Malware development threats with modern technologies

Lawrence Amer, Cybersecurity Manager, PwC


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Abstract: Despite a significant increase in the level of defence strategies across the enterprise, cyberattacks continue to have a damaging impact on organisations. Due to insufficient threat intelligence capabilities established in many organisations, attackers use this weakness to port their attack procedure and plan future attacks. From highlighting the problem to solving it, this paper explores possible attack procedures and builds awareness to shortcut the risk and reduce the possibility of compromise. It describes a case study of cyberattacks to illustrate the pros and cons of advanced detection and prevention systems.


Keywords: malware; red teaming; simulated attacks; threat actors; detection; prevention; emulation


Lawrence Amer is red teaming and research lead at PwC Hong Kong (DarkLab). He has practical knowledge of advanced red teaming and advisory simulation with extensive experience in penetration testing and cloud security. Lawrence’s expertise In security research is acknowledged by different vendors across the region for reporting medium to high severity vulnerabilities (SteelSeries, Microsoft, SAP, Yahoo).


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