Volume 14 (2020)

Each volume of Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems consists of four 100-page issues, published both in print and online.

Articles scheduled for Volume 14 are available to view on the 'Forthcoming content' page. The articles published in Volume 14 so far:

Volume 14: Number 2

  • Editorial
    Alec Nacamuli, Editor, Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems
  • Opinion piece: SEPA Instant Credit Transfer: Where are we now and where are we heading?
    Javier Santamaría, Chair, European Payments Council
  • Interview: Unlocking the potential of faster payments in the USA: An interview with Attila Csutak
    Brian Laverdure, Director, Emerging Payments Education, EPCOR and Attila Csutak, RTP/Zelle Product Manager, VP, KeyBank
  • The consumer in lockdown: Consumer–merchant payments in a mobility-constrained environment
    Nick Kerigan, Future Payments Expert and Senior Innovation Leader, Managing Director – Barclays Bank PLC
  • The cash society
    Claire Greene, Payments Risk Expert, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
  • Open banking: The rise of the cloud platform
    Gary S.D. Farrow, Director, Triari Consulting
  • How the financial sector can anticipate the threats of quantum computing to keep payments safe and secure
    Oscar Covers, Senior Information Risk Consultant and Cybersecurity Analyst and Marco Doeland, Manager Risk Management, Dutch Payments Association
  • FinTech and payments regulation: An analytical framework
    Tanai Khiaonarong, Senior Financial Sector Expert and Terry Goh, Short-Term Payment Systems Expert, International Monetary Fund
  • Real-time retail payments or faster payments: Evidence from select countries on consumer attitudes and the importance of dependability
    Andrew Buckley, Executive Vice President for New Payment Platform Products, Mastercard and Mahadevan Balakrishnan, Consultant, Payment System Development Group, World Bank
  • Enabling financial inclusion in developing economies
    Nabeel Ghunaim, Lead Technologist, ProgressSoft Corporation

Volume 14: Number 1

  • Editorial
    Alec Nacamuli, Editor, Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems
  • Interview: The payments landscape in Portugal: An interview with Pedro Coelho
    Diederik Bruggink, Managing Director, Bruggink Consultancy and Pedro Coelho, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive, BNI Europa
  • Opinion: How payments drive digital transformation
    Andréa Toucinho, Director of Studies, Prospective and Training, Partelya Consulting
  • Beyond interchange: From plastic to payment platforms?
    Udo Milkau, Chief Digital Officer, Transaction Banking, DZ BANK
  • Glimpses of a cash-free world, and how it might be avoided
    Ron Delnevo, Consultant, ATM Industry Association
  • Papers: European payments regulation: State of play at the start of the new decade
    Diederik Bruggink, Managing Director, Bruggink Consultancy
  • The impact of the Revised Payment Services Directive on the market for payment initiation services
    Bruno Lule Yawe, Associate Professor of Economics, College of Business and Management Sciences and Ibrahim Mukisa Lecturer in Economics, School of Economics, Makerere University
  • Real-time retail payments system or faster payments: Implementation considerations
    Harish Natarajan, Lead Financial Sector Specialist and Mahadevan Balakrishnan, Consultant on Payment Systems Topics, World Bank
  • The institutional layering arrangements of the Egyptian government’s e-payment system: An analytical case study
    Wael Omran Aly, Associate Professor, High Institute of Managerial Sciences and Foreign Trade
  • An application programming interface model for open banking ecosystems
    Gary S.D. Farrow, Director, Triari Consulting