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Each volume of Cyber Security: A Peer-Reviewed Journal consists of four quarterly 100-page issues. A selection of the peer-reviewed articles and real world case studies scheduled for Volume 3 include:

  • Impersonation fraud scenarios; how to protect, detect and respond
    Mario Bruno, Lead Investigator, Citigroup
  • Doing risk management correctly
    Randall Frietzsche, Enterprise Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Denver Health
  • Moving target defence: Economics and asymmetry
    Don Maclean, Chief Cybersecurity Technologist, DLT – A Tech Data Company
  • Surviving ransom driven DDOS extortion campaigns
    Sean Newman, Senior Director of Product Management, Corero Network Security
  • A counter kill chain cyber security model: Using black box thinking to combat the impact of cyber attacks
    Alex Henneberg, Digital Consultant
  • The European Commission goes 'cloud first': A roadmap towards trusted cloud adoption to seize the opportunities of digital transformation for EU Institutions and Agencies
    Ken Ducatel, Director, DG DIGIT, Directorate for IT Security, Philippe Merle, Head of Sector Infrastructure & Cloud Solutions Advisory Services, Dalibor Baskovc, IT Services Manager, European Commission and Francois Mestre, Chief Information Officer, European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
  • Case study on protecting the cloud with a zero trust system
    Gerald Caron, Director, Enterprise Network Management, US Department of State
  • Modernising IT security for the energy sector to prevent cyber-threats to critical infrastructure
    Pamela Isom, Deputy Chief Information Officer, US Department of Energy
  • Agile incident response in ICS
    Helge Janicke, Professor in Computer Science, Head of School of Computer Science and Informatics, Technical Director of the Cyber Technology Institute, De Montfort University
  • The role of deception in attack decisions using cybersecurity scenarios
    Palvi Aggarwal, Post Doctoral Fellow and Cleotilde Gonzalez, Research Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Security and privacy risks in the blockchain ecosystem
    Ivana Bartoletti, Head of Privacy and Data Protection, Gemserv
  • How government can transform cyber security leveraging automation and orchestration
    Kevin Beer, Director, Security Operations and Risk, Bob Osborn Federal CTO and Mike Rohde, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer - Federal, ServiceNow
  • Cybersecurity strategies to combat human trafficking
    Danielle Borrelli, Business Services Coordinator, California Cybersecurity Institute
  • The questions a judge will ask you after a data breach
    Chris Cronin, Partner, Governance & Compliance Services, HALOCK Security Labs
  • People/users are a data source: Are you leveraging them in your detection strategy?
    Tonia Dudley, Security Solutions Advisor, COFENSE
  • Women veterans transitioning into the cybersecurity workforce
    Amelia Estwick, Executive Director, National Cybersecurity Institute, Excelsior College and Molly Handy, Lead Technical Architect, Symantec
  • The latest types of threats to APIs and how to combat them
    Gerd Giese, Manager Cyber Security EMEA, Akamai
  • What matters most in cybersecurity?
    David Grady, Principal Client Partner, Verizon Security Solutions
  • Addressing vulnerabilities in the advancing medical device landscape
    Gabrielle Hempel, Senior Security Analyst, Accenture
  • Working in collaboration to mitigate against the latest cyber threats to the public sector
    Mahbubul Islam, Head Of Transformational Security, Government Digital Service
  • Incident and breach management for privacy and security teams
    Kevin Kiley, Vice President, OneTrust
  • Cyber crime prevention: Learning from more traditional crime types and applying that learning in the digital world
    Simon Newman, Strategic Development Lead, Police Digital Security Centre
  • AI: Past failures, current capability and the future of ‘nation state’ defence
    Nicola Whiting, Chief Strategy Officer, Titania
  • Resilience to combined attacks
    David Winks, Managing Director, AcquSight
  • Third party risk management: A strategy to mitigate on premise and cloud cybersecurity risks
    Moh Cissé, CEO M6C StrategIT, Senior GRC Consultant, Hydro-Quebec
  • How to design and build a cybersecurity programme
    Lawrence Wilson, Senior Consultant, University Information Technology Services, University of Massachusetts
  • Managing the hypercomplexity of cybersecurity regulation: In search of a regulatory Rosetta Stone
    F. Paul Greene, Partner and Privacy & Data Security practice group leader, Harter Secrest & Emery
  • Digital twins, the industrial IOT and cybersecurity threats in connected industry
    Mark Hearn, Director of IoT Security and Business Development, Irdeto
  • Taking a hierarchy of needs approach to cybersecurity procurement
    Jacob D. Margolis, Chief Information Security Officer, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
  • Preventing cybercrime: A framework for understanding the role of human vulnerabilities
    Christopher S. Kayser, Founder, President and CEO, Cybercrime Analytics, Mary Ellen Mastrorilli, Associate Professor and Robert Cadigan, Associate Professor Emeritus, Boston University
  • Data privacy approach for cyber-physical systems
    Jana Karina von Wedel, Deputy Head of Center of Excellence Cyber Security & Data Privacy, Christian Beul, External Partnerships and Business Development Cyber Security & Data Privacy/GDPR and Jan Weldert, Cyber Security Consultant & Expert Data Privacy/GDPR, INVENSITY
  • Are certain cultures less predisposed to cyber threats than others? An examination using the example of Germany
    Jochen Werne, Director, Bankhaus August Lenz, Mediolanum Banking Group
  • A strategic approach to cyber security risk reduction for FX in the cloud using people, processes and technology
    Rupert Lee-Browne, Chief Executive, Caxton
  • Cybersecurity and human resource development implications for the enterprise
    Andrew R. Gillam, Indiana State University