Forthcoming content

A selection of articles scheduled for Volume 18 of Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems – consisting of four quarterly 100-page issues, published in print and online – includes:

  • The imperative of building and fostering a strong compliance culture in the evolving cross-border payments space
    Michele M. Fleming, New York State Licensed Attorney 
  • Compliance requirements in the future EU Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Framework
    Roger Kaiser, Head of Tax & Compliance, European Banking Federation 
  • Speed at the expense of safety? Economic crime security concerns in the implementation of the G20 Roadmap for Enhancing Cross border Payments
    Nick J. Maxwell, Head of the Future of Financial Intelligence Sharing (FFIS) research programme, Centre for Financial Crime and Security 
  • A pan-European fraud taxonomy : Do you speak fraud?
    Annick Moes, Head of Industry Issues, Cooperation Initiatives and Communications, Euro Banking Association & Meral Ruesing, Communications Expert, Euro Banking Association 
  • Leveraging the Legal Entity Identifier to mitigate the risk of financial crime and enhance fraud prevention in cross-border payments
    Clare Rowley, Head of Business Operations, Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation 
  • Transaction Monitoring Netherlands: Fighting financial crime through data collaboration and advanced analytics
    Norbert Siegers, Chief Executive Officer, Transactie Monitoring 
  • A model of decentralised oversight for the digital asset industry with an example anti-money laundering/know-your-customer standard
    Ben Van Vliet, Director, Center for Strategic Finance, Illinois Institute of Technology 
  • Know your customer: Unravelling the challenges
    Hans-Joachim von Haenisch, Director, Von Haenisch Consulting Ltd &Thomas Egner, Secretary General, Euro Banking Association 
  • Instant payments: Providing the rails for new payment solutions
    Niels M. Pranger, Policy adviser, Dutch Payments Association 
  • Indo-Russian payments corridor – Exploring and evaluating cross-border payment alternatives
    Neha Dharurkar, Manager, Payments Transformation, PwC India 
  • A study of the impact of migration and digitisation on global remittance volumes and socio-economic benefits
    Sachin Shah, SME - Financial Crime Compliance AdvisorySME - Financial Crime Compliance Advisory, Tata Consultancy Services 
  • Public versus private-sector payment systems
    Eric Grover, Principal, Intrepid Ventures 
  • The SPAA scheme and business model
    Gijs Boudewijn, General manager, Dutch Payments Association 
  • Think globally, settle locally? Multilateral DLT-platforms for cross-border payments
    Stefan Mitzlaff, Strategy, Policy and Oversight; Payments and Securities Settlement, Deutsche Bundesbank 
  • The impact of stablecoins and crypto-currencies on payments
    Marcus Treacher, Executive Chairman, RTGS Global 
  • Data governance in the payments industry
    John Bottego, President, EDM Council
  • Reserve-backed tokens, and is it time for narrower banks?
    Tirupam Goel, Senior Economist, Bank for International Settlements 
  • The importance of data analytics in optimising on line card payments transaction flows and acceptance
    Peter Jones, Chairman, PSE Consulting 
  • National economic crime strategy to coordinate respective fraud, scams, cyber and AML strategies
    Toby Evans, Head of Economic Crime, Australian Payments Network 
  • Designing a crypto payments system
    Israel Cedillo Lazcano, Professor in Banking and IP/IT Law, and Director of Research and Graduate Studies, Universidad de las Américas Puebla, Mexico