Volume 3 (2018-19)

Each volume of Journal of Digital Banking consists of four quarterly 100-page issues. The full list of articles scheduled to be published in Volume 3 can be viewed on the 'Forthcoming content' page.

Volume 3 Number 4 (Spring 2019)

  • Learning in the early ages of virtual agents 
    Mattias Fras, AI Strategy & Acceleration Unit Leader, Nordea Group, Gustav Rudolfsson, VA Trainer, Nordea Group and Kristina Grönvall, AI Strategist, Accelerated AI Unit, Nordea
  • Crypto-mining business models: Points of contact to the AIFMD 
    Stefan Tomanek, Legal Expert, Department for Prudential Supervision Asset Management, Prospectus, Consumer Information, FMA, Ralph Rirsch, Supervisor, Department for Integrated Conduct Supervision of Banks, FMA and Marlene Wintersberger, Legal Expert, Department for Prudential Supervision Asset Management, Prospectus, Consumer Information, FMA 
  • AI-powered surveillance for financial markets and transactions 
    Cristina Soviany, Founder, Features Analytics 
  • The nature of financial inclusion in Lesotho: Challenges and main policy considerations to increase access to and use of quality financial services 
    Lira Peter Sekantsi, Senior Analyst, Section Head, National Payment System Oversight and Risk Management, Central Bank of Lesotho
  • Visualising customer-centric digital investment performance reports 
    Ruth Kümmerle, Program Manager, Digital Transformation, Allianz Global Investors and Marc Wierzbitzki, Research Assistant, Allianz Endowed Chair of Finance, WHU — Otto Beisheim School of Management
  • Real-time payments in the USA: What is holding us back? 
    Vinay Prabhakar, CEO, Co-founder, Volante Technologies
  • Open API banking: A powerful trigger for the value chain revolution in Japan 
    Eiichiro Yanagawa, Senior Analyst, Asian Financial Services Group, Celent 

Volume 3 Number 3 (Winter 2018-19)

  • Editorial
    Simon Beckett, Publisher
  • Can mid-sized banks thrive in the digital world, and are they fintech’s new best friend?
    Carlos Sanchez, CEO, Co-founder, ipagoo
  • More data and more data sharing: Navigating an open banking world
    Maha El Dimachki, Head of Payments Supervision Department, Financial Conduct Authority
  • The era of connectedness: How AI will help deliver the future of banking
    Theodora Lau, Founder and Bradley Leimer, Co-Founder, Unconventional Ventures
  • Innovative yet robust supervision in a rapidly changing payments landscape
    Anneke Kosse, Policy Adviser, Researcher, Market Infrastructures Policy Department and Petra Hielkema, Division Director Payments and Market Infrastructure, De Nederlandsche Bank
  • Chatbots as a lever to redefine customer experience in banking
    Yvon Moysan, CEO, Saint Germain Consulting and Jade Zeitoun, Print Communication, Philips Lighting France
  • Financial inclusion accelerated: How real-time payments are bringing millions into the economic fold
    Zennon Kapron, Founder, Director, Kapronasia
  • Microservices opportunity: Dawn of the open API era
    Eiichiro Yanagawa, Senior Analyst, Asian Financial Services Group, Celent
  • Bringing liquidity to the new crypto economy
    Matt Crook, Digital Campaign Manager, QUOINE

Volume 3 Number 2 (Autumn/Fall 2018)

  • Editorial
    Simon Beckett, Publisher
  • ‘Build it and they will come’ is a myth: Building a digital activation strategy
    Bryan Herskovits, Director, Digital Activation, RBC Royal Bank
  • Rethinking value communication: The key to revenue growth in the digital age
    Wei Ke, Managing Partner and Matthew Jackson, Simon Kucher & Partners
  • Evolution through technology
    Karen Buck, Head of Commercial, Retail and Payment Operations, TD Bank
  • How community banks create seamless customer journeys through digital banking initiatives
    Misti Mostiller, Executive Vice President, Director, Bank Innovation & Product Management, Extraco Banks
  • Developing an automated digital suitability assessment against the backdrop of MiFID II
    Ruth Kümmerle and Ralf Conen, Research Assistant, Allianz Endowed Chair of Finance, WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management
  • Advocacy banking is at the heart of emerging tech: Incorporating emerging technology into the credit union space
    Thomas P. Novak, Director of Digital Banking Visions Federal Credit Union
  • Design discussion on the ISDA Common Domain Model
    Christopher D. Clack, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Blockchain Technologies, Department of Computer Science, University College London

Volume 3 Number 1 (Summer 2018)

  • Editorial
    Simon Beckett, Publisher
  • The GDPR: Halfway between consumer protection and data ownership rights
    Udo Milkau, Chief Digital Officer, Transaction Banking, DZ BANK
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence in consumer banking
    Juan M. Huerta, Head of Decision and Data Science and Abhinav Anand, Head of Consumer Loans, Marcus by Goldman Sachs, Goldman Sachs
  • Easy is not enough: Meeting consumer expectations in the digital age
    Scott Liddell, Head of Channel and Digital, CYBG
  • Payments: Refurbish or rebuild?
    Regine Slagmulder, Partner and Full Professor of Accounting & Control, Vlerick Business School; Visiting Professor, Ghent University, Bjorn Cumps, Professor of Financial Services Innovation and Fintech, and Yannick Dillen, Postdoctoral Researcher, Vlerick Business School
  • Banks, be bold! A step-by-step guide to moving from legacy to open banking
    Natasha Kyprianides, Head of Omnichannel & Customer Experience, Hellenic Bank
  • The importance of measuring impact across channels in the digital banking landscape
    Grayson Clarke, SVP and Head of the North America Financial Services Practice, APT (a Mastercard company)
  • Life banking: How to become trusted advisers for holistic financial health
    Adrian Moise, Founder and CEO, Aequilibrium
  • Risks and challenges of initial coin offerings
    Paolo Tasca, Executive Director, UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies, Maria Grazia Vigliotti, Founder and Director, Sandblocks Consulting, and Hui Gong, Research Assistant UCL-CBT, Founder, China-UK Blockchain Association