Volume 3 (2018-19)

Each volume of Management in Healthcare consists of four quarterly 100-page issues. The articles published so far in Volume 3 are:

Volume 3 Number 4 (Spring 2019)

  • Editorial
    Simon Beckett, Publisher, Management in Healthcare
  • Becoming a learning health system: Designing and implementing a patient-centred clinical intervention
    Joel E. Segel, Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Administration, Selena E. Ortiz, Assistant Professor, Bethany W. Shaw, Research Analyst, Mark B. Stephens, Professor of Family and Community Medicine and Dennis P. Scanlon, Distinguished Professor of Health Policy and Administration, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Increasing hospital patient throughput: A gamification case study
    Andrew R. Gillam, Sally W. Gillam, Chief Nursing Officer, St. David’s South Austin Medical Center and Peggy H. McDaniel, Director of Nursing Operations, St. David’s South Austin Medical Center
  • Operational readiness playbook: A go-to approach to control chaos
    Suzanne Nelson, Senior Health Systems Engineer, Jason E. Barclay, Senior Project Manager, Richard J. Gray, Surgical Oncologist and Professor of Surgery, Jan C. Jasperson, Section Head, Department of Management Engineering and Internal Consulting and Karen J. Reinschmidt, Senior Health Systems Engineer, Mayo Clinic
  • Transforming hospital capacity management: Experience from two academic medical centres
    Erin Kane, Emergency Physician and Assistant Professor, George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Kimiyoshi Kobayashi, Hospitalist, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Peter F. Dunn, Vice President, Perioperative Services and Healthcare Systems Engineering, Massachusetts General Hospital and James J. Scheulen, Chief Administrative Officer, Emergency Medicine and Capacity Management, Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • ‘We can’t afford not to do it’: One health system’s early journey into addressing social determinants of health
    Dennis P. Scanlon, Distinguished Professor of Health Policy and Administration, Laura J. Wolf, Community-level Social Worker and Qualitative Research Specialist, Bethany W. Shaw, Research Analyst, Jocelyn M. Vanderbrink, Diane C. Farley, Research Analyst, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Putting claims data to work: Using analytics in an evolving healthcare ecosystem
    Robin Gelburd, President, FAIR Health
  • Improving health systems profitability through senior living partnerships: A senior living strategic approach
    Ray Johnson, Managing Principal, Caldwell Butler & Associates and Jason Barrett, President and CEO, Flagler Health+
  • Why you should fire your board (maybe): How boards underperform and what executives can do
    Keith Wysocki, The Governance Institute and Kori Stanosheck, Nebraska Association of School Boards

Volume 3 Number 3 (Winter 2018-19)

  • Editorial
    Simon Beckett, Publisher, Management in Healthcare
  • Using a real-time location system to improve clinical efficiency in an academic ambulatory practice
    Rodney Haas, VP of Operational Excellence, University of Minnesota Physicians, Genevieve Melton-Meaux, Professor of Surgery and Core Faculty of the Institute for Health Informatics, UMN, Jeffrey Blade, System Director, Enterprise Computing Services, Fairview Health Services, Lynne Fiscus, Chief Value Officer, Executive Medical Director, University of North Carolina Physicians Network and Michael Pukszta, Leader, Healthcare Practice, CannonDesign
  • Enterprising digital transformation across the healthcare ecosystem
    Melissa Hendricks, VP of Worldwide Marketing and Communications, Cerner Corporation and David Chou, Chief Information & Digital Officer, Children’s Mercy, Kansas City
  • Leadership and developing a patient experience programme
    Melissa Green, Regional Operations Director for US Renal Care
  • Telemedicine: The cure for rural outmigration?
    Brian Bossard, Co-founder, President, Bryan Telemedicine and Carol Friesen, Vice President of Health System Services, Bryan Health
  • Hospitals narrowing post-acute networks in greater numbers and partnering with post-acute providers to improve outcomes, lower readmissions
    Dr. Josh Luke, Founder, Health-Wealth
  • Transitioning physician leaders
    Lily J. Henson, Chief Medical Officer, Piedmont Henry Hospital
  • Improving medical device safety and performance: From passive reporting to active surveillance and beyond
    Louise Underdahl, Lead Faculty for Doctoral Studies in Health, Research Fellow, Center for Health and Nursing Research and Francine Nelson, Associate Dean of Instruction, Doctoral Studies in Nursing and Health Care
  • Direct-to-consumer advertising (DTCA) of pharmaceutical and health-care services: From hemp oil to hair transplants
    Peter Kalina, Neuroradiologist, Mayo Clinic
  • Performance appraisal and workplace culture: A qualitative study investigating differences in job roles and outcomes
    Elizabeth Goad Oliver, Lewis Whitaker Adams Professor of Accounting at Washington and Lee University, Karen S. Cravens, Chapman Professor of Accounting, Director of the School of Accounting and Computer Information Systems, University of Tulsa and Jeanine S. Stewart, President, Maven McLeod
  • Recommended guidelines for the implementation of evidence-based design in healthcare construction
    Scott Christensen, Director of Construction, Healthcare Design and Construction

