Forthcoming content

Each volume of Journal of Airport Management consists of four quarterly 100-page issues, published both in print and online. The articles and case studies published or scheduled to be published so far in the current volume, Volume 13, are:

  • Case study: How Gatwick Airport is creatively building additional capacity in a mature, space-constrained environment
    Steve Riano, Aviation Business Development Manager, Bechtel and Bronwen Jones, Development Director, Gatwick Airport
  • Developing an airport counterterrorism program
    Jim McWilliams, Manager – Security Regulatory Compliance and Infrastructure, Greater Toronto Airports Authority
  • How to use Big Data analytics to get insight into airport operations: A case study
    Oliver Reindl, CIO, Cologne/Bonn Airport and Josef Schmitz, Senior Executive, Digital Consulting, T-Systems
  • Effective project delivery leadership and culture
    Bob Bolton, Director, Airport Design and Construction, and Jonathan Heller, Sr. Communications Specialist, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority
  • Integrating sustainability considerations into airport utility masterplanning
    David Tomber, Aviation Principal, Jacobs and Mike Tasker, Senior Manager for Facilities and Infrastructure, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
  • Improving apron air quality with aircraft ground energy systems at Zurich Airport
    Emanuel Fleuti, Head of Environment, Zurich Airport
  • Innovative ideas for improving airport community relations 
    Diana Sanchez, Public & Community Relations Director, Van Nuys Airport
  • Case study: Frankfurt Airport's Terminal 3 expansion
    Holger Hofmann, VP, Master Planning & Infrastructure Strategy department, Fraport
  • Bridging the strategy-execution gap: Strategic planning in times of change
    Bjorn Hassert, Head pf Strategic Planning, Brussels Airport
  • Case study: Brussels Airport’s baggage drop-off pilot project
    Yorick Buys, Project and Process Manager, Brussels Airlines and John Ceulers, Process Manager Baggage Customer & Passenger Services, Brussels Airport
  • Ensuring robust quality assurance across airport security management systems
    Peter Drissell, Director of Aviation Security and Kirsty Wells, Aviation Security Compliance Manager (SeMS), CAA
  • Case study: Stockholm Arlanda Airport’s capital investment programme
    Thomas Lindfors, Program Director, Swedavia
  • Running a climate-smart airport
    Lena Wennberg, Environmental manager, Swedavia Airports
  • Case study: Aeroporti di Roma’s terminal expansion strategy
    Paolo Cambula, Head of Planning and Development Infrastrcture, Aeroporti di Roma
  • Successfully delivering new infrastructure, expansion and improving connectivity at airports
    Mark Herbert, Planning Manager, Bristol Airport
  • A differentiated model for inbound baggage handling systems at airports
    Ahamed Ashik Koottappilakkal and David Lyon, Lecturer, RMIT University
  • Understanding and predicting passenger behaviours through data analytics
    Nikolaos Papagiannopoulos, Senior Project Manager, Athens International Airport and Juan Francisco Garcia Lopez, Project Manager, Indra
  • Realising the potential of regional airports: How are operators overcoming the challenges of regional airports and delivering benefits to smaller airports?
    Francis Brangier, COO, Egis Aviation Business Unit and CEO, Egis Airport Operation 
  • A research-based approach for improving the airport wayfinding experience 
    James Harding, Director of Environmental Graphics, Gresham Smith
  • How Changi Airport has used data, machine learning and analytical capabilities to gain insights for optimising baggage handling processes
    Per Engelbrechtsen, Business Development Director, BEUMER Group
  • Change management and post-privatisation considerations for smoothly implementing new management strategies
    Holger Linkweiler, Managing Director, AviAlliance
  • Developing successful landside real estate: An airport urbanism approach
    Max Hirsh, Professor, University of Hong Kong
  • Meeting airport capacity demand using new technologies and innovations 
    Joeri Aulman, Region Manager, NACO
  • Improving operations through system-wide information management
    Peder Blomqvist, IM Strategist and SWIM Expert, Swedavia
  • Case study: The use of face recognition technology at Helsinki Airport
    Patricia Ribó, Principal Architect, Head of Aviation Architecture, AECOM and Ismail H Polat, Adviser, Aviation/Airports, Project Director, Kuwait Support Terminal Project, Cengiz Cons. Ind. & Tra. Co
  • Customer service in aviation security screening
    Tugberk Duman, Digital Consultant, Futurice
  • Towards unpredictability in airport security
    Signe Maria Ghelfi, Senior Researcher, Franziska Hofer, Co-Founding Member, Carla Sophie Fumagalli, Zurich State Police, Airport Division and Angela Bearth, Senior Researcher, Consumer Behaviour, ETH Zurich
  • Predicting on-time departures: A comparison of static with dynamic bayesian networks in the case of EWR
    Tony Diana, Division Manager, NextGen Performance, Federal Aviation Administration