Volume 7 (2013-14)

Journal of Urban Regeneration & Renewal consists of four quarterly 100-page issues. The articles published in Volume 7 were:

Volume 7 Number 4

  • The new European funding landscape: What are the opportunities for urban regeneration?
    Sue Baxter, City of London Corporation and former Deputy Director, EU Funding & Industrial Policy, Department of Business, Innovation & Skills
  • Rebuilding, rebranding and regenerating Manchester city centre
    Euan Kellie, Chartered Planning and Development Surveyor and Chartered Town Planner, Euan Kellie Property Solutions
  • Improving quality of life through cultural regeneration and urban development: The Marseille Euroméditerranée renewal project
    Assunta Martone, Researcher, Gabriella Pennella, Research Fellow and Marichela Sepe, Researcher, CNR IRAT
  • Place branding and city centre management: Exploring international parallels in research and practice
    Andres Coca-Stefaniak, Senior Lecturer, University of Greenwich and Programme Manager for Research and International Partnerships, Association of Town and City Management
  • The push for Ottawa’s mid-town: Getting to square one
    Terrence Lonergan, President, Paradigmers
  • Rural icons as strategic branding tools
    Mark van Twist, Professor of Public Administration and Michiel Kort, Lecturer and Researcher of Public Administration, Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Enterprise Zones in the UK: Do they create or add value? A rejoinder
    Jon Talbot, Centre for Work Related Studies, University of Chester
  • Delivering quality urban consolidation on the urban fringe: A case study of University Hill, Melbourne, Australia
    Lee Beattie, Deputy Head and Errol Haarhoff, Professor of Architecture and Deputy Head, School of Architecture and Planning, University of Auckland
  • Community power for liveable cities
    Dora Marinova, Professor of Sustainability and Deputy Director, Sustainability Policy Institute and Amzad Hossain, Adjunct Research Fellow, Curtin University


Volume 7 Number 3

  • Editorial: Coastal towns and regeneration
    Andrew Tallon, Senior Lecturer in Urban Policy, University of the West of England
  • What does High Speed Two mean for regeneration and economic development in the North?
    Beth West, Commercial Director and Laura Webster, Economist, HS2
  • Town teams, Portas Pilots and the future of our High Streets
    Martin Blackwell, Chief Executive and Chris Hurst, Town Team Programme Manager, Association of Town and City Management
  • Barrhead: Regeneration of a typical Scottish town
    Phil Prentice, Economic Development and Regeneration Manager, East Renfrewshire Council
  • Case study: The regeneration of St Paul’s Estate, Cheltenham
    Amanda Taylor, Urban Design Director, Nash Partnership
  • Using skills development strategies to tackle poverty and inequality
    Chris Goulden, Head of Poverty Team, The Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • How can a branding destination strategy regenerate a city image? The case study of Tel-Aviv
    Ram Herstein, Head of MBA Program, Eugene D. Jaffe, Head of MBA Program and Ron Berger, Head of Marketing Program, Jerusalem Academic Center - The Lander Institute
  • Revisiting urban planning and design practices in a small city in Florida
    Sung-Man Kim, Principal, Landform & Planning Company
  • Leadership and policy delivery in regeneration practice in a time of austerity
    Raphael Heffron, Barrister-at-Law and Lecturer in Law, University of Stirling
  • Delivering quality urban consolidation on the urban fringe: A case study of University Hill, Melbourne, Australia
    Errol Haarhoff, Deputy Head and Lee Beattie, Deputy Head, School of Architecture and Planning, University of Auckland


Volume 7 Number 2 – Special issue on austerity-era regeneration

  • Local economic development in an age of austerity
    Scott Dickinson, Former Head of European Funding, Birmingham City Council
  • Regenerating Coventry in an age of austerity: A practitioner perspective
    Carl Pearson, Head of Regeneration, Coventry City Council
  • Turn but don’t step back: Instigating a more measured and holistic approach to regeneration
    Jonathan Manns, Associate Director, Planning, Colliers International Property Advisers
  • The experience of regeneration partnerships in the climate of austerity
    Nicola Headlam, Spatial Public Policy Researcher and Mike Rowe, Lecturer, University of Liverpool
  • Regeneration in the North of England: One step forward, two steps backward
    Philip Joyce, Former Director of Area Based Regeneration, Newcastle City Council
  • Heritage-based regeneration in an age of austerity: Lessons from the Townscape Heritage Initiative
    Alan Reeve, Reader in Urban Design and Planning, Oxford Brookes University and Robert Shipley, Professor of Planning, University of Waterloo, Canada
  • Shock-proof cities? The impact of and responses to the recent financial and economic crisis in German industrial cities
    Jörg Plöger and Isabella Kohlhaas-Weber, ILS – Research Institute for Regional and Urban Development
  • Regeneration beyond austerity
    Lee Pugalis, Senior Lecturer, Urban Theory & Practice, Northumbria University and former Economic Strategy Manager, Durham County Council (et al)
  • The potential for neighbourhood regeneration in a period of austerity: Changing forms of neighbourhood governance in two cities
    Nick Bailey, Professor of Urban Regeneration, University of Westminster and Madeleine Pill, Research Fellow, Cardiff University


Volume 7 Number 1

  • Housing as a driver for economic growth
    Clive Skidmore, Head of Regeneration and Development, Birmingham City Council
  • Accelerating public sector land disposal
    Deborah McLaughlin, Executive Director for the North West, Homes and Communities Agency
  • Neighbourhood planning: A new approach to consensus building?
    Phil Crabtree, Chief Planning Officer and Ian Mackay, Team Leader, Neighbourhood Planning, Leeds City Council
  • Building healthy communities in an age of austerity
    Alison Seabrooke, Chief Executive, Community Development Foundation and Jennifer Tankard, Director, Community Development Foundation and Community Investment Coalition
  • The outcomes of transport planning for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games
    Peter Hendy, Commissioner, Transport for London
  • The role of the public sector in the regeneration of deprived urban areas: Krakow and Kirklees case studies
    Marcin Kopec, Former Deputy Director, City Hall, Krakow
  • Great events, urban regeneration and gentrification in the historical centre of Genoa
    Francesco Gastaldi, Assistant Professor of Urban Planning, University Iuav of Venice
  • It’ll get worse before it gets better: Local experiences of living in a regeneration area
    Gill Davidson, Research Associate, Sustainable Cities Research Institute, David McGuinness, Senior Lecturer in Urban Regeneration and Planning, Paul Greenhalgh, Reader in Property Economics, Northumbria University, Paul Braidford Senior Research Fellow and Fred Robinson, Fellow, St. Chad's College
  • Desert urbanism: The Canalscape project in Metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona
    Nan Ellin, Professor and Chair, David Proffitt, School of City and Metropolitan Planning, University of Utah and Stephen Buckman, School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning, Arizona State University