Forthcoming content

A selection of the peer-reviewed articles and real world case studies published in Volume 5 - which consists of four quarterly 100-page issues - includes:

  • Repurposing content for social sharing
    Ross Hollebon, Director, Content, USA Football
  • Social action in the wake of Donald Trump’s election
    Jenn Sturm, Digital Director, American Civil Liberties Union
  • Creating a mobile-first design to improve customer satisfaction
    Maja Neable, VP, Digital and Channel Marketing, BMO Financial Group
  • Building out a best-in-class B2B social media listening program
    Jerry Nichols, Global Head of Marketing Performance Management, Leslie Curtiss, Social Media Analyst, SAP and Colby Vogt, Global EVP, Business Intelligence, DeVries Global
  • Case study on how Intermountain Medical Center Heart Institute has used social media to build relationships with new audiences and develop brand awareness
    Jason Carlton, Communication Manager, Central Region, Intermountain Healthcare
  • How brands can effectively innovate on Instagram
    Erica Nardello, Social Media & Digital Content Supervisor, Brownstein Group
  • A six step method for sharing authentic stories on social media
    Mariah Obiedzinski, Manager, Content Marketing Strategy, MedTouch
  • Leveraging social platforms along the entire customer journey
    Evan Neufeld, VP, Intelligence, L2
  • Make customers work for you: How to increase user-generated content
    Cara Friedman, Director of Community, ClassPass
  • Harnessing digital design and data to develop integrated, connected customer experiences that deliver business results and win end users
    Joanne Phillips, Director, Head of Digital, BlackRock
  • Blurring the lines between sales & marketing: Affecting sales through customer-segmented social media marketing
    Erica Melchior, Social Media Community Manager, Rhythm Management, Boston Scientific
  • As programmatic advertising becomes the new normal, how can advertisers create greater consumer engagement and publishers ensure greater return?
    Tony Bishop, Global Business Director, POSSIBLE
  • Size, quantity and management capabilities: How Google updates Adwords to increase revenue
    Andy Taylor, Senior Research Analyst, Merkle
  • Cleaning out the content attic with a structured content audit to identify items to delete; to keep; and to update as part of your ongoing content strategy
    Randall Rozin, Global Director, Brand Management and Marketing Communications, Dow Corning
  • How to get the most from your WeChat account
    Alexis Bonhomme, Co Founder, Curiosity China
  • The attribution challenge: How to actually get real business value out of it
    Adam Proehl, Founding Partner, NordicClick Interactive
  • How to use social media to deliver excellent customer service
    Jessica Milcetich, Social Media and Digital Marketing Strategist, US General Services Administration
  • Winning strategies that meet consumer needs and drive results for excellent customer experiences
    Anthony Scammell, Strategic Service Development Director, Old Mutual Wealth
  • Supercharging your digital transformation in as little as 3 hours with a new methodology for strategic visioning
    Sarah Weise, UX Director, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • How to best combine paid search and social media advertising
    Tara Siegel, Senior Director, Social, Pepperjam
  • Tying content to conversions: Defining relevant metrics to prove the ROI of your content marketing program
    Caitlin Angeloff, Head of Global Social Strategy & Operations, DocuSign
  • Case study on developing a content marketing plan for a B2B audience to build brand recognition
    Liz Bigham, Chief Marketing Officer, Burford Capital
  • Performance marketing: A data-driven journey to B2B technology marketing
    Ceri Jones, VP Global Marketing Operations, Basware Oyj
  • Search engine optimization in 2017: A new world where old rules still matter
    Brian Alpert, ‎Web Analytics and SEM Analyst
  • How real-time analytics changes the face of the sports betting industry
    Andrew W. Pearson, Managing Partner, Intelligencia
  • Engaging fans on social media in American Minor League Soccer: A content analysis of consumer promotion on Facebook, Twitter, And Instagram
    Julie D. Lanzillo, Program Director & Assistant Professor, Sport Management, Neumann University and Margaret C. Stewart. Assistant Professor, University of North Florida
  • Improving social media brand personas using archetypes
    Francisco J. Conejo, Marketing Instructor and Researcher, University of Colorado - Denver
  • An empirical study on the effective usage of emoji in marketing
    Chi Hong Leung and Winslet Ting Yan Chan, Department of Management and Marketing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Lover of discounts, unicorns, and tacos: Case study of Progressive’s 'Flo' in social media
    James M. Leonhardt, College of Business, University of Nevada and Ryan E. Cruz, New Mexico State University
  • How Instagram content affects brand attitudes and behaviour
    Ming Wang, Assistant Professor and Valerie K. Jones, Assistant Professor, College of Journalism & Mass Communications, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Native advertising: A close look at an emerging ad unit
    David Kamerer, Associate Professor, School of Communication, Loyola University