Volume 9 (2014-15)

Each volume of Journal of Airport Management consists of four quarterly 100-page issues. The articles published in Volume 9 were:

Volume 9 Number 4 (Autumn/Fall 2015)

  • The hijacking of Flight ET 702: The challenges of managing a major security threat, media attention and continuing daily airport operations
    Thomas Romig, Head of Airport Steering, Geneva International Airport
  • Delivering a first class travel experience for passengers
    Vincent Harrison, Managing Director, Dublin Airport
  • Aux armes, citoyens! A revolution in airport economic regulation: A regulator’s perspective
    Ken Cheong, Economic Advisor, The Civil Aviation Authority (UK)
  • Zero emission airport development: Economically and environmentally viable
    Lars Burger Salvesen, Deputy County Mayor and Stig Hvoslef, ‎Scientific Coordinator, Climate and Environment, Akershus County Authority
  • Catalytic effects of aviation and their importance for airport development
    Henrik Littorin, Senior Analyst, Swedavia
  • A methodology for measuring safety performance
    Lazaro Luiz Neves, Electrical Engineer and civil Aviation Regulation Expert, ANAC
  • Connections: The challenge of the future
    Rian Burger, Principal, Airport Planner/Programmer, Stantec
  • Selecting and understanding aviation security systems: Cutting through the marketing hype
    Hunter Fulghum, Owner and Chief Consultant, Arts & Engineering
  • What creates access and inclusion at airports?
    Eric Lipp, Founder and Executive Director, Open Doors Organization


Volume 9 Number 3 (Summer 2015)

  • Cyber security: The latest threats, systems that can be affected and measures to mitigate risk
    Wayne Smith, Head of IT/IS, Birmingham Airport
  • Planning small and medium-sized airports for flexibility and future growth
    Dennis Chant, Managing Director, Queensland Airports
  • Eurocontrol initiatives to support and regulate the quest for efficiency and additional capacity in the European aviation market
    Frank Brenner, Director General, Eurocontrol
  • Improving customer satisfaction at Aéroports de Paris
    Dominique Mary, Director, Customer Satisfaction, Aéroports de Paris
  • Climate change is here to stay: What about the airport infrastructure?
    Olav Mosvold Larsen, Senior Executive Adviser, Avinor
  • SESAR: Future-proofing Europe’s airports
    Florian Guillermet, Executive Director and Massimo Garbini, SESAR Deployment Manager and Managing Director, SESAR Joint Undertaking
  • Aerodrome certification for small and emerging airports: Is it an issue?
    Peter Adams, Senior Practice Executive, Aviation Safety & Risk Management, Aviation Strategies International
  • Airport privatisation in Japan: Unleashing air transport liberalisation?
    Chikage Miyoshi, Lecturer, Cranfield University
  • Ownership structures and the implications for developing airport solar projects in the USA
    Stephen Barrett, Director of Clean Energy, Harris Miller Miler & Hanson
  • Greek airports in transition: From public ownership to PPP concessions
    Pavlos Arvanitis, Senior Researcher and Andreas Papatheodorou, Associate Professor, University of the Aegean


Volume 9 Number 2 (Spring 2015)

  • Measuring the customer’s journey through London City Airport
    Patrick Burrows, CFO, London City Airport
  • Using social media to improve customer engagement and promote products and services
    Kristie VanAuken, SVP and Chief Marketing/Communications Officer, Akron-Canton Airport
  • Airport business resilience: Plan for uncertainty and prepare for change
    Andy Carlisle, Managing Director, EMEA Aviation, LeighFisher
  • Political risks: How to effectively mitigate political risks, deal structure, financing and political risk insurance
    Dietrich F. R. Stiller, Partner, Clifford Chance
  • Best practice on automated passenger flow measurement solutions
    Rolf Felkel, VP, Airside, Landside and Security Applications, Fraport, Catherine Mayer, VP and Kevin Peterson, Senior Product Manager, SITA
  • Experience in structuring public-private partnerships for airports
    Ebru Ozdemir, Chairperson, Limak Yatirim Holding
  • Preparing airports for weapons of mass effect
    William B. Rankin, Associate Professor of Aviation Management, Florida Institute of Technology and former Director of Aviation, El Paso International Airport, Texas
  • A study of the effect of protocol services on the image formation of Incheon International Airport
    Jin-Woo Park, Associate Professor, Department of Business Administration, Korea Aerospace University and Kwan-Young Lim, International Protocol Specialist, Incheon International Airport
  • PCI and non-PCI-based pavement evaluation
    Mostaqur Rahman, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of South Carolina and Rafiqul A. Tarefder, Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, University of New Mexico


Volume 9 Number 1 (Winter 2014-15)

  • Enhancing the travel experience and delivering great customer service at Gerald R. Ford International Airport
    Tara M. Hernandez, Marketing and Communications Director, Gerald R. Ford International Airport
  • Safety at regional airports in Europe: Regulatory aspects
    Gernot Kessler, Head of Airports Section, European Aviation Safety Agency
  • The Transportation Security Administration construction project at Eugene Airport: Reconfiguring the ticket lobby and the EDS and TSA screening area
    Kevin Stockton, Aviation Architect, RS&H
  • Using enterprise geospatial data for airport surveying and aeronautical information management programmes
    Michael T. McNerney, Assistant Manager, Airport Engineering Division, Federal Aviation Administration
  • Domestic air service development in the stagnant US market
    Tom Reich, Director of Air Service Development, AvPORTS
  • LED lighting at Port Columbus Airport
    Geoff Kouril, Aviation Engineer and Jeff May, ‎Aeronautical Electrical Engineer and Northeast Operations Leader, CH2M Hill
  • Improving the safety, capacity and efficiency of airport traffic management with AeroMACS
    Declan Byrne, President and CEO, WiMAX Forum and Roy Aloke, Senior Program Manager, Honeywell Advanced Technology
  • Estimating a fair rate of return on equity for Delhi International Airport Limited
    Sumana Chaudhuri, PhD, Bijan Vasigh, Professor, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Ranjan Chaudhuri, Associate Professor, National Institute of Industrial Engineering
  • Airport IT: Enabler of the long-term vision or insurmountable obstacle?
    Justin Phy, President and Co-founder, Barich