Call for articles

The next copy deadline for the submission of articles for publication is: 3rd July 2023.

The Editor, Editorial Board and Publishers of Journal of Urban Regeneration & Renewal are currently welcoming the submission of articles by practitioners and papers by academics on the following subjects:

1. Finance for urban regeneration   

How do cities develop new funding sources for capital, transportation and infrastructure improvement in the post-pandemic context?

2. Governing urban regeneration

What forms of governance structures and partnerships are required to work towards sustainable and just regeneration?

3. Responses to the climate crisis, net zero and urban regeneration

What are the relationships and issues that connect contemporary urban regeneration with the climate crisis and the aim for net zero?

4. Mobility, cities and urban regeneration

What are the implications for urban regeneration, planning and infrastructure with the advent of autonomous vehicles, electric powered vehicles, and innovations in mass transit, in the context of the concept of 15-minute cities/20 minute neighbourhoods?

5. Gentrification, housing and affordability

What are the continuing issues related to the impacts of residential and commercial gentrification in cities globally and how can affordable housing be delivered?

6. New forms of retail in cities

What are the trends and impacts in terms of retail change in the age of online shopping, including replacement uses for physical retail, and the impacts of the collapse of major retailers?

7. Smart cities

What are the implications of the smart city concept for cities and the future of urban regeneration?

8. ‘Levelling up’ and urban regeneration

Is ‘levelling up’ rhetoric or reality and what evidence is there of effective policies to tackle ‘places left behind’ in the context of economic uncertainty?

9. Post-pandemic urban regeneration

What are the continuing impacts and implications of the pandemic for the future regeneration of towns, cities and city centres globally?

10. Global economic uncertainty, cities and urban regeneration

What is the role for new forms of urban regeneration in the context of global economic uncertainty including economic stagnation, inflation and supply chain issues?

Submission Instructions

The deadline for submission of articles is 3rd July 2023. The following types of submissions will be considered for publication:

• Practitioner articles: 

Thought pieces, briefings, case studies and other contributions written by professionals working in regeneration and town and city management. Case studies should address the following questions: What has worked? Why has it worked? What lessons were learned? How could it be done elsewhere? Articles should be 2,000 — 5,000 words.

• Research papers: 

Contributions which present new models, theories and empirical research in urban regeneration and renewal. Implications for management should be included. Research papers can be around 6,000 words and must have clear implications for professionals.

Contributions to the journal are welcomed from practitioners, consultants and academics. All research papers are subject to double-blind peer-review. All practitioner papers are subject to review by the Editor and Publisher.

Further guidance on manuscript submission, including sample papers, can be found at:

Manuscript submissions should be sent to Julie Kerry at: