Forthcoming content

A selection of articles and case studies scheduled for Volume 6 of Cyber Security: A Peer-Reviewed Journal includes:

  • The how and why of cybersecurity policy: Know your risks, and create behavioural and technical rules to mitigate
    Jael Lewis, Risk Lead, Cybersecurity - External Party Risk Management and Cara Turbyfill, Sr. Manager II, Digital Citizenship Policies, Training, & Awareness, Walmart
  • Anomaly-based threat detection: Behavioural fingerprinting vs. self-learning AI
    Jeff Cornelius, EVP, Cyber-Physical Security, Sam Lister, SOC Analyst, Simon Fellows, Technical Director and Oakley Cox, Director of Analysis, Darktrace
  • Financial services insider threats: Why a shift in mindset is required to combat this silent risk
    Dave Harvey, Head of Cybersecurity, UK, Managing Director, FTI Consulting
  • How to demystify the complexities of privacy engineering and apply a methodology to identify and mitigate privacy vulnerabilities and threats
    Smitha Sriharsha, Leader, Product Security Governance, Dell Technologies
  • Protecting valuable data from employee turnover risks
    Joe Payne, CEO, Code42
  • Integration vs. convergence: A battle of the buzz words?
    Rodman Ramezanian, Enterprise Cloud Security Advisor, Skyhigh Security 
  • How to deal with a panicked C-suite during a ransomware event
    Carol Barkes, Conflict Resolution Consultant, NeuroMediation Group
  • Tackling widespread data breaches from third parties
    Praveen Singh, Head of IT Risk and Cyber Security, ICBC Standard Bank
  • Identifying the impact of vulnerabilities on organisational risks: An automated solution
    Alexis Ulliac, Cybersecurity Engineering Team Leader, Thomas Massip, Consultant Cybersecurity Accreditation Engineer, Jean-Luc Simoni, Cyber Security Expert, Thomas Devaux, Cybersecurity Coordinator Expert, Thales, and Paul Varela, Security Risk Engineer, EU Agency for the Space Programme
  • Why does cyber tech so often fail?
    Ciaran Martin, Professor of Government, University of Oxford and founding head, UK National Cyber Security Centre
  • How to understand and mitigate against OTP bot attacks
    Kristen Spaeth, Senior Investigator, Global Intelligence, Coinbase
  • A security concept for a global factory network: Practical considerations in implementation
    Michael Voeth, Director for IT in Manufacturing, Robert Bosch, Clare Patterson, Advisory Board Member and Jannis Stemmann, CEO, Bosch CyberCompare
  • New means of tackling privacy assessments
    Lisa McKee, Director of Governance, Risk, Compliance and Privacy, Hudl
  • Decentralised ICS cybersecurity based on OT data
    Juan Lopez, Group Leader, Energy & Control Systems Security, National Security Sciences Directorate, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Active directory security: Why we fail and what auditors miss
    Sylvain Cortes, Security Strategist, Tenable
  • How to integrate cyber security throughout your organisation
    Andy Wall, Chief Security Officer, Office for National Statistics
  • A technique for bypassing detection and prevention technologies and its application in red teaming engagements
    Lawrence Amer, Manager, Cybersecurity & Privacy, PwC
  • How universities can nurture innovation in the cyber security sector
    Daniel Dresner, Professor of Cyber Security, University of Manchester
  • Securing decentralised organisations
    Damir Rajnovic, Cyber Security Manager, Panasonic Business Support Europe 
  • Harnessing innovative technologies to combat cyberattacks
    Teresa Walsh, Global Head of Intelligence, FS-ISAC
  • Mitigating challenges in an evolving cyberthreat landscape
    Benjamin Ang, Senior Fellow, Cyber Homeland Defence and Deputy Head, Centre of Excellence for National Security, Nanyang Technological University
  • Assessing approaches to Remote Browser Isolation
    Henry Harrison, Co-founder and Chief Scientist, Garrison
  • How to address OT and ICS security vulnerabilities
    Sanam Makadia, Cyber Security Architect, Interactive
  • Common mistakes made by administrators about remote work
    Paula Januszkiewicz, CEO, Cybersecurity Expert, CQURE
  • Federated learning for enabling secure smart communities: Current technologies, challenges and future directions
    Deepti Gupta, Faculty Member, Huston-Tillotson University, Austin and Smriti Bhatt, Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity, Department of Computer and Information Technology, Purdue University
  • OT cyber security: A project delivery approach
    Osmar Couto, Principal, OT Cyber Security SME, Worley
  • Securing entry points and active directory to prevent ransomware
    Derek Melber, Chief Technology and Security Strategist, Tenable
  • Designing a data ethics and privacy program for AI/ML
    Alexandra Ross, Senior Director, Senior Data Protection, Use & Ethics Counsel, Autodesk
  • How to manage strong personalities in a cyber incident
    Mark Sangster, Vice President and Chief of Strategy, Adlumin
  • Using machine learning to defeat advanced ransomware threats
    Vladimir Strogov, Director of Development, Kernel Team and Sergey Ulasen, Director of AI Development, Acronis
  • The dos and don’ts of recovering active directory from a cyber disaster
    Guido Grillenmeier, Chief Technologist EMEA, Semperis
  • How to get SBOMs to scale
    Kate Stewart, VP, Dependable Embedded Systems, Linux Foundation