lumberjack Social
  • Dynamics between influencers, brands and followers on TikTok
    Patricia Dias, Researcher, Catholic University of Portugal and Alexandre Duarte, Assistant Professor, NOVA FCSH
  • The power of customer data
    James Burnham, Customer Success Architect, Tealium