Challenges and strategies for incorporating Generation Z into the workplace

Curtis A. Knapp, Director, Christine Weber, Senior Consultant and Sarah Moellenkamp, Consultant, HOK

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Abstract: Generation Z (Gen Z) is about to enter the workforce by the millions, bringing with them new demands and challenges for companies and their corporate real estate (CRE) portfolios. This generation (born within the past 20 years) is more technologically savvy than any previous generation and more likely to collaborate with colleagues to complete a task. But with these talents comes certain drawbacks. Gen Z’s tendency to be always plugged in makes them one of the unhealthiest generations both physically and emotionally. To incorporate this new generation into the workplace (and make them every bit as valuable as their Baby Boomer, Generation X [Gen X] and Millennial colleagues) will require accommodations that allow Gen Z to focus. These include spaces that encourage mindfulness, promote sense of place and foster teamwork. Case studies presented in this paper offer examples of how two companies recently prepared their workplaces to integrate tomorrow’s worker.


Keywords: Generation Z; workplace strategy; mindfulness in the workplace; sense of place at work; multi-generational employees


Curtis A. Knapp is director of HOK’s global consulting group, helping organisations achieve their business goals by optimising real estate and facilities to support evolving workplace requirements. Based in Dallas, he has nearly three decades of strategic planning and workplace experience. He is a longtime member of CoreNet Global and a frequent speaker and author on topics related to strategic portfolio, occupancy and workplace planning.


Christine Weber is senior consultant at HOK Toronto. She specialises in advising clients how workplace strategy can support and influence an organisation’s goals. She has more than 20 years of experience in the design industry and is currently a CoreNet MCR.w candidate.


Sarah Moellenkamp, LEED AP, WELL AP is a consultant at HOK Chicago. She brings integrated solutions to workplace challenges for corporate and institutional clients. She also works with real estate developers to ensure buildings contain the right mix of amenities to attract their target market. A member of Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW), she has degrees in both design and business and has been a frequent speaker on designing a multi-generational workplace.


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