Volume 1 (2016-17)

Each volume of Management in Healthcare consistsof four quarterly 100-page issues. The articles published so far in Volume 1 are:

Volume 1 Number 4 (Spring 2017)

  • Editorial
    Anders Wahlstedt, Editorial Board Member, Management in Healthcare
  • Identifying aggregated purchasing opportunities
    Ross Darrah, CEO and Matthew Orange, New Zealand Government Programme,  healthAlliance
  • An examination of BJC HealthCare’s deployment of an innovative virtual centralised self-pay business office
    Tracy B. Berry, Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management, BJC HealthCare and Steven Levin, CEO, Connance
  • Bringing HealthShare NSW procurement into the 21st century
    Rod Treadwell, HealthShare NSW
  • Making a case for standardisation and utilisation to clinical teams
    Barbara Strain, Director of Value Management, University of Virginia Health System
  • Transforming the role of the orthopaedic sales rep in the hospital supply chain
    Tony Benedict, Partner, Omicron Partners
  • Converting digital ambition into a reality: Delivering a modern health experience to de-stress the patient, improve the experience and enhance outcomes
    Tony Rich, Global Programs & Segments, Unify
  • Hospitals that heal: Why evidence-based design matters
    Victoria Atkinson, Group General Manager Clinical Governance, St Vincent’s Health Australia
  • Health education models for paediatric inpatients: The roadmap for success
    Marie Leiner, Research Professor, Hector Granados, Paediatric Endocrinologist, Paulina Hernandez, Research Assistant and Indu Pathak, Director of Pediatric Hospital Medicine, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
  • Understanding orthopaedic surgery industry alignment and financial relationships through the sunshine act
    Shobhit V Minhas, Jarrett Williams, NYU School of Medicine, Benjamin S Kester, Omar Behery, and Joseph A Bosco, NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases

Volume 1 Number 3 (Autumn/Fall 2016)

  • The future supply chain: Creating a supply chain culture
    Darcy Aafedt, Decision Support Senior Manager, Banner Health
  • The difference a day makes: Working day one reporting
    Ben Roberts, Head of PbR & Income, Finance Department, Bolton NHS Foundation Trust
  • Interdependence in the healthcare industry: How a provider and a supplier collaborated to achieve mutual success
    Nancy LeMaster, VP, Supply Chain Tranformation, BJC HealthCare and David Reed, VP, Healthcare Business Solutions, VP, Operations, Corporate Compliance Officer, Cook Medical
  • Best practice project delivery of world-class health infrastructure
    Jackie Hawkins, Project Director of Capital Infrastructure, Kaylene Sutherland, Medical Manager, Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, Toni Peggrem, Executive Director Strategy & Planning, Gold Coast Health, Mike Allsopp and Chris Snape
  • Training practitioners in activity-based funding best practice
    Colin McCrow, Manager, ABF Costing, Queensland Department of Health
  • Facing management’s supply dilemma with healthcare value analysis
    Gloria Graham, Clinical Materials Specialist, Contracts & Value Analysis, Supply Chain Management, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and Colleen Cusick, Director of Materials Management, The Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • 340B: A programme worth fighting for
    Ted Slafsky, President and CEO, 340B Health and David L. Ramsey, President and CEO, CAMC Health System
  • Making informed decisions: Taking a retail approach to data in a changing healthcare marketplace
    Bill Stinneford, SVP, Buxton
  • Compliance is supply chain’s business too: Building a more secure supply chain
    Jackie McGuinn, Marketing Director, Global Healthcare Exchange

Volume 1 Number 2 (Summer 2016)

  • Saving money and eliminating waste through total cost of ownership 
    Brent Wigington, Lean Logistics Manager, Intermountain Healthcare
  • Activity-based funding: Clinical costing — The efficiency nexus 
    Mark Lawrence, Executive Director, Finance & Performance, Western Health
  • Physician-led clinical value analysis: Starting point for transition to value-based care 
    Michael Schlosser, Chief Medical Officer, Douglas T. Jones, AVP, Sales and Business Development, HealthTrust and Darren Swenson, Chief Medical Officer, MountainView Hospital
  • Managing cybersecurity risks in medical devices 
    Peter Smithson, former Head, Medical Equipment Management Organisation, University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust
  • Documentation of physician compensation: A major determinant to maintaining compliance 
    Curtis Bernstein, Principal and Allison Carty, Director of Compensation Valuation, Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting
  • Reinvent your supply chain through a pre-eligibility screening approach 
    Scott E. Pruyn, Director - Product Management, ERP, Enterprise Information Solutions, McKesson
  • The price-cost disconnect in healthcare: Negative consequences and recommended remedies 
    Ellis M. Knight, SVP and Chief Medical Officer, Coker Group
  • Designing and operationalising a meaningful healthcare analytics strategy 
    Lauren Belliveau, SVP, Clinical Integration, Healthcare IQ and Brian Hallsey, Director, Operations Technology, Cardinal Health
  • Spiral thinking: A catalyst for innovative customer experiences 
    Christine Holt, Chief Experience Officer, Ed Goodman, Chief Experience Officer, Spiral Experiences, Holy Redeemer Health System and Brian Whitman, Partner, Corrrigan Partners

Volume 1 Number 1 (Spring 2016)

  • Thomas Jefferson University Hospital’s ongoing initiative to reduce non-labour expenses
    Kelli McRory-Thomas, Assistant Director for Clinical Strategic Sourcing, Christopher Fontana, Director of Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Operations and Bob Burkholder, Vice President of Supply Chain Management, Thomas Jefferson University and Hospitals
  • Creating a culture of accountability in patient access
    Patti Consolver, Senior Director of Patient Access Services and Scott Phillips, Senior Director of Patient Access, Texas Health Resources
  • Improving organisational culture through quality improvement, values-based leadership and staff engagement: An NHS trust case study
    Andrew Foster, Chief Executive, Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust
  • The accountable healthcare leader: Can a supply chain mindset lead the way to value-based healthcare?
    Karen Conway, Executive Director of Industry Relations, GHX
  • Black Friday sale at your local hospital: Why health systems must accelerate the development of consumer strategies
    Thornton Kirby, President and CEO, South Carolina Hospital Association and Neill Cameron, VP, Advancement, Clemson University
  • Achieving hospital/physician alignment and standardised care for emergency surgery: The new model for acute care surgery
    Leon J. Owens, Founder, Surgical Affiliates Management Group
  • Jumping into the accountable care organisation model
    Dennis Sweeney, Principal, Tellogic
  • Transparency in healthcare: Where does it stand?
    Tawnya Bosko, Vice President, Sg2 and Matthew C. Briskin, Senior Consultant, The Camden Group