How understanding audiences can drive organic growth and increased engagement

Meredith Bausback, Director of Marketing and Audience Development, Golf Digest

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Abstract: This article describes how analysing audiences effectively can lead to organic growth. It provides an overview of the ever-changing media landscape and offers suggestions as to how brands can combat the uncontrollable algorithm changes in social media and search. The article outlines a five-step process that can be applied to any brand strategy or distribution channel. It will discuss the importance of all users and how audiences are not all created equal. Finally, the article will provide a case study and show how Golf Digest put the five-step process into practice, resulting in double-digit growth online.


Keywords: audience development, onsite organic growth, engaged audiences


Meredith Bausback is the Director of Marketing and Audience Development at Golf Digest. She is responsible for all distribution channels and marketing for consumer-facing products. Since joining the brand as the data analyst, Meredith has taken an analytical approach to overseeing and executing the brand’s overall audience growth strategy.


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