Forthcoming content

Articles scheduled for Volume 5 of Journal of Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Procurement - consisting of four 100-page issues includes:

  • Leveraging AI and machine learning to drive cutting-edge supply chain transformations
    Jay Koganti, Vice President, COE, The Estée Lauder Companies
  • Business-driven digitisation of external manufacturing supply chains
    Stefan Kluge, Senior Director, Supplier Portfolio Management & Operations Enabling, Bernhard Fiegl, Supply Chain Program Manager, and Krishna Subramanian, Systems Capability Architect, Intel
  • Empty packaging flow and cost optimisation using digital enhancements
    Daniel Enache, Supply Chain Range Manager, Dacia Groupe Renault 
  • The redistribution supplier optimisation checklist: Development, implementation and ongoing evaluation
    Elizabeth Hair-Estrella, Director of Supply Chain Inventory Management, Sysco
  • Supply chain transformation at UScellular: Case study on Project NEO
    Lucille Docter, Sr. Mgr. Network Supply Chain Planning, Amy Augustine, Senior Director Network Supply Chain and Vice President of Supply Chain Mike Dienhart, Vice President, Supply Chain, UScellular
  • Reshaping supply chains: Leading to more sustainable business models 
    Eirini Etoimou, Head of Supply Chain, Development & Innovation, Sellafield
  • How the journey from inside-out to outside-in planning processes can achieve supply chain resilience
    Lora Cecere, Founder, Supply Chain Insights
  • Supply chain resiliency: Absorb versus respond
    Danny Bloem, Consultancy Manager, Slimstock and Jason Rude
  • The impact of ESG on strategic sourcing
    Suzanne Richer, Director, Global Trade Academy, e2open
  • How warehouse staff can best work in harmony with technology to maximize productivity and growth
    Jasmine Lombardi, Chief Customer Officer, Locus Robotics
  • How to remove gaps between people and processes when implementing value-driven technology
    Sneha Sinha, Circular Supply Chain Network
  • Why go hungry? How analytics can turn a risk appetite into a competitive advantage
    Ulf Venne, Leader, Center of Excellence, and Phaedra Hise, Content Marketing Director, Everstream Analytics
  • A comprehensive solution strategy for right-sized packaging
    John Peck, President, Edward Page, Co-Founder and Chairman and James Bate, VP, Development, FastFetch
  • Elevating freight activities to boost profitability and sustainability
    Daniel Mielke, United Kingdom Supply Chain Director, Bostik
  • Retail advantage through a consumer centric supply chain
    Nick Basford, Vice President Digital Experience and E-commerce Strategy, UPS
  • Urban last-mile logistics rethought: Insights from a one-year pilot project
    Maximillian Engelhardt, Research Associate, and Stephan Seeck, Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, University of Applied Sciences Berlin, and Vice President, 4flow 
  • Sustainability in procurement and the role of technology
    Florian Sommer, Senior Manager, Procurement Transformation, Capgemini
  • Adopting supply chain strategies to address panic buying behaviour 
    Flavio Macau, Associate Dean, School of Business and Law, Edith Cowan University and Juliana Bonomi Santos, Associate Professor, FGV/EAESP
  • Predicting and managing supply chain risks
    Francesco Lucchetta, Group Sourcing Leader, Pentair
  • Why user experience is crucial for procurement
    Stephen Simko, Global Procurement Practice Leader, Genpact and Brandon Rozelle, SVP of Strategy, Rightpoint
  • The demand driven adaptive enterprise and adaptive sales and operations planning
    Dick Ling, Father of S&OP, Carol Ptak, Partner and Chad Smith, Partner, Demand Driven Institute
  • Innovating the RFP process: Forward-looking logistics sourcing strategies
    Heather Mueller, Chief Marketing and Product Officer and Andrew Martinelli, Director, Data Science, Breakthrough
  • Collaboration: The path to greater success in achieving sustainability goals and reducing waste in freight
    Johnny Ivanyi, Global Head of Distribution Operational Excellence, Bayer Crop Science
  • What drives truckload rates and what can a shipper do?
    Chad Kennedy, Group Product Manager, DAT Freight & Analytics
  • Overcoming logistics network challenges through advanced transportation visibility
    Bart De Muynck, Chief Industry Officer, project44
  • How to drive quick and efficient fulfilment in the face of unpredictability
    Ksenia Palke, Director of Artificial Intelligence, Airspace
  • The case for localised, decentralised supply chains
    Mike Kinder, Co-founder and CEO, Veryable
  • How to proactively plan around port disruptions
    Andres Mendoza Pena, Partner, Kearney