Volume 1 (2017-18)

Each volume of Cyber Security: A Peer-Reviewed Journal consists of four quarterly 100-page issues. The articles and case studies published or scheduled to be published in Volume 1 are:

Volume 1 Number 4 (Spring 2018)

  • Editorial
    Simon Beckett, Publisher
  • Should cyber security be included in compliance training?
    Piotr Chmiel, Compliance Expert, T-Mobile Polska
  • Data breach litigation and regulatory enforcement: A survey of our present and how to prepare for the future
    Behnam Dayanim, Partner and Edward George, Associate, Paul Hastings
  • Identity crisis: Detecting account opening fraud in the age of identity commoditisation
    Uri Rivner, VP Cyber Strategy, BioCatch
  • The human factor in cyber security
    Nicola Sotira, Information Security Manager, Poste Italiane
  • Normative restraints on cyber conflict
    Joseph S. Nye, University Distinguished Service Professor, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
  • Effective foundational security principles
    Erich Kron, Security Awareness Advocate/Technical Evangelist, KnowBe4
  • Human aspects of cyber security: Behaviour or culture change?
    Adam Joinson, Professor of Information Systems and Tommy van Steen, Post-doctoral Research Associate, School of Management, University of Bath
  • CISO best practices for 2018: Proactive cyber security
    Travis Rosiek, Chief Technology and Strategy Officer, BluVector
  • Cyberattacks survival guide
    Gadi Naveh, Advanced Threat Prevention Evangelist, Check Point Software Technologies

Volume 1 Number 3 (Winter 2017)

  • Editorial
    Mike Carpenter, Director, Regulatory Compliance and Cloud Security, Oracle Global Information Security
  • Memory protection challenges: Attacks on memory encryption
    Rodrigo Rubira Branco, Senior Principal Security Researcher, Intel and Shay Gueron, Senior Principal Engineer, Amazon Web Services
  • Strategic decision making in cyber security: Lessons learned
    Helmut Habermayer, Cyber-Coordinator and Head, Military Strategy Division, Austrian Federal Ministry of Defence and Sports
  • The NIST Risk Management Framework: Problems and recommendations
    Don Maclean, Chief Cyber Security Technologies, DLT
  • Cyber defence capability development for common security and defence policy of the European Union: A critical look back and ahead
    Wolfgang Röhrig, Programme Manager Cyber Defence, European Defence Agency
  • Successfully tackling cybercrime at the local level
    Andy Haslam, Head of Cyber Crime Unit, Surrey Police
  • Cyber insurance comes of age
    Gareth Tungatt, Co-founder, Ascent Underwriting
  • Imagine if… The power of storytelling in building business resilience
    Nick Wilding, General Manager, Cyber Resilience, AXELOS Global Best Practice
  • Protocol analysis and vulnerabilities of Cisco’s autonomic network
    Omar Eissa, Security Analyst, ERNW

Volume 1 Number 2 (Autumn 2017)

  • Editorial
    Simon Beckett, Publisher, Cyber Security: A Peer-Reviewed Journal
  • Cyber resilience: Leadership matters
    Cathie Armour, Commissioner, Australian Securities and Investments Commission
  • Protecting the crown jewels of the government through infrastructure resilience and the DHS Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation programme
    Kevin Cox, Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation Program Manager, Network Security Deployment & Mark Kneidinger, Director, Federal Network Resilience Division, US Department of Homeland Security
  • How machine learning is catching up with the insider threat
    Jamie Graves, Founder and CEO, ZoneFox
  • Cyber incidents: How best to work with law enforcement
    David H. Laufman, Chief, Counterintelligence and Export Control Section, Sean Newell, Deputy Chief, Counterintelligence and Export Control Section, Stephen Reynolds, Deputy Chief for Cyber Law and Policy, Office of Law and Policy & Mike Buchwald, Attorney, Office of Law and Policy, National Security Division, US Department of Justice
  • Is your information security ecosystem consuming poisonous information and putting your enterprise at risk?
    Gordon Mackay, EVP, Chief Technology Officer, Digital Defense, Inc.
  • Cybersecurity talks: A content analysis of online discussions on ransomware
    Gianluca Riglietti, Research and Insight Associate, The Business Continuity Institute
  • NATO: Stepping up its game in cyber defence
    Jamie Shea, Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges, NATO
  • Node.js security
    Ilya Verbitskiy, Co-Founder, Webstoating s.r.o

Volume 1 Number 1 (Summer 2017)

  • Editorial
    Simon Beckett, Publisher, Cyber Security: A Peer-Reviewed Journal
  • A security evolution driven by the Internet of Intelligent things
    Steve P. Williamson, Director of IT Governance, GlaxoSmithKline
  • Changing the rules of the game: How can law enforcement deter criminals by increasing the risks of conducting cybercrime?
    Philipp Amann, Head of Strategy, Aglika Klayn, Coordinator, Joint Cybercrime Action Taskforce, Grégory Mounier, Head of Outreach and Prevention, European Cybercrime Centre, Europol
  • Consider the consequences: A powerful approach for reducing ICS cyber risk
    Richard Wyman, Senior Control Systems Engineer, Idaho National Laboratory
  • The fight within encryption
    Sammy Basu, Risk and Vulnerability Management, Warner Bros. Information and Content Security
  • Cyber as NATO’s newest operational domain: Pathway to implementation
    Christos Athanasiadis, Assistant Chief of Staff for Cyber and Rizwan Ali, Deputy-Assistant Chief of Staff for Cyber, SHAPE
  • Industry 4.0: Security imperatives for IoT — Converging networks, increasing risks
    Shaun Bligh-Wall, Global Strategy Lead, Infrastructure and Endpoint Security, DXC Security
  • Partner or perish: Research collaboration to secure cyberspace
    Gareth Parker, Research Leader, Cyber Sensing and Shaping and Alex Zelinsky, Chief Defence Scientist, Australian Defence Science and Technology Group
  • Multi-vector threats and the argument for greater convergence
    Ron Chandler, Vice-President, Guidepost Solutions Security and Technology Consulting et al.
  • Cyber risk valuation: Show me the money!
    John B. Sapp, Global Information Security Officer, Orthofix