Volume 11 (2017-18)

Each volume of Journal of Urban Regeneration & Renewal consists of four, quarterly 100-page issues, published in print and online.

Volume 11 Number 4

  • Editorial
    Andrew Tallon, Editor, Journal of Urban Regeneration & Renewal, University of the West of England
  • Supplying new housing: How can more private sector housing and affordable housing be developed in an era of lack of supply?
    Gill Taylor, Ward Member, Westham West, Weymouth & Portland Borough Council
  • Progress and current trends in local authority housing provision
    Janice Morphet, Visiting Professor and Ben Clifford, Senior Lecturer in Spatial Planning and Government, the Bartlett School of Planning, University College London
  • Great places: The role housing associations can play in creating thriving communities
    Will Jeffwitz, Policy Officer and Rebekah Ryder, Senior Researcher, National Housing Federation
  • Localism, community involvement and the social economy: What are the opportunities and challenges facing the not-for-profit sector in terms of regeneration?
    Maurice McCartney, Managing Director, Fresh Management Solutions and Andrew Maliphant, Project Manager, The Community Works
  • Post 2022 FIFA World Cup in the State of Qatar: Urban regeneration strategies for Doha
    Heba ElGahani and Raffaello Furlan, Assistant Professor, College of Engineering, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Qatar University
  • Residential historic preservation and neighbourhood stability
    Brian Mikelbank, Associate Professor of Urban Studies, the Levin College of Urban Affairs, Cleveland State University
  • How to achieve liveable urban communities in Egypt
    Ibrahim Rizk Hegazy, Associate Professor of Architecture and Urban Design and Weal Seddik Moustafa, Associate Professor of Architecture and Environmental Design, Department of Architecture, Mansoura University
  • Book review: Local regeneration handbook
    Reviewed by Nick Bailey, Professor of Urban Regeneration, University of Westminster
  • Book review: Why Detroit Matters: Decline, Renewal and Hope in a Divided City
    Reviewed by Gareth Potts, Founder, The New Barn Raising (Washington DC)
  • Book review: Baltimore: Reinventing an Industrial Legacy City
    Reviewed by Gareth Potts, Founder, The New Barn Raising (Washington DC)

Volume 11 Number 3

  • Editorial
    Andrew Tallon, Editor, Journal of Urban Regeneration & Renewal, University of the West of England
  • Let’s get real about self-driving cars: The transition will take a significant amount of time
    N. David Milder, Founder and President, DANTH
  • Better planning for housing affordability: Three approaches to solving the housing crisis in the UK
    Tom Kenny, Policy Officer, Trudi Elliott, Chief Executive and Aude Bicquelet-Lock, Deputy Head of Policy and Research, RTPI
  • Financing urban regeneration
    Andrew Maliphant
  • Gentrification of the inner city: The case of Christchurch prior to the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011
    John McDonagh, Associate Professor in Property Studies, Lincoln University
  • Urban regeneration: An approach to strengthen the social infrastructure of deteriorated areas
    Media Hakim and Fatemeh Roshanali
  • Neighbourhood characteristics and their relationship to sense of community in poor residential neighbourhoods in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria
    Adedayo H. Ayoola, Lecturer, Department of Architecture, Federal University of Technology
  • Community-led regeneration: Applying the experience of the ‘community facilitator’ in Iran to China
    Sedigheh Kalantari, Architecture & Planning Professional, and Yaping Huang, Professor and Head of the School of Architecture Urban Planning, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Volume 11 Number 2

  • Editorial
    Andrew Tallon, Editor, Journal of Urban Regeneration & Renewal, University of the West of England
  • New life to a fairer Scotland: Exploring 25 years of Scottish regeneration policy mechanisms
    Derek Rankine, Policy and Participation Manager, SURF
  • Creation of resilient businesses drives social and economic regeneration
    Bev Hurley, Chair, Institute of Economic Development, CEO, YTKO Group
  • The science and psychology of wayfinding
    David Watts, Managing Director, CCD Design and Ergonomics
  • Back to basics: Is it time for a housing-first approach to community regeneration?
    Matthew Dicks, Chartered Institute of Housing
  • The potential implications of the Eko Atlantic city project on the future of Lagos, Nigeria
    Emeka Amakihe, Department of Built Environment, Aalto University
  • Emerging social-spatial polarisation within the housing market in Colombo, Sri Lanka
    N. Chandrasiri Niriella, Professor, Urban Sociology, University of Colombo
  • Urban regeneration in Qatar: A comprehensive planning strategy for the transport oriented development (TOD) of Al-Waab
    Deema Anwar Alattar, Qatar University, Qatar and Raffaello Furlan, Qatar University, Qatar
  • Augmented locality: The utilisation of urban screens in public place as new networks of the city
    Ali Cheshmehzangi, Associate Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, Director of Urban Innovation Lab, UIL and Paul Ornsby, Architect
  • Book review: Entrepreneurial neighbourhoods: Towards an understanding of the economies of neighbourhoods and communities
    Reviewed by Peter Somerville

Volume 11 Number 1

  • Editorial
    Andrew Tallon, Editor, Journal of Urban Regeneration & Renewal, University of the West of England
  • Charting a path forward: Key factors in applying sustainability to infrastructure
    Mahesh Ramanujam, CEO of the US Green Building Council (USGBC) and Green Business Certification Inc.
  • Community participation in urban road infrastructure redevelopment: Indian scenario
    Vanita Ahuja, PhD, PgMP, MRICS, Professor and Programme Director at RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University and Shalini Priyadarshini, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Can refugees provide the impetus for urban regeneration? Economic integration, social networks and well-being in Peshawar, Pakistan
    Ammar A. Malik, Center on International Development and Governance, the Urban Institute, and Edward Mohr and Yasemin Irvin-Erickson, Justice Policy Center, Urban Institute
  • Why are older inner-city buildings vacant? Implications for town centre regeneration
    Itohan Esther Yakubu, Massey University, Temitope Egbelakin, Massey University, Dmytro Dizhur, University of Auckland, Jason Ingham, University of Auckland, Kenneth Sungho Park, Massey University and Robyn Phipps, Massey University
  • Creating public assets from brownfields: A comparison of policies and practices in the United States and Germany
    Zeenat Kotval-K, Michigan State University, Cassi Meitl, Michigan State University and Zenia Kotval, Michigan State University
  • Urban regeneration and social innovation: The role of community-based organisations in the railway station area in Padua, Italy
    Elena Ostanel, Marie Curie Fellow for the project NEIGHBOURCHANGE, Iuav University of Venice, University of Toronto and TUDelft
  • Gentrification and urban design in the urban fabric of Rotterdam
    Paul Stouten, Delft University of Technology
  • Book review: 'Locating Localism: Statecraft, Citizenship and Democracy'
    Reviewed by Nick Bailey
  • Book review: 'Understanding China’s Urbanization: The Great Demographic, Spatial, Economic, and Social Transformation'
    Reviewed by Giulio Verdini
  • Book review: 'Urban Regeneration'
    Reviewed by Andrew Tallon
  • Book review: 'A Research Agenda for Cities'
    Reviewed by Jon Coaffee