Volume 9 (2019-20)

Each volume of Corporate Real Estate Journal consists of four quarterly 100-page issues. A selection of the peer-reviewed articles and real world case studies published in the current volume, are:

Volume 9 Number 1

  • Editorial: Adapt and change as a CRE professional
    Alan Scott, Editorial Board Member, Corporate Real Estate Journal, Springdale LLC
  • Comment: A successful real estate strategy hinges on Millennials : Here is what they want
    Andrew Kupiec, CEO, Hana
  • Papers: Twelve ailments of outsourcing CRE: What they are and how to prevent them
    Kate Vitasek, University of Tennessee and Michele Flynn, Executive Chairman, SIREAS
  • Audit rights: The gateway to proactive and sustainable portfolio governance
    Jarrod M. Patten, Founder, RRG
  • Digital literacy: Taking the first step toward digital competency in corporate real estate
    Ian Cameron, Chief Innovation Officer, OSCRE International
  • Rethinking the workplace: How the tech sector influences other industries
    Curtis A. Knapp, Senior Principal, Director of Consulting, Tom Polucci, Senior Principal, Director of Interiors, Kay Sargent, Senior Principal, Director of WorkPlace and Gordon Wright, Senior Principal, Director of WorkPlace, HOK
  • Editorial Board thought pieces:
    ‘Is CRE the workplace integrator?’: Version 2.0 The Shift to AI
    Margaret Latshaw, CRE Consultant & Board Member, Real Estate Center — University of Missouri, Kansas City, Editorial Board member, Corporate Real Estate Journal
  • Generation Z: A window into the future
    Beau Everett, Vice President, Real Estate and Housing, Real Estate Development + Facilities, NYU Langone Health, Editorial Board member, Corporate Real Estate Journal
  • Next generation of corporate real estate: Occupant-focused organisations driven by AI
    Colette Temmink, Executive Managing Director, Integrated Facilities Management and Project & Construction Services, Global Occupier Services, Editorial Board member, Corporate Real Estate Journal
  • Perceptions and perspectives: Fresh thinking required?
    Chris Kane, Non Executive Director, Founder, Six Ideas, Editorial Board member, Corporate Real Estate Journal and Eugenia Anastassiou, Journalist