Forthcoming content

Just a selection of the peer-reviewed articles and real world case studies scheduled for publication in Volume 2 of Journal of Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Procurement – consisting of four quarterly 100-page issues – includes:

  • Improving forecast accuracy for a better S&OP process
    Erin Marchant, Sr. Manager, Global Demand Planning, Landing Systems, Mechanical Systems, Collins Aerospace
  • Exploring blockchain’s potential to increase visibility and trust in the upstream supply chain
    Erez Agmoni, Head of Supply Chain Warehousing and Distribution and Beth McClellan, Opportunity Project Manager, Maersk America
  • Evaluating CubeSat supplier capabilities and risks
    Derek Garcia, Technical Group Supervisor, Procurement Quality Assurance, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Case study: Operations performance management implementation at GE Digital
    Gerald Jackson, Vice President, Product Management, GE Digital
  • How demand planning, forecasting and S&OP integrate for efficiency and growth
    Michael Morris, Manager, Inventory-Product Service and Parts, Yamaha Corporation of America
  • Establishing and sustaining healthy 3PL/customer relationships
    Elijah Ray, Chief Customer Officer, Sunland Logistics Solutions
  • How services companies are utilizing data to provide better value to clients
    Asheesh Doda, Director, Commercial Strategies and Jay Pendergrass, VP, Supply Chain, Fluor
  • The demand driven adaptive enterprise as a necessary condition to reap the full benefit of digitisation
    John Earley, Partner, SmartChain International
  • Case study: Working with inventory management within Sky UK
    Vinesh Patel, Senior Supply Chain Manager - Mobile, Sky UK
  • What should it cost? A practical approach to cleansheet cost analysis
    Roman Belotserkovskiy, Partner, McKinsey & Company
  • Managing supply chain risks in an international organisation
    Raul Alarcon, Head, Product Assurance Management Section, European Space Agency
  • Emerging practices on addressing slavery in corporate supply chains
    Sarah Carpenter, Business and Human Rights Expert, Assent Compliance
  • Increasing warehouse capacity and efficiency through automation
    James Smith, Business Development and Managing Director, UK and Ireland, AutoStore
  • A practical framework for the blockchain business case and its integration with supply chain management strategy
    Aljosja Beije, Logistics and Technology Lead at BlockLab Rotterdam, Nick Vyas, Executive Director and Co-founder, USC Marshall Center for Global SCM and Bhaskar Krishnamachari, Director, Viterbi Center for Cyber-Physical Systems and IoT, University of Southern California
  • How and why to operate a robust sourcing programme to manage human rights risks
    Rachel Wilshaw, Ethical Trade Manager, Private Sector team, Campaigns, Policy and Influencing Team and Beck Wallace, Ethical Trade Adviser, Oxfam GB
  • Organizations find improving supply chain maturity leads to sustainable growth
    Rex Clothier, Vice President, CPG, Maine Pointe
  • Why risk management is a fool’s errand without an end-to-end view and effective prioritisation
    Shawn Winn, Chief Operations Officer and Levi Buck, Consultant, Supply Chain Visions
  • Improving ecommerce order-fulfillment productivity: A case study
    John C. Peck, President and CEO, Edward W. Page, Co-Founder, Jim Bate, VP for Software Development, Garry R. Harper, VP of Sales & Marketing, FastFetch and Joe Plassmeyer, Director of Operations, BuySeasons
  • Additive manufacturing supplier risk mitigation
    Sarah Zerga, Quality Assurance Engineer, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Case study on using state-of-the-art of IoT in the supply chain for real-time tracking and tracing
    Jon Hjertenstein, CEO, MOST
  • Building a blockchain foundation: Collaborating through standards for systems interoperability
    Melanie Nuce, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development, GS1 US
  • Moving from the supply chain to the digital supply network
    Chris Richard, Principal and Jeroen Kusters, Senior Manager, Supply Chain and Network Operations Practice, Deloitte
  • Understanding and managing future risk
    Michael Hoeksema, Supply Chain Manager, Knape & Vogt
  • New technologies bring new risks to the supply chain
    Jennifer Bisceglie, Founder and CEO, Interos and Mark Weatherford, Global Information Security Strategist, Booking Holdings
  • Managing your talent supply chain: Why you should care
    Jim Wehner, VP, Global Solutions - Energy, KellyOCG and Allen Chilson, Talent Acquisition Manager - Strategic Partnerships, BASF
  • Plan, implement and institutionalize: The three phases of a supply chain resiliency program that can deliver robust ROI
    Bindiya Vakil, CEO & Founder, Resilinc
  • Developing supply chain infrastructure to gain competitive advantage in today’s market place
    Laura Gloss, Supply Chain Director- Space and Defense Group, MooG
  • Finding the right balance: Building effective teams with the right skills
    Willis Thomas, Director, Training and Development, Akorn Pharmaceuticals
  • The supply chain lessons industry can (once again) learn from the military
    Bradford E. Houser, Supply Chain Leadership Partner, Gartner
  • The human chain in logistics and supply chain management
    Ed Sweeney and Witold Bahr, Aston Logistics and Systems Institute, Aston University
  • Enterprise-wide packaging optimisation
    Jack Ampuja, President and CEO, Supply Chain Optimizers

