Editorial Board

Journal of Urban Regeneration & Renewal is guided by an expert Editor and an eminent Editorial Board who review all published content to ensure it is practical, authoritative and relevant.


  • Andrew Tallon, Senior Lecturer in Urban Policy, University of the West of England

Editorial Board

  • Nick Bailey, Emeritus Professor of Urban Regeneration, University of Westminster
  • Amanda Beresford, Partner and Head of Planning, Shulmans
  • Jurgen Bruns-Berentelg, Chief Executive, HafenCity Hamburg
  • Greg Clark, Chairman, OECD Forum of Cities and Regions
  • Jon Coaffee, Professor in Urban Geography, University of Warwick
  • Andres Coca-Stefaniak, Professor of Tourism, Events and Sustainability, University of Greenwich
  • Joe Docherty, Chief Executive Officer, Newcastle College Group
  • Dr Stefano de Falco, Chief, IRGIT, University of Naples Federico II
  • James A. Fawcett, Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies and School of Policy, Planning and Development, University of Southern California
  • David Feehan, President, Civitas Consultants
  • Gary Ferguson, Executive Director, Downtown Ithaca Alliance
  • Brian Field, former Urban Planning and Development Adviser, The European Investment Bank
  • Magdalena Florek, Adjunct Professor, Department of Trade and Marketing, Poznan University of Economics
  • Ghislaine Halpenny, Assistant Director, British Property Federation
  • Brian Ham, Executive Director, Enterprise and Development, Home Group
  • Bo Bjerre Hansen, Urban Regeneration Expert & Head of Communications, Landowners Investment Foundation
  • Edward Harkins, Knowledge and Research Associate, Scottish Urban Regeneration Forum
  • Dr Marie Howland, Professor Emerita, Program in Urban Studies and Planning, University of Maryland
  • Nigel Hugill, Executive Chairman, Urban&Civic
  • Elizabeth Jackson, President, The Urban Agenda
  • Nick Johnson, Deputy Chief Executive, Urban Splash
  • Angus Kennedy, Chair, World Habitat
  • Alyas Khan, Chairman and CEO, Emica Group
  • Daniel Klemm, Head of Policy and Communications, Together Housing Group
  • Paul Levy, President & CEO, Central Philadelphia Development Corporation
  • Jonathan Manns, Head of Planning, Rockwell
  • Michael Parkinson, Executive Director, Heseltine Institute for Public Policy and Practice, University of Liverpool
  • Gareth Potts, Adjunct Faculty, Center for Global and International Studies, Hood College, Maryland
  • Peter Roberts, Professor, Academy for Sustainable Communities
  • Raymond Saller, Department of Labor and Economic Development, City of Munich
  • Stephen Sully, Secretary, Mainstreet Australia
  • Ivan Turok, Deputy Executive Director, Economic Performance and Development, Human Sciences Research Council
  • Rachel Weber, Professor, Urban Planning and Policy Department, University of Illinois at Chicago

Book Reviews Editor

  • Katie McClymont, Programme Leader: MSc Urban Planning, University of the West of England