Forthcoming content

A selection of articles scheduled for Volume 16 of Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems – consisting of four quarterly 100-page issues, published in print and online – includes:

  • Payment outages: Experiences and issues
    Tanai Khiaonarong, Senior Financial Sector Expert, International Monetary Fund, Harry Leinonen, PSS Consultancy and former Financial Counsellor, Ministry of Finance, Finland & Ryan Rizaldy, Director, Central Bank of Indonesia 
  • Cash demand in times of crises: an exemplified analysis
    Gerhard Rösl, Technical University of Applied Sciences Regensburg & Franz Seitz, Technical University of Applied Sciences Weiden
  • Forecasting banknote returns in a changing payments environment
    David Cronin, Advisor and Niall McInerney, Economist, Central Bank of Ireland
  • Getting the balance right: Crypto, stablecoin and central bank digital currency
    Wilko Bolt, Senior Economist, Vera Lubbersen, Economist & Peter Wierts, Senior Economist, Dutch Central Bank
  • Future payment media: National fiat money or global stable money
    Harry Leinonen, PSS Consultancy and former Financial Counsellor, Ministry of Finance, Finland
  • Crypto, Stablecoins & CDBCs
    Thomas Egner, Secretary General, Euro Banking Association 
  • What is money? A lawyer’s perspective on the evolution of the US payment system and dollars in the digital age
    Jess Cheng, Senior Counsel, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System & Joseph Torregrossa, Associate General Counsel and Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
  • An introduction to cross-border payments within the COMESA region of Africa
    Andrew M. Wamicwe, Regulatory Director, Mobile Financial Services, Airtel Africa
  • Mobile wallet payments in the time of COVID-19: The Indian experience
    Rishi Kumar, Assistant Professor, BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus, Vastav Ratra, BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus & Shravanth Mandava, Associate, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • An Analysis of E-Shopper’s Behaviour in Adoption of Cash on Digital Payment Method in Online Purchase in India
    Kavita Methad,  Professor and Dean, Ravi Kant Sharma & Md Chand Rashid, Professor, School of Business, Galgotias University
  • Geldmaat: An example of ATM pooling in the Netherlands
    Erik Kwakkel. Chief Executive Officer & Victor de Wolff, Chief Financial Officer, Geldmaat
  • COVID-19 and point-of-sale payments in Belgium: How the older generation also learned to love contactless
    Ellen Van Droogenbroeck, Guest Professor & Leo Van Hove, Professor of Economics, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
  • Retail payment strategies: The approach in Portugal compared with the European Commission and the Eurosystem
    Rui Pimentel, Head of Unit, Payment Systems Department, Banco de Portugal
  • The payments industry in Australia: Status and future developments
    Andy White, CEO, Australian Payments Network
  • The payments industry in China: Status and future developments
    Chen Bo, Secretary-General, Payment & Clearing Association of China
  • The payments industry in the UK: Status and future developments
    Marcus Treacher, Board Director, ClearBank
  • Building a global digital identity infrastructure
    Gottfried Leibbrandt, Author and Adviser & Daniel Goldscheider, Chief Executive Officer,
  • Self-sovereign identity for the payments industry
    Stephan Wolf, Chief Executive Officer, Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation 
  • Identity management for the payments industry
    Ignacio Alamillo, Director Astrea
  • Global Open Banking and payment aspects
    Liliana Fratini Passi, Managing Director, CBI and Vice-Chair, UN/CEFACT, International Supply Chain PDA