Forthcoming Content

Each volume of Journal of Data Protection & Privacy consists of four 100-page issues.

The articles scheduled for Volume 5 include:

  • On the advent of environmental, social and governance reporting and its intersection with privacy
    Martijn ten Bloemendal, Global Privacy Counsel, AbbVie
  • Getting connected: Providing IT services to the German healthcare sector subject to ecclesiastical data protection law
    Tamara Bukatz, Data protection and privacy consultant
  • ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 aligned to global data privacy requirements
    Alexandra Borzan
  • Enforcing the right to be forgotten as a human right
    Saheed Alabi, Director of Legal Research, Alidson Global Network
  • GDPR Glasnost: Spain’s AEPD raises the transparency bar and sanctions two banks
    Philipp Fischer, Partner, Banking & Finance/Data Protection Department, Oberson Abels and Levis and Julien Levis, Head of Data Privacy at an International Group
  • China’s PIPL and DSL: Is China following the EU’s approach to data protection
    Ziwen Tan, LL.M. Candidate, China University of Political Science and Law and Channing Zhang, Privacy Protection Manager, Kingnet Network
  • The New EU Standard Contractual Clauses as a type of appropriate safeguards in the international transfer of personal data
    Anna Popowicz-Pazdej, Privacy Lawyer, Global Data Privacy Specialist, Dentons, CIPP/E and doctorate researcher, University of Wroclaw, Poland
  • Teleology - the missing piece to solving the GDPR puzzle
    Pawel Kuch, Faculty of Law, Doctorate RWF, University of Zurich
  • Book review: Data protection around the world: Privacy laws in action
    Reviewed by Dr Jacob Kornbeck
  • Book review: Privacy is hard and seven other myths: Achieving privacy through careful design
    Reviewed by Ardi Kolah

A selection of peer-reviewed articles published in Volume 4 include:

  • The end of the transition period: Implications for UK data protection after Brexit
    Dr Oliver Butler, Research Fellow of the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights and a Fellow of Wadham College, University of Oxford
  • Personal data protection in the credit-scoring industry of China
    Arlene Zhang, Researcher, Data Law Research Center & Cyber Law Research Institute (Shanghai & Hangzhou)
  • Personal information protection in Japan
    Christopher P Wells, Partner and Narumi Ito, Associate, Morgan Lewis
  • Data protection laws — one of the most important sources of competitive advantage in the context of international trade
    Yihan Dai, Associate Research Fellow, East China University of Political Science and Law
  • Comparison of notice requirements for consent between ISO/IEC 29184:2020 and GDPR
    Harshvardhan J. Pandit, ADAPT Centre, Trinity College Dublin and Georg Philip Krog, Signatu AS
  • A year of change: An analysis of how COVID-19 has impacted the data privacy profession in 2020
    Sabrina Palme, Co-founder and CEO, Palqee Technologies
  • ICO fines Ticketmaster UK Limited £1.25million for failing to protect customers’ payment details
    Joanne Bennett, Commercial Lawyer and Data Protection Consultant
  • The California Privacy Rights Act of 2020: A broad and complex data processing regulation that applies to businesses worldwide
    Lothar Determann, Partner and Jonathan Tam, Senior Associate, Baker McKenzie
  • Data protection and space: What challenges will the General Data Protection Regulation face when dealing with space-based data?
    Shakila Bu-Pasha, Postdoctoral Researcher, Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki and Heidi Kuusniemi, Professor and Director of Digital Economy, University of Vaasa
  • Implementation of the ECOWAS Supplementary Act on personal data protection: Lessons from the EU GDPR
    Dennis Agelebe, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Environmental Law Center, Faculty of Law of the University of Cologne
  • Attitudes, policies and practices for privacy professionals in the wake of the COVID -19: Processing of health, genetic and biometric personal data
    Natalya Spuling
  • A European perspective for data protection: GDPR and its effect on FS and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Dr Ali Polat
  • Statistical analysis of relationships of US organizations size, popularity, age and location to frequency of data breaches
    Ohud Saud Alqahtani and Zhiyuan Chen, The University of Maryland
  • Unregulated drones and an emerging threat to right to privacy: A critical overview
    Nehaluddin Ahmad, Professor of Law, Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University (UNISSA), Saurabh Chaturvedi, Professor and Dean School of Law, NMIMS University Mumbai and Ahmad Masum, Sr Assistant Professor, Faculty of Sharia and Law, Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University (UNISSA)
  • International personal data transfer: An analysis of Brazil’s legal system and new LGPD under the adequacy standard of EU GDPR
    Alexandre Rajagopalan
  • The Data Trust Model Proposes Individuals Can Control Their Data for Profit
    Susan Raab, Managing Partner, Customer Data Platform Institute
  • Book review: EU Personal Data Protection in Policy and Practice
    Reviewed by Dr Jacob Kornbeck
  • Book review: Data protection: A practical guide to UK law
    Reviewed by Ardi Kolah
  • Book review: Legal Challenges of Big Data
    Reviewed by Ardi Kolah