Forthcoming content

Each volume of Journal of Digital Banking consists of four 100-page issues in both print and online. A selection of the peer-reviewed articles and real world case studies scheduled for Volume 7 include:

  • How can new tools and technology such as artificial intelligence encourage new ways to communicate in the world of prudential regulation?
    Helen Packard, Digital Transformation Lead, Sholthana Begum, Head of Innovation and RegTech and Melvin Lopez-Corleone, Senior RegTech Specialist, Bank of England
  • How to effectively embed RegTech within your digital strategy
    Kai Schrimpf, Transaction Monitoring Product Owner, UBS
  • How does the decision to build, buy or partner fit into a winning innovation strategy?
    Malin Lignell, VP, Digitalisation and Innovation, Handelsbanken 
  • Automating KYC and onboarding to enhance the customer experience
    Vitaliy Dyachenko, CEO and Founder, UppLabs
  • Choosing a WealthTech ecosystem – where choices are not simple
    Nicholas Kwok, Principal Industry Consultant, Endava
  • Defining the digital banking innovation maturity model: A comprehensive maturity assessment of the digital banking Innovation framework
    Shripad Ramakant Vaidya, Founder and CEO, Digital Innovations Consulting
  • How to capture the strategic advantage of open banking
    George Anderson, Founder & CEO, Ninth Wave
  • Harnessing Big Data for hyper-personalised banking: Unlocking value for customers
    Céline Le Cotonnec, Chief Data Innovation Officer, Bank of Singapore
  • Case study on Yorkshire Building Society’s digital transformation journey
    Nitish Kulkarni, Financial Services Practice Lead, UK & Europe, WNS Global Services
  • How to strike a balance between digital and human to satisfy sensitive, critical and complex interactions and support vulnerable customers
    Andrew Larking, UX & Digital Design Lead, Vanquis Bank
  • Closing the experience gap in banking: Humanising customer experience in four dimensions
    AnnMarie M. Bridges, Associate Director of Strategy and Brian Elkins, Executive Director, Monigle, Kerry Gross, Director of Research Intelligence, Arizent and Brendha da Silva, Analyst, Behavioral Insights Group, Monigle
  • How to take point of sale innovation further
    Briony Krikorian-Slade, Principal, Payments, UK Finance
  • The need for customer due diligence to adapt to the digital era
    Ben Matthews, Partner, Baringa
  • Leveraging conversation AI to better enable the customer journey: A practical guide to deploying chatbots at financial institutions
    Benjamin Maxim, VP of Digital Strategy & Innovation, Michigan State University FCU
  • The adoption of digital technology as an antecedent of digital transformation by financial services institutions
    Paul Pal, CTO, Banking and Capital Markets, DXC Technology
  • Central bank digital currencies: From design features to issuance and distribution —a case study of China’s sovereign digital currency
    Hui Gong, Lecturer in FinTech, Harry Thapar, Head, School of Finance and Accounting and Ann Thapar, Principal Lecturer and Course Leader, MSc Fintech with Business Analytics, University of Westminster
  • How hyper-personalisation is fuelling digital banking’s second wave
    John Waupsh, Co-Founder and CEO, Nerve
  • Leveraging FinTech partnerships to develop niche markets for growth
    Linda Hamilton, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Iroquois Federal
  • Leveraging the opportunities of an open payments ecosystem to drive new revenue streams
    Hamish Blythe, Founder, Trilo
  • How smart players are harnessing AI to solve real pain points for their customers and their business
    Alpesh Doshi, Founder and CEO, Fintricity
  • How to be agile and resilient in the digital banking ecosystem
    Thomas Novak, VP/Chief Digital Officer, Visions Federal Credit Union