Forthcoming content

A selection of articles scheduled for Volume 13 of Journal of Brand Strategy – consisting of four quarterly 100-page issues – includes:

  • How to stay focused on your brand’s ‘true north’ while facing polarised audiences
    Shawn Roberts, Head of Corporate Communications, Rakuten International
  • Unlocking retail media: The immense opportunities and challenges for digital marketers
    Vivek Rastofi, Senior Director - Global Digital Commerce, Colgate-Palmolive
  • Advancing brand purpose: How Crayola elevates its mission to a go-to-market strategy and an inspiring point of view on creativity as an essential life skill
    Victoria Lozano, Executive Vice President, Marketing, Crayola
  • How to create narratives that move audiences to action
    Martina Gago, SVP and Head of Content Strategy, Personal Banking & Wealth Management, Citi
  • How co-creation can drive growth, delight consumers, and benefit our planet
    Jose Gorbea, Global Head of Brands, Agencies & Sustainability Innovation, HP Graphics
  • Building brand trust and consumer willingness to convert with reception marketing
    Shannon Reedy, Chief Brand Officer, Terakeet
  • How Magnum are progressing the frontier of influencer marketing
    Tugce Aksoy, Global Brand Engagement Lead Magnum, Unilever
  • Small brand giants: Harnessing innovation to disrupt for growth
    Ivonne Kinser, Founder and CEO, Vantage Innovation Lab
  • Securing brand trust and reputation in an era of political polarisation and AI-driven disinformation
    Wasim Khaled, Chief Executive Officer, Blackbird.AI
  • Research on the perceptions of podcast listeners
    Idil Cakim, SVP, Head of Research & Insights, Audacy
  • How CSL Behring has built an omnichannel platform to impact its business
    Stuart Davis, Global Director of Marketing, CSL Behring
  • Cutting-edge strategies for today's full-funnel PR excellence
    Kerry Curran, Chief Growth Officer, Gen3 Marketing
  • Audience response to brand activism: An alignment evaluation framework
    Kristen L. Sussman, JoAnn Sciarrino, Gary B. Wilcox, and Laura F. Bright, School of Advertising and Public Relations, Moody College of Communication, The University of Texas at Austin
  • Navigating the AI-influenced evolution of the Internet and brand interaction
    Nathalie Brahler, Chief Marketing Officer, EleaTek
  • The sustainability gap: Greenwashing vs. greenhushing
    Robert Haigh, Strategy and Sustainability Director, and Sofia Liszka, Strategy & Sustainability Consultant, Brand Finance
  • How to amplify your brand executive’s LinkedIn presence and drive brand trust
    Casey Hall, Owner and Principal Consultant, Lumberjack Social
  • Strategies for building safer and stronger brands when navigating the AI frontier
    Nasser Sahlool, Senior Vice President, Client Strategy, DAC
  • Good patient mapping: Data, AI, and tracking the consumer journey
    Ryan Younger, Vice President of Marketing, Virtua Health
  • The impact of lucky events on the desire for unique products and brands
    Ryall Carroll, Associate Professor, Marketing Department, St. John's University
  • How marketers can learn from legends in different fields
    Jim DeLash, Omni-Channel Marketing Director, Vaccines US, GSK
  • Excitement points: Calculating the most promising emotional territory, creative techniques and which media will create the biggest impact
    Gordon Euchler, Founder, Spikes
  • The importance of brand authenticity and how it is changing as a result of digital connectivity
    Brian Whelan, Assistant Professor of Marketing, College of Business, Western Carolina University
  • An alternative to using the traditional marketing funnel to map content to the audience journey
    Ashley Faus, Head of Lifecycle Marketing, Portfolio, Atlassian
  • From KitKat to copycat: Exploring Gen-Zs attitude towards copycat products in the confectionery category
    Jamie Marsden, Lecturer in Brand Communications, Ezgi Oguz, PhD Candidate, Briony Thomas, Associate Professor in Design Science, University of Leeds, and Freya Brown, Future Brands Marketing Executive, PepsiCo
  • Culture, purpose, values and in particular, how these relate and transcend into the growth area of ‘employer branding’
    Markus Kramer, Managing Partner, Brand Affairs
  • The merger of content marketing and public relations
    Mariah Obiedzinski, AVP of Content Marketing, Stamats
  • Measuring the brand and category effects of marketing activities on customers
    Shota Yabuno, Lecturer, Department of Marketing, University of Marketing and Distribution Sciences
  • Consumer trust and sentiment regarding influencer marketing as part of the modern advertising mix
    Ryan Schram, President & Chief Operating Officer, IZEA
  • A measurement instrument to assess the construction of authentic narratives in branded entertainment
    Marthinus JC van Loggerenberg, Assistant Professor, University of San Francisco