Forthcoming Content

A selection of articles and case studies scheduled for the new volume of Advances in Online Education: A Peer-Reviewed Journal includes:

  • Inclusive excellence online: Pandemic lessons learned supporting traditionally underserved students
    Ken Baron, John Fritz, and Yvette Mozie-Ross, University of Maryland
  • Remaining ‘open’ during a crisis: Managing academic continuity at The Open University, UK
    Helen Cooke, Helen Barton, and Klaus-Dieter Rossade, The Open University, UK
  • Importance of measuring student experience in a short online course for educators
    Karen Ferreira-Meyers, University of Eswatini
  • A realist evaluation of online examinations and remote proctoring for pre-registration nursing students
    Claire Ford, Laura Jillian Park, and Claire Leader, Northumbria University
  • ‘There is space for the official and the unofficial’: A case study of a module-led Facebook page in online distance education
    Sharon Mallon, Staffordshire University and Beccy Dresden, Online Learning Consultant
  • Thinking outside the Zoom box: Discovering resilience, innovation and creativity for large instrumental ensembles during the pandemic
    Kira Omelchenko, Wilfrid Laurier University and Colleen Ferguson, Texas A&M University School of Music
  • Digital storytelling: A relational pedagogic approach to rebuilding hybrid places for creativity, equity and community building in a crisis
    Zoe Parker Moon, Polly Palmerini, Jen Drayton, Rob Noon, Kayanna Gibson, and Lisa Gold, Manchester Metropolitan University, and Erinma Ochu, The University of the West of England
  • There and Back Again: Implementing and Assessing a Digital Reading, Research, and Writing Application
    Arin Haverland, Kayle Skorupski, Catrina Mitchum, and Shelley Rodrigo, University of Arizona
  • The Effect of Collaboration and Utilization of Academic Coaches in Online Learning Environments
    Dr. Brittany Grissette and Amanda Hawkins, Columbus State University, Dr. Sarah Kuck, Albany State University, and Joe Fernander, University System of Georgia eCampus
  • Making Teamwork Work in the Virtual Classroom
    Clifford Davis, Jr., University of West Georgia
  • Enhanced cultural awareness and collaborative learning via intercountry intercampus global classroom learning experience
    Dr. Anupama Sethi, Monash University Australia and Dr. Sharon Koh, Monash University Malaysia
  • Putting AI to work in Education
    Karina Koch, Editor of the Business and Management Collection, Henry Stewart Talks
  • Influence of Instructors’ Adaptability and Management of Virtual-Classroom Environments on the Effectiveness of Tertiary-Students Virtual-Knowledge Acquisition
    Mohammed-Aminu Sanda, University of Ghana
  • The Peril and Promise of China’s Education Internalisation: Online Education, Inequality, and Disabled Students
    Guoxin Ma, University of Salford, and Dr Taposh Roy, University of Southampton
  • Student teachers’ experiences of online learning
    Nerys Defis and Alison Glover, The Open University in Wales