Forthcoming content

A selection of the peer-reviewed articles and real world case studies scheduled to be published in Volume 9 - which consists of four 100-page issues - includes:

  • How to create winning post-COVID CX strategy
    Shawn Roy, Consumer Insights Lead, South East Asia and Taiwan, GSK
  • Influencing Gen Z: How brands can partner with TikTok creators to reach new audiences
    Emily Trenouth, Head of Influencer Marketing, MediaCom
  • How L’Oreal used new powerful technologies for personalisation to adapt to the new phase of customer demands
    JaKenna Gilbert, Group Digital Director, L’Oréal Nordics
  • Using digital to grow the NFL internationally
    Lewis Wiltshire, CEO, ‎Seven League and Jamie King, Senior Manager, Social Media and Digital Content Strategy, NFL
  • How ditching the acquisition funnel can supercharge growth
    Julie Zhou, Senior Director, Growth Marketing, AdRoll
  • Case study: How to effectively optimise your online channels in response to the COVID-19 outbreak to increase your digital presence and gain a competitive edge
    Nic Staeger, Head of Ecommerce & Customer Service, Cervera
  • How the study of social media data has evolved through time, putting social media insights-lead actions at the heart of many organisations’ strategy
    Jackie Balchin, Senior Social Strategist, NetBase Quid
  • Is offline media becoming the biggest driver of online engagement? A review of recent trends and opportunities
    Srikanth Ramachandran, Founder and CEO and Mehul Mandalia, Co-founder and Head of Demand Platforms, Moving Walls
  • How to audit your social media and why it’s a must
    Jerri Helms, Vice President, Digital Marketing and Analytics, HarperCollins
  • How COVID-19 is changing our expectations of social media and influence
    Melanie Shreffler, former VP, Cassandra
  • How the U.S. Army transitioned to virtual recruiting
    Xeriqua Garfinkel, Public Affairs Officer, U.S. Army and Shauna Clark, Digital Media Program Manager, U.S. Army Recruiting Command
  • How brands and marketers can pivot to a data-driven action plan and grow new channels in the era of social distancing
    Erik Huberman, CEO, Hawke Media
  • Shifting away from commission: What the retainer operating model offers for improving efficiencies between advertiser and agency
    Anthony Hymes, Head of Digital Media, Shiseido and Adrien Dedeyan, Global Digital Director, Vizeum
  • How digital agencies are adapting to COVID-19
    Xenia Muntean, CEO & Co-Founder, Planable
  • How to add value by personalising customer experience
    Trevor Gordon, Management Consultant, Project One
  • The customer data gap: The problem, remedies and effects
    Kjetil Eik Lunde Løvlie, Executive Advisor, Martech and Personalization, NOA Ignite
  • How to add value by personalising customer experience
    Xenthe Bang, Director, Global CX, S&P Global Ratings
  • Combating stereotypes around multicultural consumers to target them in all the right ways
    Yendy Rojo, Associate Director, Social Media, Orci
  • The secret to create news stories for women told by 23 successful editors: Identifying variables that increase female readership in news media
    Gabriela Torres, Head of Social Media, BBC World Service
  • Using social media benchmarking to inform your strategy
    Casper Vahlgren, Senior Strategist, ‎
  • Scaling search engine visibility for franchises: An SEO road map for multi-location brands
    Steve Wiideman, President, Wiideman Consulting Group
  • Ethical design: Persuasion, not deception
    Jeanette van der Lee, The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets, et al.
  • Digital engagement strategies in a pandemic
    Seanice Lojede, Group CEO, Blu Flamingo Digital
  • What are consumers saying online about your products? Mining the text of online reviews to uncover hidden features
    Miriam Alzate, Public University of Navarre, et al.
  • Lite app adoption and cannibalisation
    Tianfu Wang, Department of Marketing, Feliciano School of Business, Montclair State University, et al.
  • How to build a platform-tailored approach to social video
    Amelia Tran, Associate Director, Paid Social, MediaCom
  • Marketing collaborations between luxury brands and hip-hop artists: An analysis of community feedback on Instagram
    Jonas Polfuss, Professor of Brand Management and Marketing, EBC Hochschule and Partner, Regenreich