Forthcoming content

Volume 13 forthcoming content will be available soon. A selection of the peer-reviewed articles and real world case studies published in Volume 12 include:

  • Regeneration and growth in outer London: Challenges and opportunities
    Gill Steward, Chief Executive, The London Borough of Bexley, Jane Richardson, Assistant Chief Executive, The London Borough of Bexley and the Head of Regeneration and Growth & Katrina Rattu, National Graduate Management Trainee
  • Task for developers: Providing millennial housing to end social ineptitude and isolation
    Martin Ditto, Founder and Owner, Ditto Residential
  • London’s evolution to a national park: The Green Belt, space to build and sustainable transport
    Alice Roberts, Head of Green Space Campaigns, Campaign to Protect Rural England
  • Social housing in Camden Town, London: The challenges of funding, how to make housing accessible for the ‘squeezed middle’, and estate regeneration in the borough
    Councillor Danny Beales, Cabinet Member for Investing in Communities & Labour Councillor for Cantelowes Ward, London Borough of Camden
  • Social equality and urban regeneration
    Euan Hall, Chief Executive, The Land Trust
  • Next steps for standards, safety and improving stakeholder engagement in social housing
    Toby Lloyd, Head of Housing Development, Shelter
  • Financing regeneration
    Andrew Maliphant, The Community Works & Forest of Dean Entrepreneurs
  • Meeting the needs of a growing city: Ensuring effective land-use for housing, transport and the economy
    Sara Parkinson, Planning Team Lead, Galliford Try Partnerships
  • Glasgow regeneration frameworks
    Graham Ross, Partner, Austin Smith Lord
  • Problems and potential in segregated districts: Urban design and planning principles to make more liveable and cohesive segregated districts
    Fatemeh Kachousangi, Urbanist, Delft University of Technology
  • Tracing the cityscape transformation under capitalism: The case study of Amman, Jordan
    Bushra Zalloom, Faculty Member, Zarqa University
  • A social approach to re-envisioning public housing in Egypt: The Case of Hurghada City
    Hatem Diab, Assistant Lecturer at the Faculty of Urban and Regional Planning, Cairo University & Noha Ahmed Abd El Aziz, Associate Professor, Faculty of Urban and Regional Planning, Cairo University
  • Not always nice: The effect of a whole-life perspective on heritage and redevelopment
    Carolyn Gibbeson, Lecturer, Deputy Course Leader BSc Real Estate, Department of the Natural & Built Environment, Sheffield Hallam University   
  • From Silicon Valley to Vesuvius Valley: The case of a transition from dismantled industrial farms to knowledge and creativity farms in Naples (Italy)
    Stefano de Falco, Director, IRGIT
  • The proposed redevelopment of Multi-Purpose Community Centres: The case of uBumbano Community Centre, –uMlazi, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
    Rosalinde Julia McCarthy, Durban University of Technology
  • Business Improvement Districts and the influence of historical community development: The Forest Avenue and South Shore BIDs of New York City
    Dan Ziebarth, Graduate Assistant, Fordham University Office of Research
  • Revitalisation of a small US city: Assessing potential gentrification impacts of Middletown, Connecticut’s renaissance
    Timothy J Garceau and Jack D Fusco, Central Connecticut State University
  • Riverbank regeneration and the creation of open-air spaces shared by tourists and residents in Lisbon, Portugal
    Jose A Torres, Central Michigan University