Forthcoming content

A selection of articles scheduled for publication in Volume 13 of Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems – consisting of four quarterly 100-page issues, published in print and online – includes:

  • Behind the launch of The Clearing House’s RTP® network: An interview with Timothy Mills
    Brian Laverdure, Director, Emerging Payments Education, EPCOR and Timothy Mills, Vice President of Business Development and Product Management, The Clearing House Payments Company
  • Opinion piece: Banks taking back control
    Michael Salmony, Executive Adviser, equensWorldline SE
  • Electronic central bank cash: To be or not to be?
    Harry Leinonen, PSS-Consultancy
  • Cash use across countries and the demand for central bank digital currency
    Tanai Khiaonarong, Senior Financial Sector Expert, Monetary and Capital Markets Department, International Monetary Fund and David Humphrey, F.W. Smith Eminent Scholar in Banking, Florida State University and Visiting Scholar, Payments Cards Center, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
  • Adoption of global market practice for payments
    Isabelle Bouille, Lead Standards Specialist, Payments Market, SWIFT
  • Multilateral interchange fees: Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater
    Malte Krueger, Professor, University of Applied Sciences Aschaffenburg
  • New regulatory challenges in the EU
    Monica Monaco, Founder and Managing Director, TrustEu Affairs
  • Cash Preference in India: Can Customer Education Achieve Less Cash Economy?
    Sasanka Sekhar Maiti, Director, Department of Statistics and Information Management, Reserve Bank of India, N Hemachandra , Professor, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and Anil Kumar Sharma, Adviser, Department of Statistics and Information Management, Reserve Bank of India
  • The emerging influence of legal entity identifiers in payments
    Michael Knorr, Head of Payments & Liquidity Management, Wells Fargo
  • Global migration of Interbank and SWIFT payments to ISO 20022
    Hubertus von Poser, Partner, PPI AG
  • How to keep payments safe and secure in a changing world
    Marco Doeland, Manager Risk Management, Dutch Payments Association and CISO, Currence
  • Super intelligent financial services
    Leila Fourie, CEO, Australian Payments Network and Thomas Kenneth Bennett, Research Assistant, Australian Payments Network
  • The NextGenPSD2 Framework in a pan-European PSD2 Account Access context
    Ortwin Scheja, Managing Consultant, SRC Security Research & Consulting and Wijnand Machielse, European Markets Director, SRC Security Research & Consulting
  • Innovation in transaction banking: What can emerging technologies deliver?
    Christopher Mager, Managing Director, Digital Office, BNY Mellon Treasury Services
  • Nowcasting economic activity in India using payment systems data
    Sudhakar Raju, Hallmark Endowed Chair Professor of Finance and Data Analytics, Helzberg School of Management, Rockhurst University and Mahadevan Balakrishnan, Payments Systems Development Group, The World Bank
  • How P2P providers might disrupt traditional banking
    Michel Vaja, Payments Expert, PA Consulting and Paul Hamilton, Strategy Expert, PA Consulting
  • Reconciling real-time payments with financial crime and fraud controls
    Vanessa Chapman, General Counsel and Company Secretary, NPP Australia Limited
  • Digital transformation of the payments landscape
    Lukas Repa, Senior Policy Officer, European Commission
  • Blockchain and payment systems
    Austėja Ostakaitė, Senior Economist, Market Infrastructure Department, Lietuvos Bankas

Articles published in Volume 12 of Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems include:

  • The role of digital assets in global payments
    Marcus Treacher, SVP, Customer Success, Ripple
  • E-commerce: A merchant’s perspective on innovative solutions in payments
    Max Geerling, Executive Adviser, e-Payments, Dutch Payments Association
  • How to manage a cyber-security crisis: What market infrastructures can learn from each other?
    Ali Arasteh, Director, Mandiant
  • Bitcoin: Bubble or finding equilibrium?
    Jesse Lund, VP, Global Blockchain Market Development, IBM Corporation
  • How will PSD2 change the payments landscape, and which drivers will influence the uptake of new payment channels in this regulatory framework?
    Nico Strauss, Senior Alliances Manager GPP, Worldpay
  • Rethinking digital identity
    Michael Salmony, Executive Adviser, equensWorldline SE
  • From digital payments to digital finance: How China’s tech companies are redefining banking in Asia and soon Europe
    Zennon Kapron, Director, Kapronasia Shanghai
  • How to prevent mobile phone payment fraud
    Massimiliano Ichenzi, Payment Fraud & Cyber Crime Specialist
  • Should central banks issue a digital currency?
    Dennis Ng, Formerly Country Manager and Regional Director Asia Pacific, Visa Worldwide & Paul Griffin, Associate Professor, Singapore Management University
  • On cryptocurrencies, digital assets and private money
    Avtar Sehra, CEO and Product Architect, Nivaura, Richard Cohen, Senior Associate, Allen & Overy & Vic Arulchandran, COO and Head of Compliance, Nivaura
  • Payment innovation: Simply getting consumers to spend more than they can afford?
    Ron Delnevo, Executive Director Europe, ATMIA
  • No silver bullet for GDPR implementation in SMEs
    Gerard Wilkinson, Managing Director, Cognitive
  • Who will make money? The “5Cs” of future currency
    David G.W Birch, Global Ambassador, Consult Hyperion
  • The correlation between PSD2 and the GDPR
    Dr Dennis Voigt, Partner, MELCHERS
  • The digital identity of legal entities: Current status and the way forward
    Gerard Hartsink, Chairman, Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation
  • Payments landscape post regulatory changes
    Alex Topham, Analyst, Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Merchant acceptance of cash and credit cards at the point of sale
    Ben Fung, Kim P. Huynh, Kerry Nield, and Angelika Welte, Currency Department, Bank of Canada
  • The application of the ISO 19600 compliance standard in the area of AML and data privacy
    Jochen Biewer, Managing Director, Chevron Consultants
  • The national payment system in Lesotho, 2000–2016
    Lira Peter Sekantsi, Senior Analyst and Section Head, National Payment System Oversight and Risk Management, Central Bank of Lesotho & Motheo Ernest Lechesa, Head of the National Payment System Division, Central Bank of Lesotho
  • Instant payments: Regulatory impacts and consequences
    Domenico Scaffidi, Principal Solution Consultant Immediate Payments, ACI Worldwide