The inside enemy: Weaponisation of your logistical footprint

Brian David Johnson, Futurist, Arizona State University and Futurist and Fellow, Frost and Sullivan and Natalie Vanatta, Deputy Chief of Research, US Army Cyber Institute


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Abstract: The intersection of digital and physical security is critical to the future security of supply chain, logistics and procurement. Considering the challenge this poses to organisations today will only expand over the next decade as the attack plain will widen fuelled by technological advances. Ultimately, the weaponisation of an organisation’s supply chain (SC), logistics and procurement systems poses a significant threat to national and global economic security.


This paper will provide the reader with a better understanding of the future threats and vulnerabilities emerging within the domain as highlighted through the practice of threatcasting. The threatcasting methodology can be used by organisations, companies, governments, militaries and academia to identify, model and explore these possible threats to the supply chain and logistics and procurement systems. Finally, the paper provides a series of recommendations to counter future threats at both the individual and organisational levels.

KEYWORDS: supply chain, artificial intelligence, threatcasting, technology, adversary

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