Forthcoming Content

A selection of articles and case studies scheduled for the inaugural volume of Advances in Online Education: A Peer-Reviewed Journal includes:

  • Examining learning experience using a storytelling case
    Julia Cronin-Gilmore, Doctorate of Business Administration Program, Bellevue University
  • Design matters: How a course review informed online teaching best practices
    Laura Sheets, Assistant Professor/Reference & Instruction Librarian, Bowling Green State University
  • The engaged online learner: A framework for integration of content and students in the delivery of two courses
    Amy Lavin, Assistant Professor of Practice and Director, MS - Digital Innovation in Marketing and Munir Mandviwalla, Professor of Management Information Systems and Executive Director of the Institute for Business and Information Technology, Temple University
  • How to build the future of teaching and learning while learning from the changes and challenges of 2020-21
    Mary Ellen Wiltrout, Lecturer in Digital Learning/Director of Online and Blended Learning Initiatives, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Supporting learning using mobile technologies
    Simon Hayhoe, Reader in Education, Co-Editor of the Routledge Focus Series: Qualitative and Visual Methodologies in Educational Research, University of Bath
  • Teacher's digital competences as one of the key factors for digital transformation of education
    Sandra Kucina Softic, Head of the E-Learning Centre at the University Computing Centre, University of Zagreb
  • Lessons learnt: Digital transformation led us to re-thinking of how certificates of completion are issued
    Helen Gray, Development Manager, IÐAN education centre, Iceland
  • Hybrid learning environments
    Natalia Auer, Senior Lecturer and Educational Developer, Center of Teaching and Learning, Malmö University
  • From to pandemic – Reflections on how universities respond
    Martin Rich, Associate Dean for the Undergraduate Programme, Bayes Business School (formerly Cass), City, University of London
  • Teaching and learning in the hybrid virtual classroom; Practical lessons Learned as part of Do's and Don'ts in hybrid virtual classrooms session
    Zac Woolfit, Researcher/Lecturer, Inholland University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands
  • Using a game-based learning platform in the online learning environment
    Ellen Spender, Senior Lecturer, Accounting, Module Co-ordinator and MSc Focus Group Lead, Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and Academic Student Engagement Lead for the School of Management, Swansea University
  • The proctor will see you now: Student perceptions about online proctoring
    Martin Butler, Head Teaching & Learning and Associate Professor, Digital Enterprise Management, University of Stellenbosch Business School
  • Experiences developing a synchronous and asynchronous continuous development program for library staff using the University's learning management system, Brightspace
    Jennifer Browning, Discovery Systems Librarian, Library Technology Services, Carlton University
  • Action research on flipped learning: Benefits and challenges
    Maria Cequeña, Instructor, Catholic Filipino Academy
  • Tools and practices for online outdoor learning
    George Elvin, Associate Professor of Architecture, North Carolina State University
  • COIL - Care of the acutely ill patient - online course
    Anna Partanen, Senior Lecturer, School of Healthcare, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland
  • Case Study: Online undergraduate computer science students' voluntary use of diaries to support learning
    Cathryn Peoples, Associate Lecturer, School of Computing and Communications, Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics, Open University
  • The principle of least disruptive course design: Seeking a balance between innovation and student learning
    Brad Garner, Associate Professor of Education, Digital Learning Scholar in Residence Innovation & Partnerships National and Global Campus, Indiana Wesleyan University
  • Serial-iously?: Using a podcast to facilitate engagement, collaborative learning, and critical thinking
    Rachel Smydra, Special Instructor, Department of Education, Oakland University
  • Graduate student perceptions on the utilization of badges in online learning
    Stephanie Atchley, Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Leadership & Technology, Tarleton State University
  • Designing for digital: Balancing accessibility and aesthetics in redesigning an asynchronous Information Literacy course
