Volume 7 (2019-20)

Each volume of Journal of Digital & Social Media Marketing consists of four quarterly 100-page issues. A list of the articles scheduled to be published in Volume 7 are:

Volume 7 Number 3

  • Editorial
    Simon Beckett
  • Case studies:
    The future is micro: How to build an effective micro-influencer programme
    Amanda Alampi, Account Director in Digital Strategy, MWWPR
  • A multichannel, newsroom approach to communicating the weather
    Sarah Fysh, Head of Content and Syndication and Ross Middleham, Content & Social Lead, The Met Office
  • Practice papers:
    A marketer’s guide to voice: Why your brand needs to start speaking
    Nick Myers, Founder and CEO, RedFox AI, Susan Westwater, CEO and Co-founder, Pragmatic Digital and Scot Westwater, Co-founder, Pragmatic Digital
  • Using advanced audience tactics in paid media to keep up with the modern consumer
    Brooke Osmundson, Associate Director of Paid Search, NordicClick Interactive
  • Personalisation the artificial intelligence way
    Andrew Pearson, Founder and Managing Director, Intelligencia Limited
  • Research papers:
    Are you local? The challenges of local search engine optimisation strategies
    Brendan James Keegan, Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing, Manchester Metropolitan University and James Taylor, Digital Marketing Consultant and Director, Dispense Digital
  • Best practices for building social networking sites and attracting members
    Glen Bowman, Assistant Professor, York College

Volume 7 Number 2

  • Editorial
    Simon Beckett
  • Practical articles:
    The marketing funnel versus the flywheel: Generating consistent leads through a new model of engagement
    Dave Meyer, President, BizzyWeb
  • Using data to maximise event impact and return on investment
    Kathryn Petrini, Regional Marketing Manager, Looker
  • Using digital storytelling to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness: Real, bold and defined social marketing strategies
    Michael Nycyk, Researcher, Department of Internet Studies, Curtin University and Craig Mack, Macleay College
  • Google’s algorithm undergoes enormous shifts to prioritise content focused on expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness
    Lily Ray, Director of SEO, Path Interactive
  • Research papers:
    Factors influencing the success of social media posts: A quantitative analysis of over 60 million Facebook posts
    Jan Lies, FOM Hochschule, Oekonomie & Management, Institut für Oekonomie & Management and Sascha Fuß, Digital Analyst, TWT Digital Group
  • #SocialTV: Engaging viewers through social media
    Janée N. Burkhalter, Associate Professor of Marketing and Natalie T. Wood, Associate Dean and Professor of Marketing, Saint Joseph’s University
  • A comparative study of face-to-face word-of-mouth and social electronic word-of-mouth
    Junga Kim and Chunsik Lee, Assistant Professors, School of Communication, University of North Florida
  • #DeleteFacebook and the consumer backlash of 2018: How social media fatigue, consumer (mis)trust and privacy concerns shape the new social media reality for consumers
    Laura F. Bright, Associate Professor of Media Analytics, Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations, Gary B. Wilcox, John A. Beck Centennial Professor in Communication, Stan Richards School of Advertising & Public Relations and Hayley Rodriguez, MA graduate from the Stan Richards School of Advertising and Public Relations, University of Texas at Austin

Volume 7 Number 1

  • Editorial
  • Case study:
    A framework for full-stack user experience strategy: Product, practice and purpose
    Ben Judy, Head of User Experience and Lily Bather, Multidisciplinary User Experience team member, 7-Eleven
  • Practice articles:
    ‘On-demanding’: 12 social media trends that are opening up new opportunities for advertisers
    Kieley Taylor, Global Head of Social, [m]PLATFORM
  • Winning in social: A blueprint for progressing enterprise social maturity
    Chris Thomas, Social Optimisation Lead, Sage Group
  • Digital influence: The rise of modern-day influencer marketing and key implications for global business leaders
    Joel Backaler, MD, DuckerFrontier
  • Research papers:
    Organisation-led engagement with consumers in hidden social spaces
    Ria Wiid, Senior Lecturer, University of Worcester Business School, Paul Hurley, MD, Handface Productions, Paulo Mora-Avila, Senior Lecturer, University of Worcester Business School and Jon Salmon, Director, Frictionless Social
  • Instant consumer response: An examination of the paths influencing the effectiveness of mobile advertising
    Ying Wang, Associate Professor of Marketing in the Williamson College of Business Administration, Youngstown State University and Jing Jiang, Associate Professor of Marketing, Renmin University of China
  • Children on social media: An exploratory study of their habits, online content consumption and brand experiences
    Teresa Treviño and Flor Morton, Associate Professors of Marketing, Universidad de Monterrey