Volume 3 (2018-19)

Each volume of Management in Healthcare consists of four quarterly 100-page issues. The articles published so far in Volume 3 are:

Volume 3 Number 1 (Summer 2018)

  • Editorial
    Simon Beckett, Publisher, Management in Healthcare
  • Lead. Change. Invest. Repeat.
    Lynn M. Torossian, President, CEO, Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital
  • Aligning single billing office technology with exemplary patient billing outcomes at Stanford Health Care
    Gil Radtke, Director, Patient Financial Services, SHC, and Michael Honeyman, Regional Operations Manager, Kaiser Permanente
  • Implementation of the Best Practice Clinical Learning Environment Framework: A case study for improving learning in the clinical setting using a novel quality improvement approach
    Donna R. Cohen, Principal Consultant, Darcy Associates, Director, Philip J. Cohen, Director, Vice President of Business Development, Vitas Anderson, Vice President of Software Development, MEERQAT, Mahyar Goodarz,Senior Policy Adviser, Kade Dillon, Manager, and Kate E Weidemann, Senior Policy Adviser, DHHS
  • The shifting landscape of the Medicare administrative appeals process: New opportunities for healthcare providers and suppliers
    Andrew B. Wachler, Partner, and Erin Diesel Roumayah, Associate Attorney, Wachler & Associates
  • A proposed data-driven health-care monitoring system using NFC
    Joseph T. Catanio, Associate Professor of Management Information Systems, John L. Grove College of Business, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, and Nathan Neil, Principal, Project Manager, LaunchUX
  • Transitioning physician leaders
    Lily J. Henson, Chief Medical Officer, Piedmont Henry Hospital
  • Managerial dichotomies in the NHS: Considering the dangers, reducing the risks
    Polly Pascoe, PhD student, Faculty of Health Studies, University of Bradford
  • Patient bias and discrimination towards providers
    Peter Kalina
  • Strategies for managing workforce generations that work
    Steven Bahnemann, Section Head, Joan Bryant-Mandler, Aric Knutson and Julie Yost, Unit Managers, Department of Management Engineering and Internal Consulting, Mayo Clinic