Data analytics and change management are transforming the future of the workplace: The opportunity to create value-driven harmony between people, place and technology

Kayla Stallard, Workplace Analyst, American Interiors

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Abstract: The idea of workplace has been painted in many different shades throughout the years. As workplace disruptors such as COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders have an impact on the industry, researchers are taking a closer look at the functionality and purpose of workplace. The goal of obtaining harmony between workplace design and financial benefit has been tried and tried again. Achieving the ‘right’ workplace solution persists to be a moving target. Until recently, organisations did not quite understand just how unique they are. Creating a successful future-proof workplace starts from within. Utilising data-driven insights and change management practices, organisations can plan workplaces that intentionally connect individual needs with space, purpose and mission. This paper explores the ways to unlock insights that both data analytics and change management practices provide. Homing in on deeper connectivity between people, place and technology becomes possible through these practices.


Keywords: data analytics; organisational value; strategy; alignment; change management; technology; physical space; talent; workplace solution


Kayla Stallard is a Workplace Analyst at American Interiors, an interiors solutions company. She advises how to best position future workplace success through data analysis. Throughout her career, Kayla has helped clients achieve ascending organisational value by strategically aligning people, place and technology.


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