Volume 4 (2009-10)

Each volume of Journal of Business Continuity & Emergency Planning consists of four quarterly 100-page issues. The articles published in Volume 4 were:

Volume 4 Number 4

  • Business continuity strategies for cyber defence: Battling time and information overload
    John Streufert, Chief Information Security Officer, US Department of State
  • How do you integrate security and business continuity?
    Nicholas Smith, Director of Security, Merck & Co and Scott Shaw, Director of Corporate Security, Transportation and Disaster Preparedness, Aflac
  • Analysing external supply chain risk driver competitiveness: A risk mitigation framework and business continuity plan
    Mauricio Blos, Nagaoka University of Technology, Hui Ming Wee, Chung Yuan Christian University and Joshua Yang, University of Liverpool Management School
  • The creation of regional partnerships for regional emergency planning
    Laura Myers, Lecturer, Clemson University, Larry Myers, Professor, Tri-County Technical College and Lorna Grant, Assistant Professor, North Carolina Central University
  • Implementing business continuity effectively within the UK National Health Service
    Patrick Roberts, Director and Helen Molyneux, Director, Cambridge Risk Solutions
  • Applying social science and public health methods to community-based pandemic planning
    Elizabeth Danforth, University of South Florida, Annette Doying, Homeland Security Coordinator, Pasco County Office of Emergency Management, Georges Merceron, Cities Readiness Initiative Coordinator, Pasco County Health Department and Laura Kennedy, Investigator, US Food and Drug Administration
  • Creating meaningful business continuity management program metrics
    Brian Strong, Business Continuity Planning Consultant, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida
  • Using community partners to deliver low-cost, effective emergency management services
    Joan Thomas, Senior Program Manager, Jean Paul Roggiero, Senior Program Manager and Brian Silva, Emergency Preparedness, Primary Care Development


Volume 4 Number 3

  • Constructing a protective measures index across the security spectrum
    Ron Fisher, Deputy Director, Infrastructure Assurance Center, Argonne National Laboratory and Michael Norman, Field Operations Branch Chief, Department of Homeland Security
  • Business recovery at an arson damaged office
    Russ Stewart, Head of Continuity, Safety & Security, KPMG
  • Enhancing private sector engagement in emergency management: Louisiana’s Business Emergency Operations Center
    Jamison Day, Joseph Booth, Jason Rawls and Andres Calderon, Stephenson Disaster Management Institute, Louisiana State University, Shannon Strother and Ramesh Kolluru, NIMSAT Institute, University of Louisiana
  • Evolving emergency programme models
    Deane Johanis, Manager, Emergency Management Systems, Greater Toronto Airports Authority
  • An integrated approach to managing disruption-related risk
    Carl Gibson, Director, Risk Management Unit, La Trobe University
  • Principles to help leaders navigate the harsh realities of crisis and emergency risk communication
    Barbara Reynolds, Senior Advisor, Crisis Communication and Elvia Earley, US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
  • How to create a public–private partnership: A replicable project associated with business continuity
    Daniel Hahn, Plans Section Chief, Santa Rosa County Florida Division of Emergency Management
  • Collective response to public health emergencies and large-scale disasters: Putting hospitals at the core of community resilience
    James Paturas, Deputy Director, Deborah Smith, Clinical Education Coordinator, Yale New Haven Center for Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response, Stewart Smith, President & CEO, EP+R International and Joseph Albanese, Professor, Yale University School of Medicine


Volume 4 Number 2

  • Comparing military and civilian critical thinking and information processes in operational risk management: What can we learn?
    Tony Gill, Manager, Corporate Risk Services, Canadian Tire and Jerry D. VanVactor, Chief of Logistics, Medical Service Corps, US Army
  • ‘Exercise headcount’: What do you do with 800 scientists when they can’t go back into the building they have just been evacuated from?
    Nick Berry, Business Resilience Manager, European R&D Headquarters, Pfizer
  • The value of table top exercises and one-page planning documents
    Mary Lasky, Program Manager, Business Continuity, Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
  • How to conduct a mission-critical inventory to establish an employee cross-training programme
    Jim Rosenbluth, Managing Director, Crisis Management, Cushman & Wakefield
  • The vulnerabilities of the power grid system and renewable microgrids as an alternative
    Victor Meyer, Global Head of Business Continuity Management, Charles Myres, Head, Corporate Security - Business Continuity, North Asia, Deutsche Bank and Nitin Bakshi, Assistant Professor, London Business School
  • Pandemic (H1N1) 2009: Setting up a multi-agency regional response centre in London – a toolkit for other public health emergencies
    Vivien Cleary, Consultant, Health Protection, Sooria Balasegaram, Consultant, Communicable Disease Control, Brian McCloskey, Regional Director, London, Local and Regional Division, David Keeling, Health Emergency Planning Adviser and Deborah Turbitt, Director, North East and North Central London HPU, Health Protection Agency
  • From cacophony to symphony: How to focus the discipline of business continuity
    David Lindstedt, Director of Enterprise Continuity Management, The Ohio State University and John Copenhaver, CEO, Contingency Management Group
  • What would you do? Managing a metro network during mass crowd events
    Andy Barr, London Underground, Raymond Lau, Nelson Ng, Hong Kong MTR, Marco Antônio da Silva, Marcia Baptista, Vinícius Floriano Oliveira, Metro Rio, Rio de Janeiro and Maria Beatriz Barbosa, Estela Batistini, Nancy de Toledo Ramos, Metro of São Paulo


Volume 4 Number 1

  • Taking your business continuity programme to a corporate leadership role
    Ira Messer, Manager, Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery, Verizon Wireless
  • Special event planning for the emergency manager
    Peter T. Gaynor, Director, Providence Emergency Management Agency and Office of Homeland Security
  • Case study on industrial HazMat response teams
    Shelly Stephens, EH&S Supervisor, Amway
  • Emergency management and mass fatalities: Who owns the dead?
    Jim Crabtree, Senior Nursing Instructor, Los Angeles County EMS Agency
  • Strategic skills of business continuity managers: Putting business continuity management into corporate long range planning
    Wei Ning Zechariah Wong, Principal Consultant, Crisis and Business Continuity Management, Atkins
  • How to build a comprehensive business continuity programme for a healthcare organisation
    Angela Devlen, former Director of Emergency Management, Caritas Christi Healthcare
  • Revolutionary and evolutionary change in emergency management
    David A. McEntire, Associate Dean, College of Public Affairs and Community Service, University of North Texas