Forthcoming Content

A selection of articles scheduled for publication in Volume 3 of Journal of Data Protection & Privacy – consisting of four quarterly 100-page issues – includes:

  • The Implications of a ‘No-Deal’ Brexit for Data Protection in the UK
    Dr Oliver Butler, Research Fellow of the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights and a Fellow of Wadham College, University of Oxford
  • Accountability and human rights in the age of tech
    Dan Shefet, French lawyer; author, ‘Online Radicalization’ UNESCO report, Individual Specialist, Expert, Council of Europe on the Internet Ombudsman; President of AAID
  • The labour market for Data Protection Officers
    Maria Perugini, Avvocato
  • GDPR compliance since May 2018: A continuing challenge
    Mark Hughes and Kyra Blessing, McKinsey and Company
  • Artificial intelligence, facial recognition technology and data privacy
    Steve Wilkinson, Data Protection Subject Matter Expert
  • Consent for data processing under the General Data Protection Regulation: Could ‘dynamic consent’ be a useful tool for researchers?
    Megan Prictor, academic lawyer and research fellow, Melbourne Law School, Harriet J. A. Teare, healthcare and policy researcher; deputy director, HeLEX, Jessica Bell, research fellow, Melbourne Law School; HeLEX, Mark Taylor, associate professor in health law and regulation, Melbourne Law School, deputy director, HeLEX, Melbourne, Jane Kaye, director, HeLEX, University of Oxford
  • GDPR and Blockchain: A compliance approach
    Rosanna Mannan, CodeX Fellow, Stanford University, Rahul Sethuram, Founder/CTO, Connext Network, San Francisco and Lauryn Younge, Santa Clara University School of Law
  • Using tools to automate the Privacy Office in dealing with data subject requests through Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs)
    Jerrod Bailey, CSO, Truyo
  • A comparison between the European and American approaches to privacy
    Dr Donald Buresh, Adjunct Professor, Touro University, USA
  • Blockchain and the right to be forgotten under GDPR
    Kevin Bailey
  • Learning to walk a tightrope
    Barbara Eggl, External Expert, EIPA
  • Codes of Conduct
    Chiara Rustici, GDPR analyst
  • Overview of the data protection regime in Uganda
    Kenneth Muhangi, intellectual property, technology, media, telecommunications & dispute resolution specialist, KTA Advocates
  • Adhering to GDPR codes of conduct: A possible option for SMEs to GDPR certification
    Eric Lachaud, senior IT consultant, TILT, Tilburg University
  • Personal data protection in blockchain
    Steve Wright, authority on data privacy and cybersecurity and Ezgi Pilavci, privacy lawyer, Privacy Culture
  • Cyber security and AI
    Giulia Zappaterra, Technology Lawyer, Intellectual Property & Technology, DLA Piper
  • The Handbook of Privacy Studies: An Interdisciplinary Introduction
    Dr Jacob Kornbeck, Policy Officer at the European Commission
  • Book review - Data Protection Law in the EU: Roles, Responsibilities and Liability
    Dr Jacob Kornbeck, Policy Officer at the European Commission