    Rachel Edford, Instruction & Engagement Librarian, UCF Libraries
  • Students’ academic misconduct and lecturers’ responsibility in the age of blended learning: Recognition and dialogue as pedagogical drivers to build integrity
    Giancarlo Ianulardo, Lecturer in Economics, Exeter University
  • Interprofessional (Multi-inter-transdisciplinary) diversity in online team-teaching
    Yurgos Politis, Lecturer, Centre for Teaching and Learning, CEU Vienna
  • Universal design for learning, digital accessibility and equity in online learning
    Tamsyn Smith, Senior Learning Designer, University of Southampton
  • Physiology for All – Reflections on the Design and Delivery of a MOOC to Enhance Subject Knowledge in Physiology
    Rebecca Randles, Senior Researcher, Westminster Centre for Research in Ageing, Mental Health and Veterans, Faculty of Health and Social Care, University of Chester
  • Empowering learner transition through a blended community: the case of a large management school
    Casey Cross, Bowland College Principal, Lancaster University Management School
  • Designing inclusive digital materials for “generation lockdown” students – an author’s story
    Jane Southall, SFHEA, Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources Management, Kingston University Business School
  • Memes and Teacher Training: Teachers' relationship with digital
    Daniela Di Donato, Lecturer in Education Development and Research, Sapienza University of Rome
  • Enabling research faculty and graduate students research in online education: digital scholarly research ecosystems within online university infrastructures
    Raymond Uzwyshyn, Director, Collections and Digital Services, Texas State University Libraries
  • The Use of Self-Directed Learning Among Immigrants to Access Online Educational Resources
    Luis Eduardo Orozco, Graduate Assistant, Ball State University
  • Analysis of the student digital experience of learning and teaching within a UK HEI using Lauillard’s six types of learning
    Laura Hollinshead, Learning Technologist (Curriculum Development) Digital Solutions and Services, University of Derby
  • Using a game-based learning platform in the online learning environment
    Elle Spender, Senior lecturer in accounting, Swansea University
  • Supporting Neurodiversity and Students with Sensory and Communication Impairments Using Mainstream Mobile Technologies: A Proposed Fourth Generation Model 
    Simon Hayhoe, Reader in Education, University of Bath
  • Developing online teaching and learning: The potential benefits of ‘listening’ to student voice for staff professional development and authentic student engagement
    Sue Taylor, Senior Lecturer in Primary Education and Mathematics Lead, Northumbria University   
  • Zoom fatigue and cognitive load
    Rachel Gallardo, Department Head, Psychology & Anthropology, Blinn College, Social Sciences Division   
  • AR/VR and online learning
    Wendy Stephens, Associate Professor & School Library Media Program Chair, Department of Counseling and Instructional Support, College of Education and Professional Studies
  • A Discussion and Reflection on Heutagogy and Paragogy In Online Learning & Assessment: Multi-media approaches to peer review
    Maébh Coleman, Teaching Fellow, TU, Dublin
  • Connecting the pages: Aligning online course development with academic professional development for student success in online learning
    Annika Herb, Education Development Lead, Learning Design & Teaching Innovation, The University of Newcastle, Australia
  • Data Stewardship and the Librarian: Supporting Early Career Researchers and Online Learners via the Library
    Elizabeth Szkirpan, Director of Bibliographic Services, Federal Depository Library Coordinator, The University of Tulsa McFarlin Library, University of Tulsa
  • Designing a Collaborative International Online Learning Course (COIL): Acute and Emergency Nursing- Finnish and British perspectives
    Anna Partanen, Department of Health Care, Acute Care Team, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
  • Learning Management Systems to Support Continuous Workplace Learning for Online Contexts
    Jennifer Browning, Discovery Systems Libarian, Library Technology Services, Carlton University Library
  • Strategies to Address the Challenges of Technology Accessibility, Computer Self-Efficacy, Computer Anxiety, and Cyberphobia in Adoption of eLearning Systems
    Bilquis Ferdousi, Associate Professor, School of Information Security & Applied Computing, Eastern Michigan University