Volume 3 Number 2 (Autumn/Fall 2018)

  • Editorial
    Simon Beckett, Publisher, Management in Healthcare
  • Funding the unfunded: Engaging healthcare organisations, governmental agencies and legislative processes
    Lesley French, Deputy Executive Commissioner of Health, Developmental, and Independence Services Department, Medical and Social Services Division, Texas HHSC, Paula Turicchi, VP, Operations, and Katherine Yoder, VP, Government Relations, Parkland Health & Hospital System
  • Success in the new value-based healthcare world: Integration of important clinical and financial models
    Mike Schweitzer, Physician, Verity Health system, Population Health, Verity Health, Richard Doane, Manager, PHMC, Glen Champlin, Principal, PHMC, and Joseph F. Damore, VP, PHM
  • Practical applications of performance improvement techniques to streamline health-care delivery
    Sapan Desai, President, CEO, Surgisphere, and John Cosentino
  • Using severity-adjusted control charts to eliminate clinical variation, drive lower costs and improve care
    Jennie Dulac, VP, Clinical Solutions, Kaufman Hall Peak Software Division
  • Focus on compliance: Using data to enhance the physical environment of care
    Jonathan Flannery, Senior Associate Director of Advocacy, ASHE, American Hospital Association
  • Leadership’s role in accountable care success
    Morey Menacker, VP, Specialty Care and Care Transitions, Hackensack Meridian Health
  • Delivering on the promise of your brand
    Jake Poore, President, Chief Experience Officer, ILS
  • Map-enabled experiential review: A novel approach to engaging healthcare staff in quality improvement
    Donna R. Cohen, Principal Consultant, Darcy Associates; Director, Philip J. Cohen, Director, VP of Business

Volume 3 Number 1 (Summer 2018)

  • Editorial
    Simon Beckett, Publisher, Management in Healthcare
  • Lead. Change. Invest. Repeat.
    Lynn M. Torossian, President, CEO, Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital
  • Aligning single billing office technology with exemplary patient billing outcomes at Stanford Health Care
    Gil Radtke, Director, Patient Financial Services, SHC, and Michael Honeyman, Regional Operations Manager, Kaiser Permanente
  • Implementation of the Best Practice Clinical Learning Environment Framework: A case study for improving learning in the clinical setting using a novel quality improvement approach
    Donna R. Cohen, Principal Consultant, Darcy Associates, Director, Philip J. Cohen, Director, Vice President of Business Development, Vitas Anderson, Vice President of Software Development, MEERQAT, Mahyar Goodarz,Senior Policy Adviser, Kade Dillon, Manager, and Kate E Weidemann, Senior Policy Adviser, DHHS
  • The shifting landscape of the Medicare administrative appeals process: New opportunities for healthcare providers and suppliers
    Andrew B. Wachler, Partner, and Erin Diesel Roumayah, Associate Attorney, Wachler & Associates
  • A proposed data-driven health-care monitoring system using NFC
    Joseph T. Catanio, Associate Professor of Management Information Systems, John L. Grove College of Business, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, and Nathan Neil, Principal, Project Manager, LaunchUX
  • Transitioning physician leaders
    Lily J. Henson, Chief Medical Officer, Piedmont Henry Hospital
  • Managerial dichotomies in the NHS: Considering the dangers, reducing the risks
    Polly Pascoe, PhD student, Faculty of Health Studies, University of Bradford
  • Patient bias and discrimination towards providers
    Peter Kalina
  • Strategies for managing workforce generations that work
    Steven Bahnemann, Section Head, Joan Bryant-Mandler, Aric Knutson and Julie Yost, Unit Managers, Department of Management Engineering and Internal Consulting, Mayo Clinic