Data, analytics and creative intuition: An analysis of how to optimise return on social media investment on Instagram

Ellie McDonald, Social and Content Manager, Bauer Media, Australia

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Abstract: Instagram is not just a brand-marketing tool. This in-depth analysis highlights the power of Instagram storytelling tactics in driving conversions and website traffic for content marketers, exemplified by the successes of global media brands such as the Guardian and Vice. This article explains how both the Guardian and Vice reformat their on-site content offering for mobile to appeal to their Instagram audiences, and also publish episodic series to attract new and existing audiences into regularly ‘tuning in’ to their content in a bid to boost on-platform engagement and on-site traffic. From these strategies, the Guardian has grown 79 per cent in Instagram followers in 12 months, while Vice’s Instagram Stories now sit at a 50 per cent retention rate. Additionally, this article emphasises the effectiveness of combining content strategies with social media strategies, and why it is imperative to be able to distinguish the differences between the two. The article also further educates content marketers on how to build-out a lucrative Instagram strategy and boost return on investment via data and analytics platforms, and campaign optimisation.


Keywords: Instagram, social media, social media strategy, content marketing


Ellie McDonald is the social media and content manager at Bauer Media Australia, where she is responsible for strategising social media and e-mail marketing best practices for brands including, ELLE Australia, Harper’s BAZAAR Australia, Australian House & Garden and more. Prior to this, Ellie was a Walkley Award-nominated health and lifestyle editor, having written and digitally strategised for other women’s media brands, including Good Health, body + soul, The Australian Women’s Weekly and Woman’s Day.



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