Forthcoming content

A selection of the peer-reviewed articles and real world case studies published in Volume 7 - which consists of four quarterly 100-page issues - includes:

  • Analyzing campaign tracking metrics for more optimized outreach
    Melissa Fellner, Global Consumer Marketing Director, AstraZeneca
  • Using innovative strategies to drive long-term social media engagement
    Mhari Coxon, Global Marketing Manager, GSK
  • How to effectively use ephemeral content
    Robert Monek, Executive Producer, Digital & Social Media, Disney ABC
  • How to build an effective micro-influencers programme
    Amanda Alampi, Account Director, Digital Strategy, MWWPR
  • A framework for full stack user experience strategy: Product, practice and purpose
    Ben Judy, Group Manager, User Experience and Lily Bather, Interaction Designer, 7-Eleven
  • The erosion of trust in social media: Driving engagement in a suspicious world
    Toby Gunton, General Manager, Edelman
  • How Marks and Spencer leverages Instagram
    Lorna Springall, Head of Social Media, Marks and Spencer
  • New ways to build, optimize and capitalize on your Google and Bing audience targeting tactics
    Brooke Osmundson, Senior Digital Manager, NordicClick Interactive
  • Navigating YouTube’s deep end: Leveraging digital video for branding and engagement
    Morgan Mannino, Social Media Manager, America's Test Kitchen
  • Storytelling for the next generation
    Meaghan Morelli, Director of Digital Content, Subway Restaurants
  • Case study on unlocking deep marketing insight by connecting online and offline behaviour
    Bala Gopalakrishnan, Managing Director, Data Solutions, The Weather Network
  • Ad testing in a multi-format world
    Cara deBeer, Partner, Paid Search Director, Catalyst
  • Case study on the UN’s multilingual social media approach
    Nancy Groves, Head of Social Media, United Nations
  • What really matters for SEO success in today's algorithmically-driven yet human-mediated ranked environment
    Lily Ray, Director, SEO, Path Interactive
  • Winning in social: A blueprint for progressing enterprise social maturity
    Chris Thomas, Global Social Intelligence & Optimisation Lead, Sage Software
  • Rethinking authenticity: Words of wisdom for marketers after studying 10,000 interviews and 500,000 ads
    Joline McGoldrick, SVP, Data Insights & Research, VidMob
  • Maximizing event ROI and impact with data
    Kathryn Petrini, Regional Marketing Manager, Looker
  • On-demanding: 12 trends in social media opening up new opportunity for advertisers
    Kieley Taylor, Global Head of Social, [m]PLATFORM, GroupM
  • Rethinking modern luxury brands in a 'phygital' world
    Jerome Pineau, Chief Digital Officer, La Maison Hubert
  • Success factors of social media posts – a quantitative analysis of over 60 million Facebook posts
    Jan Lies, Professor, FOM University of Applied Science and Sascha Fuß, Digital Analyst, TWT Digital Group
  • #SocialTV: Engaging Viewers through Social Media
    Janée N. Burkhalter, Associate Professor of Marketing and Natalie T. Wood, Associate Dean and Professor of Marketing, Saint Joseph’s University
  • Doubling your provable returns from paid digital media
    Bill Leake, CEO, Apogee Results
  • Digital influence: The rise of modern-day influencer marketing and key implications for global business leaders
    Joel Backaler, Managing Director, Frontier Strategy Group