Volume 9 (2015)

Each volume of Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems consists of four quarterly 100-page issues. The articles published in Volume 9 are:

Volume 9 Number 4 (Winter 2015)

  • Editorial
    Alec Nacamuli, Editor
  • Interview: The United Arab Emirates payment market and its specifics: An interview with Nimish Dwivedi
    Diederik Bruggink, Bruggink Consultancy BVBA
  • The UK and Blockchain technology: A balanced approach
    Carlo R. W. de Meijer, Independent Financial Services advisor formerly Economist & Senior Researcher, RBS
  • Bitcoin: The revolution of the payment system?
    Jarunee Wonglimpiyarat, Thammasat University
  • The model for sustainable digital financial inclusion in Jordan
    Yazan A. Goldstein, ProgressSoft
  • Traditional retail at the crossroads of inclusive payment services: How serving the needs of the traditional retail sector can accelerate financial inclusion—examples from Indonesia
    Ivan Mortimer-Schutts, International Finance Corporation
  • The path to digital financial inclusion in Nigeria: Experiences of Firstmonie
    Olayinka David-West, Lagos Business School, Pan-Atlantic University
  • The central role of authentication in fighting fraud in mobile commerce
    David Froud, SkyParlour
  • Negative interest rates and the demand for cash
    David Humphrey, Department of Finance, Florida State University
  • Strategies that power the potential of A/P optimisation
    Mike Jorgensen, Vice President, Working Capital Solutions

Volume 9 Number 3 (Autumn 2015) Special Issue on Digital financial inclusion

  • Editorial: Digital financial inclusion
    Kosta Peric, Guest Editor
  • Innovation and financial inclusion: A review of the literature
    Bruno L. Yawe, School of Economics, Makerere University and Jaideep Prabhu, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge
  • The unbearable lightness of digital money
    Gianluca Iazzolino, University of Edinburgh and Nambuwani Wasike, Financial Sector Deepening, Kenya Trust
  • Indian payment systems and financial inclusion: Current status and next steps
    Mahadevan Balakrishnan, The World Bank
  • The commercial viability of financial inclusion
    Andrew Parker, Digital Channels, Fiserv and Sunil Sachdev, GlobeOne
  • Low-balance bank accounts — Part 1: Is there a pathway towards profitability?
    David Porteous, Bankable Frontier Associates
  • Low-balance bank accounts — Part 2: Must banks collaborate to succeed?
    David Porteous, Bankable Frontier Associates
  • Digitalisation in payments: From interoperability to centralised models?
    Udo Milkau, DZ Bank and Jürgen Bott, University of Applied Sciences in Kaiserslautern
  • Mobile money solutions for a smartphone-dominated world
    Jerry Lien, UCLA, Laura Hughes, Raytheon, Jorge Kina, Fenwick & West, and John Villasenor, UCLA
  • Addressing competition bottlenecks in digital financial ecosystems
    Elisa Sitbon, Financial Services for the Poor, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Factors contributing to successful deployments in the mobile economy
    Namita Lal, Standard Chartered Bank

Volume 9 Number 2 (Summer 2015)

  • Editorial
    Alec Nacamuli, Global Payments Executive, IBM
  • Cross-border payments systems: Regulation, innovation and the impact of new entrants
    Dominic Broom, Head of Treasury Services EMEA, BNY Mellon
  • Moving towards electronic payments in India
    Holti Banka, Consultant, The World Bank
  • The effects of breaches: A study of merchant programmes
    Branden R. Williams, VP and CTO, Cyber Security Solutions, First Data
  • Electronic invoicing and CBILL service: Lesson learned from the Italian finance industry
    Liliana Fratini Passi, CEO, Consorzio CBI
  • Rethinking the future of payments
    Steve Ledford, ‎SVP Products and Strategy, The Clearing House
  • Towards an international payments system in China: An overview of progress and remaining challenges
    Carlo R.W. de Meijer, Economist and Senior Researcher and Janet Ming, Head of China Desk, EMEA, Royal Bank of Scotland
  • How comprehensive is financial inclusion in India?
    A.P. Hota, Managing Director and CEO, National Payments Corporation of India
  • An innovative model of service delivery to improve standardization and market integration: Extension framework for ISO 20022 card payments
    Antonio Bracaglia, Technical Manager, TITAN Project, Poste Italiane, Giulia Monetta, University of Salerno, and William Vanobberghen, Nexo
  • The Brazilian payment market and its specifics: An interview with Ralf Germer, CEO, PagBrasil
    Diederik Bruggink, Managing Director, Bruggink Consultancy

Volume 9 Number 1 (Spring 2015)

  • Social networks, game-changer for e-money? Will social networks (e)monetise the payments industry?
    Philippe Caluwaerts, Policy Officer, Audit and Credit Rating Agencies Unit, Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union Directorate General, European Commission
  • Payments from a cooperative bank’s perspective: SEPA and beyond
    Gregor Roth, Executive Officer and Global Head of Operations/Services and Udo Milkau, Head of Strategy and Market Development, Operations/Services, DZ Bank
  • Cryptocurrency Bitcoin: Disruption, challenges and opportunities
    Wim Raymaekers, Global Head of Banking Market, SWIFT
  • Payments innovations and trends in the Gulf Cooperation Council
    Paolo Zambonini, EVP, Products and Innovation, Network International
  • Towards advanced reference data management at transaction banks: Creating a centralised view
    Carlo R. W. de Meijer, Economist and Senior Researcher, Susan Hall, Specialist in International Payments, and Sofia Simeonidou, Product Manager, Current Accounts, Royal Bank of Scotland
  • ISO 20022 and real-time domestic payments
    Stephen Lindsay, Head, Standards Department, SWIFT
  • Addressing e-commerce chargebacks effectively: An interview with Gary Cardone
    Gary Cardone, CEO, eConsumer­Services and Diederik Bruggink, Managing Director, Bruggink Consultancy
  • The Russian payments market and the national system for card payments: An interview with Maria Mikhaylova
    Maria Mikhaylova, Executive Director, Russian National Payment Council Association and Diederik Bruggink, Managing Director, Bruggink Consultancy