Peer-reviewed articles and real world case studies published in the inaugural volume, Volume 1, of Journal of Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Procurement includes:

  • Trust versus data: How do you build collaborative relationships in your value chain using integrated business planning?
    Manish Shakalya, Integrated Business Planning Leader - Chocolates AMEA, Mondelez International
  • How Amazon’s delivery logistics redefined retail supply chains
    Raanan Cohen, CEO, Bringg
  • Killer on the inside: The weaponisation of supply chain, logistics and procurement
    Brian David Johnson, Professor of Practice, Arizona State University and Natalie Vanatta, Cyber Research Scientist and Assistant Professor, US Army Cyber Institute
  • Navigating the US truckload capacity cycle: Where Are freight rates headed and why?
    Chris Pickett, Chief Strategy Officer, Coyote Logistics, a UPS Company
  • How best-in-class organisations are making best use of bimodal supply chain strategy
    J.C. Garcia, Supply Chain Practice Leader, TBM Consulting Group
  • Leveraging supply chain analytics to improve performance
    Alan Milliken, Supply Chain Capability Development, BASF
  • Reinventing supply chains from structural redesign to process transformation
    Louis Cheung, ‎Head of Supply Chain and Customer Service, ‎Bostik
  • How to successfully plan and deliver transformational strategic change
    Kevin Giblin, Head of Global Sourcing, Chief Procurement Officer, Dun and Bradstreet
  • Case study on Kraft Heinz’s Demand Center of Excellence and analytics-driven approach to demand planning
    Fazlur Rahman, Manager – Logistics Analytics/Capabilities, The Kraft Heinz Company
  • Aligning supply chain strategy with aging workforce challenges
    David Frank, Vice President of Global Sourcing, Anixter
  • From strategy to execution: New forms of collaboration integrating business partners into S&OP processes
    Rolf Niese, Independent Senior Consultant, HPMlog Project & Management Consultants
  • The importance of demand planning: Boosting your forecast accuracy
    Roland Seckler, Vice President, Global Supply Chain Operations, Ypsomed
  • How digitisation can reboot your lean programme
    Stefano Picasso, Head of Global Operations and Supply Chain Management Development, Siegwerk
  • The challenges and opportunities of free trade agreements: How global trade automation can help
    Nicolas Ethevenin, Solutions Consultant - EMEA, Amber Road
  • Supply chain management related to mission command
    Jerry D. VanVactor, Director of Operations, US Army Medical Materiel Center - Southwest Asia
  • Using supply chain levers to impact profits
    Sandra Jessop, Vice President, Operations, RV Products Division, Airxcel
  • The benefits of implementing new eProcurement software
    Jill Larson, Consulting Buyer, Puget Sound Energy Supply Management
  • How consumer experiences are driving expectations in transportation
    Mike Rude, Managing Director - International Marketing, FedEx Services
  • The important role of cultural intelligence when implementing S&OP
    Blanca Marquez, Supply Chain and Logistics Director, Albéa Group
  • Teaching clinicians about supply chain
    Colleen Cusick, Director, Materials Management, The Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • The dilemma between today's procurement practices and good supply chain risk management
    Gregory L. Schlegel. VP Business Development, SherTrack
  • The future of supply chains: Turning the collaborative vision for Europe into reality
    Eric Ballot, Professor, Mines ParisTech, Rod Franklin, Adjunct Professor of Logistics and Academic Director of Executive Education, Kühne Logistics University, Sergio Barbarino, Research Fellow, Procter & Gamble and Fernando Liesa, Secretary General, Alliance for Logistics Innovation Through Collaboration in Europe
  • Leveraging SCOR to develop future-ready supply chains: The digital revolution
    Rich Sherman, Senior Fellow, Supply Chain Centre of Excellence, Tata Consultancy Services
  • How autonomous drones improve inventory accuracy
    Matt Yearling, CEO, PINC Solutions
  • How retailers can build generational specific supply chains
    Mike Griswold, Vice President, Research, Global Retail Supply Chain, Gartner
  • How to make digital supply chain transformations successful
    Christoph Glatzel, Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company
  • Supply chain optimisation: How to operationalise segmented supply chains
    Praveen Kishorepuria, Managing Director and Akshay Madane, Senior Manager, Kurt Salmon
  • Emerging technologies for improved supply chain performance
    Todd Steffen, Managing Director, Supply Chain and Logistics Consulting, Colliers International