Converting digital ambition into a reality: Delivering a modern health experience to de-stress the patient, improve the experience and enhance outcomes

Tony Rich, Global Market Segments and Programs - Healthcare, Unify Inc.

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Using the UK National Health Service (NHS) as a model, this paper will examine how the implementation of a digital health service will benefit both patients and clinicians in providing a superior care package as well as protection, transparency and improved outcomes. Using the experience of healthcare institutions across the UK the case is made for a modern and digital health system that can make better use of available resources and greatly improve patient care and ultimate outcomes. There are evolving issues to providing care, including greater patient expectation, an ageing population and the need to provide better value for money. This paper will demonstrate how, by embracing digital technology and improving communication, the patient can be more empowered, provided with the best possible care and given a first-rate vision of how a modern health service functions.


Keywords: digital model of care, patient care, digital age, electronic care, records on-line, patients, clinicians, transparency, patient closeness, patient experience, improved outcomes, digital, telehealth, social media, remote monitoring


Tony Rich, Global Programmes and Segments – Healthcare with Unify. Prior to Unify, Tony was a Healthcare Transformation Consultant with over 10 years’ experience as an Interim Director/CIO at numerous NHS Trusts in Acute and Primary Care driving strategic turnaround programmes

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