Forthcoming content

Articles scheduled for Volume 16 of Journal of Urban Regeneration and Renewal includes:

  • The climate crisis and regeneration
    Andrew Maliphant, Project Manager, The Community Works, UK
  • The vibrant 15-minute geographies of suburban Morristown
    N. David Milder, Founder and President, DANTH, Inc. and William F. Ryan, Community Business Development Specialist, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
  • 20-minute neighbourhoods and urban regeneration
    Stephen Edwards, CEO, Living Streets, UK
  • High street regeneration in Rotterdam: How a local alliance turned an inner-city commercial street from no-go to must-visit
    Ad Hereijgers, Director, RITTERWALD Consulting B.V., The Netherlands
  • How road investment can improve economic prosperity: The case for Northern England
    Owen Wilson, Major Roads Strategy Manager, Transport for the North, UK
  • The Urban System Framework
    Langdon Morris, Co-Chair, Innovation Council & Farah Naz, Head of Innovation & ESG Middle East and Africa, AECOM, United Arab Emirates
  • Public art and urban regeneration
    Molly Alexander, Founder, ITP Consulting, USA
  • The role of public libraries in urban entrepreneurship
    Elizabeth Suchanic, Advisor, Inclusive Economic Development, New Growth Innovation Network, USA
  • The transformation of downtown Detroit 
    David Feehan, President and CEO, Civitas Consultants LLC, USA
  • Solving the riddle of the Sands – How to regenerate England’s struggling seaside towns
    John P. Houghton, Freelance Consultant, UK
  • Utilisation of open spaces: A case study of Phaya Thai District, Bangkok
    Le Thi Thu Huonga, Montfort del Rosario School of Architecture and Design, Assumption University, Thailand; Vietnamese-German University, Vietnam & Le Thi Kieub, Institute of Constructive Design and Building Construction, Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany
  • An urban regeneration-placemaking strategy for the Qatar National Museum and Souq Waqif’s transit-oriented development in Doha
    Raffaello Furlan, Associate Professor, Khalida Lifam Marthya, Graduate Teaching and Research Assistant, Labeeb Ali Ellath, Graduate Student, Maha Esmat, Graduate Student & Rashid Al-Matwi, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, College of Engineering, Qatar University
  • Regenerating public spaces with social media: The case of the COVID-19 pandemic in Cairo
    Reem A. Bakir, Assistant Lecturer & Sahar A. Attia, Professor Emeritus, Architecture Department, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt
  • The profile of foreign urban gardeners in municipalities in Lombardy
    Valentina Cattivelli, Senior Researcher and Adjunct Lecturer, Università Telematica Internazionale UNINETTUNO, Italy
  • The city as palimpsest to redefine the role of architectural continuity in re-establishing urban identity in post-industrial landscapes
    Ali Cheshmehzangi, Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, Department of Architecture and Built Environment, Faculty of Science and Engineering, The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC), China
  • Digitization and the renaissance of the manufacturing industry in major cities: The case of Berlin
    Martin Gornig, Professor, German Institute for Economic Research, DIW Berlin & Technical University Berlin, Germany
  • Promoting temporary reuse of brownfield sites for triggering urban transformation
    Stefania Tonin, Associate Professor & Gianluca Zanatta, PhD Student, Iuav University of Venice, Italy
  • Historic and current perspectives on entrepreneurial culture in Hyderabad
    Fahmida Shaikh, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture & Planning, NED University of Engineering and Technology, Pakistan
  • Analysis of urban intervention processes carried out in core cities in India
    Akansha Soni, Research Scholar & Puneet Sharma, Assistant Professor, Architecture Department, National Institute of Technology Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh, India