Volume 1 (2012-13)

Each volume of Journal of Digital Media Management consists of four quarterly 100-page issues. The articles published in Volume 1 were:

Volume 1 Number 4

  • Qualifying cost savings of a DAM Department
    Tom Haynes, Department Manager, Visual Asset Management, Chrysler
  • Lost in translation: Managing multilingual A/V and metadata in the digital supply chain
    Robin Boldon, Director of Digital Distribution and Rod Carter, Head of Digital Asset Management, BBC Worldwide
  • Case study: Digitizing a major archive for public access
    Maria LaCalle, Digitization Project Manager, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee
  • Encouraging user adoption of new workflows and DAM systems
    Mary Ann Williams, Digital Asset Manager, Guthy Renker
  • Using web games to engage new audiences
    Martha Henson, Multimedia Editor and Danny Birchall, Web Editor, Wellcome Collection
  • A broadcast solution to file delivery
    Matthew Donovan, Director of Digital Delivery, Aberdeen Broadcast Services
  • Engaging digital audiences
    Alison Prince, Web Manager, Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford
  • Here be dragons: Navigating the uncharted waters of digital initiatives in cultural institutions
    Shaula Stephenson, Digital Archivist, Hammer Museum
  • Hey, can I use this? Simplifying rights management for creative agency DAM systems
    Tracy Wolfe, Media Manager, Corbis
  • Collaborative models for archival collections
    Karen Colbron, Digital Archives Manager, WGBH
  • It’s a great time for taxonomy and metadata: An interview with Joseph Busch, Founder and Principal Consultant, Taxonomy Strategies
    Interviewed by John Horodyski, Principal, DAM Education
  • Book review: The Idea of the Digital University
    Ray Uzwyshyn, Director, Libraries, American Public University System


Volume One Number Three

  • Editorial: Implementing digital asset management at Sesame Workshop
    Noah Broadwater, Chief Technology Officer, Sesame Workshop
  • Branding and technology: Six innovations that change the game for brand asset management
    Robin Rusch, Chief Executive Officer, BrandWizard
  • The creative life cycle: Using DAM to get the most from creative workers
    Romney Whitehead, Digital Media Manager, NET-A-PORTER Group
  • The role of innovative technology in monetising content by delivering it to more people more efficiently
    Brian Campanotti, Chief Technology Officer, Front Porch Digital
  • The challenges of DAM as a workflow management system: Depth and scale, mobility and distribution, plurality
    Holly Boerner, Manager of Digital Assets, American Express Publishing
  • The role of librarians in DAM projects
    Deborah Hunt, Principal, Information Edge
  • The ‘mediafication’ of business: How leaders in digital operations are becoming company heroes
    Peri Shamsai, Executive Director, Ernst & Young
  • Reduce complexity, increase productivity, recover control, drive innovation: Four steps to profitability through workflow management
    Tobias Soppa, Founder and Owner, CEITON Technologies
  • Using quick response codes for consumer-initiated marketing communication strategy
    Mohit Maurya, Associate Professor, NIILM- Centre of Management Studies
  • DAM initiative planning: An interview with David Diamond, Director of Global Marketing, Picturepark
    Interviewed by John Horodyski, Principal, DAM Education


Volume One Number Two

  • The DAM leadership challenge: Transitioning from project to operations
    Graham Allan, Senior Director, Consulting, Cognizant
  • Bootstrapping metadata: What a small press learned moving metadata from spreadsheets, to SharePoint, to an ONIX feed
    Matthew Diener, Manager, Digital Formats, Loyola Press
  • A maturity model-based approach for DAM implementations
    Apoorv Durga, Analyst, The Real Story Group
  • Using social media to drive metadata optimisation
    Christian Buckley, Director of Product Evangelism, Axceler
  • Bring order to the creative department using metadata-driven workflows
    Jason Dittmer, Director, Technology, GA Communication Group
  • DAM integration as a critical undertaking for enterprise CIOs and CMOs
    Philippe Coulon, Business Development Manager and Pieter Casneuf, CEO, ADAM Software
  • Socializing DAM
    Alex Struminger, Executive Project Manager, UNICEF
  • Winning CFO backing for DAM implementation
    Richard Caroll, Technical Consultant, IO Integration
  • Revitalizing marketing’s digital content chain
    Jon Christian, AVP, Cognizant
  • New technologies and innovation in digital asset management
    Jason Bright, Founder & CTO and Peter Pearson, MediaBeacon
  • Transitioning between DAM systems
    Charlie Ward-Wright, Project Manager, Wave
  • The DAM Maturity Model: An interview with David Lipsey, Principal, Optimity Advisors and Theresa Regli, Principal, The Real Story Group
    Interviewed by John Horodyski, Principal, DAM Education


Volume One, Number One

  • Metadata modeling for archives in a DAM system
    Mary Katherine Barnes, Digital Asset Management Specialist, Frances Bowden, Digital Asset Management Specialist and Elizabeth Ferguson Keathley, Supervisor, Digital Asset Management, UPS
  • Migrating a broadcast facility to a file-based workflow: Tips for successful MAM implementation
    Andrew Thomas, Director, Technical Operations and Lisa Bowditch, Director, Media Management, Rogers Broadcasting
  • The evolving online eTextbook production landscape: Market strategy, platforms and innovation
    Ray Uzwyshyn, Director of Online Libraries, American Public University System
  • The accidental asset manager
    Steven Brier, Senior Manager, Field Marketing Support, Marriott International
  • Creative meets technical: How to be a good DAM customer
    Sarah Saunders, Director, Electric Lane
  • Black holes and revelations: DAM and museum collections
    Douglas McCarthy, Rights and Images Manager, National Maritime Museum
  • Sharing hidden know-how about digital assets
    Kate Pugh, Consultant, Earley and Associates
  • University of California, San Francisco School of Pharmacy's digital assets taxonomy and metadata development
    Michael Lauruhn, Disruptive Technology Director, Elsevier, Joseph Busch, Senior Principal, Project Performance, Eric Davila, Web Developer, Susan Levings, Associate Dean, Planning and Communications and Frank Farm, Web and Data Services Manager, School of Pharmacy, University of California, San Francisco
  • The PB Core metadata standard: A decade of evolution
    Nan Rubin, Principal, Community Media Services
  • Problem solving in DAM: Don’t reinvent the wheel
    Elizabeth Ferguson Keathley, Supervisor, Archives and Digital Asset Management, UPS
  • An empirical study of social network effects on customer relationship management
    Eleonora Pantano, Vincenzo Corvello, University of Calabria and Loredana Di Pietro, University of Molise
  • Interview: Heather Hedden, author, ‘The Accidental Taxonomist’
    Interviewed by John Horodyski, Manager, Digital Programming, CBC