Forthcoming content

A selection of articles and case studies scheduled for Volume 8 of Cyber Security: A Peer-Reviewed Journal includes:

  • New regulations and the path to supply chain cyber resilience
    Ahmed Pasha, US Head of IT Security (CISO), Global Head of Threat Management, Nomura
  • How to use exposure management in the real world
    Steve Davies, Head of Cyber Security, DLA Piper
  • Crumbling bridges: The failed economics of software maintenance
    J.C. Herz, SVP, Exiger Cyber Supply Chain
  • How to mitigate ransomware risks through data and risk quantification
    Erik Sorup Andersen, Partner and CEO, Risk Measure
  • Collaborative cyber resilience in the Canadian financial sector
    Chander Jethwani, Program Manager, Cyber Resilience and Awareness, Payments Canada
  • Improving cyber risk governance through storytelling
    Levi Gundert, Chief Security Officer, Recorded Future
  • Common pitfalls in mitigating cyber risk: Addressing socio-behavioural factors
    Öykü Isik, Professor of Digital Strategy and Cybersecurity, IMD, Yanya Viskovich, Senior Manager, Security Consulting, Accenture Switzerland, and Si Pavitt, Head of Cyber Behaviours and Culture, Recyber
  • AI detection of malicious push notifications in augmented reality in the workplace
    Sarah Katz, Technical Writer - Cybersecurity, Microsoft
  • Case study of cybersecurity project for the state of Florida
    Tim Klett, Department Manager, Infrastructure Resilience Analysis, Idaho National Laboratory
  • How to create a healthy cybersecurity culture within law firms
    Tim Collinson, Head of Information Security, Walkers
  • Applying forensic engineering to cybersecurity incidents
    Jason Jordaan, Principal Forensic Analyst, DFIRLABS
  • Obstacles and countermeasures for protecting IoT devices from emerging security risks
    Chahak Mittal, Cybersecurity Manager, Universal Logistics
  • Addressing the role of human error in cyber resilience
    Oindrilla Choudhury, Cybersecurity Awareness Lead, Syngenta
  • How to use machine learning to automatically map CVEs and the MITRE ATT&CK enterprise matrix
    Sylvain Cortes, VP of Strategy, Hackuity
  • How cybercriminals are weaponising generative AI and how you can respond
    John Gunn, CEO and Evangelist, Token
  • Strong reasons make strong actions: Taking decisive steps to fortify IoT cybersecurity
    Hanane Taidi, Director General, TIC Council
  • Assessing the cyber threats and opportunities from AI for law firms
    Jonathan Freedman, Head of Technology & Security, Howard Kennedy
  • Your decision! Senior professional decision-making during a simulated ransomware attack
    Fabian Muhly, Military Academy at ETH Zürich, and Philipp Leo, Leo & Muhly Cyber Advisory
  • Identifying and classifying cyber-attacks on airports
    Lazaro Florido-Benítez, Department of Economics and Business Administration, University of Málaga