Forthcoming content

A selection of the peer-reviewed articles and real-world case studies scheduled for Volume 16 of Journal of Business Continuity & Emergency Planning includes:

  • Resilience risk controls and the Netflix unified resilience framework
    Scott Baldwin, Global Head of Enterprise Resilience, Gayle Anders, Global Business Continuity Program Manager and TJ Mead, Global Technology Continuity Program Manager, Enterprise Resilience, Netflix
  • Let’s not waste it: Leveraging business leadership’s newfound interest in business continuity
    Grace Burley, Managing Director, Witt O’Brien’s
  • Return to the workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic: A framework to inform business decision-making 
    Lisa M. Koonin, Founder and Principal, Health Preparedness Partners
  • Using a risk-based approach to protect high-risk chemical infrastructure
    Todd Klessman, Deputy Associate Director for Chemical Security, Zeina Azar, Section Chief for Standards and Evaluation, Chemical Security Subdivision and Gina Bell, Program Analyst, Chemical Security Compliance Branch, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency
  • Business continuity beyond COVID-19: Lessons learned and the ‘illusion of preparedness’
    Tracy L. Hall, Senior Manager, Wolf & Company
  • Delivering a crisis management exercise that challenges the C-suite
    Senad Cehajic, Director, Business Continuity and Corporate Security, Operational Risk, OMERS 
  • Considerations for grid resilience in an era of remote work and climate change
    Jackie Ratner, Senior Project Manager, National Center for Disaster Preparedness, Jeff Schlegelmilch, Director, National Center for Disaster Preparedness, Columbia Climate School, Columbia University, Vincent Westfallen, Principal Engineer and Susanna Aguilar, Principal Analyst in Advanced Analytics, Commonwealth Edison
  • The pros and cons of having a third-party vendor manage your business continuity programme
    Kurt Sohn, Vice President, Client Experience, Virtual
  • Public-private intelligence coordination
    Michael Hink, Police Officer, Chicago Police Department and Chris Trzeciak, Vice President and Business Continuity Risk Officer, Nuveen
  • The Kaiser Permanente Northern California COVID-19 physician redeployment experience: Redeploying physicians to meet the demands of the pandemic
    Mary C. Meyer, Regional Medical Director of Emergency Management, Martin Elliott, Senior Research Assistant, Suzy Fitzgerald, Emergency Physician and Richard Dlott, The Permanente Medical Group
  • Why and how to shift from passive planning to active risk management
    Andrew Witts, Senior Director of Alliances, Infinite Blue
  • Pandemic morgue management in hospitals
    Kendall Jones, Director, Environmental Health and Safety, HCA Healthcare
  • Evaluating human behavioural responses to cyberattack scenarios and the potential impacts on business continuity: Observations from red-blue trainers
    Ron Fisher, Director, Department of Homeland Security Division and Celia Porod, Senior Operations Coordinator, National and Homeland Security Directorate, Idaho National Laboratory
  • Crisis decision making: Lessons from a SWAT team
    Inspector Kevin Cyr, Officer in Charge, Lower Mainland District Integrated Emergency Response Team, Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • What COVID-19 has taught us about effective employee communication
    Oliver Schmidt, President and Chief Executive Officer, C4CS
  • Preparing for compounding crises: Staff shortages and cyberattack vulnerability in the COVID-19 era
    Joshua Klindienst, Emergency Physician, U.S. Acute Care Solutions, Shant Ayanian, Senior Associate Consultant, Mayo Clinic, Jeffrey Schlegelmilch, Director, National Center for Disaster Preparedness, Columbia University and Hana Akselrod, COVID-19 Lead, George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Serverless architecture: The organisational journey and approach
    Bogdana Sardak, Director of Risk and Mike Deliberto, Sr. Director, Information Technology, Fusion Risk Management
  • Society matters: What steps can be taken to minimise elite panic?
    Deb FitzPatrick, Business Continuity Advisor, Service Improvement, Corporate Operations, St John Ambulance New Zealand
  • Dealing with disaster cost management from events like COVID and how to prepare a claim for government and insurance reimbursement
    Frank Russo, Managing Director, Imperium Consulting Group
  • Key lessons learned from Hurricane Ida
    Jacob Asherman, Meteorologist, Weather Prediction Center and Brad Bates, Flood Inundation Mapping team, National Water Center, NOAA